Battle for the Nexus

Last updated: 16.4
Battle for the Nexus
Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5

Battle for the Nexus is a dungeon originally released for a limited time in September 2013. After a security breach in the game, the developers created the dungeon as a kind of apology to the players, and the design echos the fight that players had to clear the Nexus of enemies. The dungeon features four fights with dungeon bosses, some of them buffed from their normal versions, and each has a chance of dropping special limited addition items named after the GMs and Devs.

See the Battle for the Nexus Guide for a complete walkthrough on the dungeon.

This dungeon must be completed to earn ‘Season’s Beatins’ and ‘Realm of the Mad Godfame bonuses.

The Realm Eye says:
With the aid of a traitorous adventurer, Oryx managed to infiltrate the Nexus itself on one fateful day.
The Mad God took full advantage of this opportunity and struck the supposed safe haven with an ambush of unrivaled aggression.
Time quite literally stood still that day. The moment of this infamous event is still accessible by heroes daring enough to defend the Nexus itself.


Battle Nexus Key
The Battle Nexus Key was originally only available for a limited time in the Nexus shop, for fame. In September 2016 it was added to event chests as a public drop. it could also be obtained in the Mystery Box on April 1st 2017. Additionally, the key drops from various limited time chest events.


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A variety of dungeon bosses with higher HP and attack power are the denizens of this dungeon. They come in 3 waves, ending with Oryx 2 breaking open the back wall.

Wave 1: (Left Wing of the Nexus)

Wave 2: (Right wing of the Nexus)

Wave 3: (center of the Nexus)

Wave 4 (Back Wall)

Drops of Interest

Tips and Strategies

This is your ordinary “gauntlet”-esque dungeon run with old bosses you have encountered but just a little more beefed up - Hence the Deux in their name - yet holding no posession of any “loot” they would drop in the realm. Instead, they drop vanity UT’s. Here’s a few tips on beating these more powerful simulcrums of their realm selves, for any class you play.

Ruthven Deux

Lord Ruthven Deux

  • This should be a rather easy fight without even losing much health. Just go in, land a few hits, then wait in the main room outside for the bats to clear up, or clear the coffins. Either way, this isn’t a very difficult encounter; Just very tedious. Be sure to know your confuse controls if you wait in the boss room though - you don’t want to get confused and run onto Ruthven as he will instantly kill almost anything if you stand on him.

Murderous Megamoth Deux

Murderous Megamoth Deux

  • Try to keep a safe distance to this boss if you are not maxed. Players with some maxed stats can easily go in to deal some damage, but keep in mind that the blue larvae also can cause a Insta-Death because of stacked shots. Use the behavior to your advantage, and let the Megamoth follow you around. A Knight could try to stun it and an Archer or Huntress can paralyze. That is one of the most common strategies. A Sorcerer is pretty useful with a Scepter of Fulmination to get extra damage in at a longer range.

Archdemon Malphas Deux

Archdemon Malphas Deux

  • The king of all demons, who now has a whopping 45,000 HP. You will find this encounter easier then when you challenge him in his abyss, even with the 35,000 HP increase. The lack of white demons and lava will make this an easy but long battle. You should be able to stay in the boss room without backing out for a minute.

Stheno the Snake Queen Deux

Stheno the Snake Queen Deux

  • The Queen of Snakes, sister of Medusa. Now with 45,000 health. Her battle will be significantly harder than Malphas’s. Watch out for her fast moving grenades, or projectiles. They hit hard and they fly quick. It is recommended that you stay a good distance from the boss. Running out of the boss room to regen is also an option.

Golden Oryx Effigy

Golden Oryx Effigy Deux

  • The monstrous golden statue that is hidden in the Cave of a Thousand Treasures. This boss is deadly but easy, and it is recommended to stay back and wait for a stun.

Limoz, the Veridian Dragon

Limoz the Veridian Dragon Deux

  • First phase
  • Try to stand in front of him in a specific spot where the large green shots(Dragon Attack Green Spin Ball) don’t hit you. If you get it right, he shouldn’t be able to hit you. If you have a piercing weapon, use it, it will help to bypass his shield defenses. If you can paralyze, try to paralyze one or a few orbs, so you have a hole in the ring to shoot through.

  • Second phase
  • After his ring of orbs disappears, he will start chasing you. Keep your distance and try to dodge all shots he throws at you. You should paralyze him if you can, it will make dodging his shots a little less hectic.

Oryx the Mad God Deux

Oryx the Mad God Deux

  • This is basically just Oryx 2 in a more confined space. With more health, and the same 3,900 damage instant shredding shotgun. He is not one to mess with. The strategy for Oryx the Mad God 2 is simple as always, though.

Rogues, Cloak in, don’t even try to get that extra second in, lest it spell your death. Cloak out.

Knights, Run clockwise and try to close in on Oryx, then stun. Use up your magic potions all at once so you can get more damage in.

Warrior Use GGen for this, as Juggernaut will not protect you from the shotgun if you eat all or almost all of the stars. Same procedure as Knight, close in clockwise, don’t try to go directly in and get some hits in (You will not survive.) Make sure you run out before the Speedy effect is gone.

Paladin Same as melees above, if you have Oreo, you can use a weapon like CSword or A.S.S and just run in. When the stars are about 1-2 tiles away from you, activate your Oreo, then back away. Make sure you know your confuse controls so you don’t go right back into Oryx for a second meal.

Wizard/Archer/Necromancer/Huntress/Mystic - Probably the second group that, if maxed, can handle Oryx the Mad God Deux (2) with ease. Just close in clockwise, stay about 7 tiles away, and start firing. When you see stars coming, you should be far enough to react.

Priest/Sorcerer - These classes are probably the best at withstanding Oryx’s madness with little to no chance of death. The wand’s insane range will allow you to circle and fire at a range where you will almost never be hit by one of his stars as they will take a long time to reach you before you dodge. The Priest’s Purification Tome will let him easily heal himself from injuries and any status debuffs, and the Sorcerer’s scepter can easily snipe in some extra SB damage.

Ninja - Ho boy. The best strategy to keep your Ninja alive is to go speedy in, rotate clockwise, and just fire away. Same strategy as melees, as it is basically a melee with leather armor.

Assassin - Easily the best class at getting in SB at O2. Just go in, fire a couple rounds of poison, then run out. Rinse and repeat, don’t stay in, don’t even dagger - just poison.

Trickster - Very true to it’s name, trickster is considered to be the trickiest class to do O2 with, but if used properly might be one of the easiest. Walk towards oryx and fire a decoy, then just turn around and attack Oryx whilst he attacks that decoy - but he will also attack you and people around you while if you get to close or if it despawns. Never be off your guard!


This dungeon was added to the game in Hotfix 16.4.


  • Each of the vanity weapons are referencing an old Kabam GM.

  • This is the only way you can currently fight older versions of certain dungeon bosses