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Limited Edition Items

Limited Edition Items were once obtainable in the game but are currently unobtainable. However, some of these items can still be traded with other players.

Available during
Saint Patrick’s Day events since 2013.
Halloween event 2014, dropped by Zombie Horde, used to drop from all the enemies spawned by the Cursed Amulet of Zombification
4th of July 2012-2015 events.

Febuary 1st, Login Calendar 2019.
September 2013, after the security breach
Beach Party Madness Event 2012
The Wonderful Pet Rock Free Pack April Fool’s 2017
Community Event in Winter 2017.


Some of these skins are still available today(mostly through Mystery Boxes or the Alchemist), but were originally intended for the listed events or periods.

SkinAvailable during
Slime Archer SkinSlime Archer
Slime Knight SkinSlime Knight
Slime Priest SkinSlime Priest
Brigand SkinBrigand
Agent SkinAgent
Gentleman SkinGentleman
2013 Steam Holiday Sale
Eligible Bachelor SkinEligible Bachelor
Bashing Bride SkinBashing Bride
Valentine’s Day event 2014, dropped in Belladonna’s Garden
Artemis SkinArtemis Valentine’s day event 2014
Sorceress SkinSorceress
Nun SkinNun
Witch Doctor SkinWitch Doctor
Player Appreciation event 2014
Lil Red Skin Lil Red
Witch SkinWitch
Month of the Mad God 2014
Infected SkinInfected Assassin Halloween event 2014, dropped by Zombie Horde
Iceman SkinIceman December 2013,2014
Santa SkinSanta
Little Helper SkinLittle Helper
December 2012, 2014
Olive Gladiator SkinOlive Gladiator
Ivory Gladiator SkinIvory Gladiator
Gladiator Event
Rosen BladeRosen BladeMotMG 2016
Headless Rider SkinHeadless Rider Halloween 2016, obtainable by collecting 50 Halloween Candy Tokens
Rudolph the Berzerk SkinRudolph the Berzerk December 2016, obtainable by collecting 50 Candy Cane Tokens
Haunted RobeHaunted RobeHalloween 2017, obtainable by collecting 50 Bone Tokens
Turtle KnightTurtle Knight Collect all four Weekly Dungeon Trinket (February 2018).
Penguin WarriorPenguin Warrior Reward for collecting April’s O, R, Y, and X during April 2018.
Mystical OwlMystical OwlFree in March 2018 on Login Seer.
Piglet SorcererPiglet Sorcerer Droppable by Oryx of the Mad God(May 2018).
Fox TricksterFox Trickster June 2018 calendar reward.
Anubis NecromancerAnubis NecromancerJuly 2018 mystery shards.
Sunrise HunterSunrise HunterNovember Login Seer reward 2018
Scrooge PriestScrooge PriestOryxmas Skin Quest reward 2018