Belladonna's Garden

Last updated: Exalt Version (Sep 2021)
Belladonna's Garden
Difficulty: 5.5Difficulty: 5.5Difficulty: 5.5Difficulty: 5.5Difficulty: 5.5Difficulty: 5.5

Belladonna’s Garden is a high-level dungeon event dungeon that was originally released for Valentine’s Day 2014, as part of a “Player Appreciation Week.” Consisting of a single boss encounter, this dungeon is a source of many skins and vanity items, as well as two Untiered abilities.

In Release X32.6.0, the dungeon was heavily reworked to its current state and the difficulty was increased compared to the the original version, which can be found here.

Entrances to Belladonna’s Garden only come from the Belladonna’s Garden Key (which are sold in the Nexus for 200 gold) or the Valentine’s Day Realm Event, which will drop a portal to Belladonna’s Garden. Later on, The Gardener was introduced as another portal drop.

The Realm Eye says:
Horrified by the careless treatment of the realm’s flora, Belladonna escaped to an unharmed forest to shield herself with a thick wall of foliage.
But it was not enough. To strengthen the defenses, Belladonna embedded her roots into the soil to sprout a virtually impregnable tree barrier.
Now permanently stuck in her grove, she has had time for her loving heart to harden into intense hatred for all who recklessly stamp down upon her kind.


Bella's Key
Bella’s Key is available in the Nexus for 200 Realm Gold.


See the Belladonna’s Garden Guide for a complete walkthrough on the dungeon. (Currently outdated)




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The dungeon was originally a different map and the boss had different mechanics. For the old version of the dungeon, see Belladonna’s Garden (Original). It was reworked into its current form in Patch X32.6.0 (Feb 2020). Here’s what the portal looked like before that:

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