Character Skins

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Last updated: Exalt Version (Mar 2022)

Realm of the Mad God introduced character skins in the Character Skins Ahoy! release: Release 6.0 (Nov 2012).

Unlockable skins remain available on the account even after death. They only need to be unlocked once, and then may be selected upon creating a new character, or an existing character can switch into a new skin at the Vault wardrobe. Players can freely change a character’s skin in the Vault wardrobe as often as they like and can also change back into the original/classic skin.

Some unlockable skins can only be purchased for Realm Gold in the skin selection or character selection menus; most unlockable skins appear as items, and must be consumed. These can be acquired as drops from certain enemies, in Mystery Boxes, through packages, by trading with other players, from the Tinkerer, the Login Seer, Event Chests, or in promotional events. While most older skins are tradable, nearly all skins added by DECA are soulbound.

Most skins must be obtained from Mystery Boxes, either directly or indirectly. Newly added skins will be rare rewards from their respective boxes, while older skins will be found in "Legacy" boxes that refresh in a near-daily basis. To counteract possibly needing to spend an indefinite amount of Realm Gold due to the random nature of Mystery Box rewards, Crystals of Fortune and Crystals of Extreme Fortune are common rewards from new skin and legacy skin boxes, respectively. These can be exchanged at The Tinkerer for a character or pet skin of the player’s choice from the current box rewards pool.

Exclusive skins function similarly to unlockable skins, except these can only be obtained through special methods and are given to a limited number of players.

Set tier (ST) skins work differently and are not permanent. Upon equipping all four ST items from a particular set, your character changes into the 16x16 set skin. Most ST sets also grant extra stat bonuses and fire a different weapon projectile. If you switch out any of the ST equipment the skin immediately disappears.

Dyes and Cloths used on a character will remain, and are not affected by changing into a new skin.

A complete list of unlocked skins can be found in the Skins tab in a player’s Realmeye page. Not counting the 16 default class skins, there are currently 826 skins in existence, but several are no longer obtainable or exclusive to a small groups of players. Therefore, it is essentially impossible to obtain every skin in the game through normal means.


Tradeable Skins

Exclusive Skins

These skins can only be acquired in a special way and are given to a limited number of players.
Skin Class Description How to Acquire
Ivory Gladiator
Ivory Gladiator
Warrior Customize your Warrior with the Ivory Gladiator Skin. Top prize from the Gladiator Arena event (MotMG 2016)
Olive Gladiator
Olive Gladiator
Warrior Customize your Warrior with the Olive Gladiator Skin. A prize from the Gladiator Arena event (MotMG 2016)
Ninja Customize your Ninja with the Djinja Skin. Was given to players who reached Tier 5 of the Unity Campaign that ran from November 2018 - January 2019
Bow (Archer/Huntress/Bard) - Dungeon MastermindBlade (Rogue/Assassin/Trickster/Warrior/Knight/Paladin/Ninja) - Dungeon MastermindMagic (Wizard/Necromancer/Mystic/Priest/Sorcerer/Summoner) - Dungeon MastermindKatana (Ninja/Samurai) - Dungeon Mastermind
Dungeon Mastermind
All Our biggest thanks to our Community Dungeon Creators! Sprite Credits: Beige Given as a gift from Deca to players from the community which have made dungeons for the game.
Male (Rogue/Archer/Wizard/Priest/Warrior/Knight/Paladin/Assassin/Necromancer/Sorcerer/Ninja/Samurai/Bard) - Artist ExtraordinaireFemale (Huntress/Mystic/Trickster/Summoner) - Artist Extraordinaire
Artist Extraordinaire
All Our biggest thanks to our Community Artists! Sprite Credits: Beige Given as a gift from Deca to players from the community which have made art for the game.
Sword (Warrior/Knight/Paladin) - Future Seeker TesterDagger (Rogue/Assassin/Trickster) - Future Seeker TesterStaff (Wizard/Necromancer/Mystic) - Future Seeker TesterBow (Archer/Huntress/Bard) - Future Seeker TesterWand (Priest/Sorcerer/Summoner) - Future Seeker TesterKatana (Ninja/Samurai) - Future Seeker Tester
Future Seeker Tester
All Testers assemble! Seek the bugs of tomorrow! Sprite Credits: Beige Given as a gift from Deca to the active Closed Testers.
Sword (Warrior/Knight/Paladin) - Cyber CopDagger (Rogue/Assassin/Trickster) - Cyber CopStaff (Wizard/Necromancer/Mystic) - Cyber CopBow (Archer/Huntress/Bard) - Cyber CopWand (Priest/Sorcerer/Summoner) - Cyber CopKatana (Ninja/Samurai) - Cyber Cop
Cyber Cop
All Discord officer: Requesting backup, rules broken outside of the realm! Given as a gift from Deca to the moderators of the official RotMG Discord.
Sword (Warrior/Knight/Paladin) - Supporter ExtraordinaireDagger (Rogue/Assassin/Trickster) - Supporter ExtraordinaireStaff (Wizard/Necromancer/Mystic)) - Supporter ExtraordinaireBow (Archer/Huntress) - Supporter ExtraordinaireWand (Priest/Sorcerer) - Supporter ExtraordinaireKatana (Ninja/Samurai) - Supporter Extraordinaire
Supporter Extraordinaire
All, except Bard and Summoner Rewarded to Community members which donated to support the RotMG Unity Project. Awarded to players who reached 24,000 Supporter Points in the Unity Support Campaign.
Magnificent MaestroMagnificent Maestro
Magnificent Maestro
All Our biggest thanks to our Community Artists! Your music helps us in the toughest times!
Sprite Credits: Lily
Awarded to Soundtrack Composers.
Sword (Warrior/Knight/Paladin) - Content MasterDagger (Rogue/Assassin/Trickster) - Content MasterStaff (Wizard/Necromancer/Mystic)) - Content MasterBow (Archer/Huntress/Bard) - Content MasterWand (Priest/Sorcerer/Summoner) - Content MasterKatana (Ninja/Samurai) - Content Master
Content Master
All Our biggest thanks to our Content Creators! Your work inspires us to be better every day. Awarded to Content Creators.
Ninja NANANANANANA…Krathman!
Sprite Credits: Lovens
Developer-only skin for Krathan.
F.E.R.A.L. Sorcerer
F.E.R.A.L. Sorcerer
Sorcerer A forgotten creation of Dr. Terrible who just LOVES staying in season.
Sprite Credits: TLMaelstrom
Developer-only skin for DecaToast.
Lucky Sapling Priest
Lucky Sapling Priest
Priest A sprout taken from Belladonna’s Garden after a stressful first week above the soil. It is blossoming into an ambitious young plant!
Sprite Credits: CrystalPX
Developer-only skin for Menichko.
Decapod Crustacean Warrior
Decapod Crustacean Warrior
Warrior A confused creature that emerged from an elaborate calculator in a hidden dimension.
Sprite Credits: CrystalPX
Developer-only skin for DecaUnibro.
Big Monster Knight
Big Monster Knight
Knight Funny big thing go rawr.
Sprite Credits: TLMaelstrom
Developer-only skin for Baragon.
Ultimate Vampire Ninja
Ultimate Vampire Ninja
Ninja The most powerful vampire who ever set foot on this world and only wielder of the “Oni Kariudo”.
Sprite Credits: NblankFour
xJendi exclusive skin


These skins are all part of a special collection & have the collection tag in their description.

Slime skins

Skin Class Description How to Acquire
Slime RogueSlime ArcherSlime WizardSlime PriestSlime WarriorSlime KnightSlime PaladinSlime AssassinSlime NecromancerSlime HuntressSlime MysticSlime TricksterSlime SorcererSlime NinjaSlime SamuraiSlime BardSlime SummonerSlime Kensei
Slime Skins
All Description varies Slime Priest, Archer & Knight were able to be purchased on Steam from other players.

Others were obtainable in Moss Bags during MotMG 2017 & during MotMG 2018.

The bard skin was obtainable in a free pack.

The Summoner skin was obtainable in the 2021 Easter Campaign.

Stone skins

Skin Class Description How to Acquire
Stone RogueStone ArcherStone WizardStone PriestStone WarriorStone KnightStone PaladinStone AssassinStone NecromancerStone HuntressStone MysticStone TricksterStone SorcererStone NinjaStone SamuraiStone BardStone SummonerStone Kensei
Stone Skins
All First I was afraid, I was petrified… And then I realized I could still move. Huh, Craig’s really bad at rituals. Sprite Credits: PoloKai Were obtainable in MotMG Bags during MotMG 2017.

Were obtainable by giving a stack of 10 Stone Tokens at the The Tinkerer during MotMG 2018.

The bard skin was obtainable in a free pack.

The Summoner skin was obtainable in the 2021 Easter Campaign.

Oryxmas skins

Skin Class Description How to Acquire
Oryxmas RogueOryxmas ArcherOryxmas WizardOryxmas PriestOryxmas WarriorOryxmas KnightOryxmas PaladinOryxmas AssassinOryxmas NecromancerOryxmas HuntressOryxmas MysticOryxmas TricksterOryxmas SorcererOryxmas NinjaOryxmas SamuraiOryxmas BardOryxmas SummonerOryxmas Kensei
Oryxmas Skins
All Oryxmas (insert class here) Skin! Sprite Credits: Polokai Obtainable from Oryxmas Mystery Gifts.

Kingdom skins

Skin Class Description How to Acquire
King of Thieves RogueKings Bowman ArcherCourt WizardCarthusian Monk PriestKingsman Cavalry WarriorKingsman Guard KnightKingsman Armorbearer PaladinBlackguard Mercenary AssassinDemon Summoner NecromancerForest Tracker HuntressWandering Gypsy MysticVillage Peasant TricksterRoyal SorcererSensei NinjaForeign General SamuraiTraveling Songster BardMenagerie Master SummonerEmergent Sage Kensei
Kingdom Skins
All Varies between each skin. But each tells part of a greater story. Sprite Credits: WunderWafe Can be obtained with 10 Mad God Tokens at The Tinkerer during MotMG 2018

Construction skins

Skin Class Description How to Acquire
Construction RogueConstruction ArcherConstruction WizardConstruction PriestConstruction WarriorConstruction KnightConstruction PaladinConstruction AssassinConstruction NecromancerConstruction HuntressConstruction MysticConstruction TricksterConstruction SorcererConstruction NinjaConstruction SamuraiConstruction BardConstruction SummonerConstruction Kensei
Construction Skins
All Off to work we go! Obtained by trading in a Construction Skin Agreement, or 15 Screws, 20 Nails, and 50 Planks at The Tinkerer during MotMG 2020

The Summoner Construction Skin was obtainable in a Free Pack available during the “A New Power” Campaign

Antinomy skins

Skin Class Description How to Acquire
Antinomy RogueAntinomy ArcherAntinomy WizardAntinomy PriestAntinomy WarriorAntinomy KnightAntinomy PaladinAntinomy AssassinAntinomy NecromancerAntinomy HuntressAntinomy MysticAntinomy TricksterAntinomy SorcererAntinomy NinjaAntinomy SamuraiAntinomy BardAntinomy SummonerAntinomy Kensei
Antinomy Skins
All In the darkness/light, their eternal strife ignites anew. TBA

Veteran skins

Skin Class Description How to Acquire
Veteran RogueVeteran ArcherVeteran WizardVeteran PriestVeteran WarriorVeteran KnightVeteran PaladinVeteran AssassinVeteran NecromancerVeteran HuntressVeteran MysticVeteran TricksterVeteran SorcererVeteran NinjaVeteran SamuraiVeteran BardVeteran SummonerVeteran Kensei
Veteran Skins
All ??? Sold to players with accounts over 7 years old for 2000 Fame at the shop

Set Tier Skins

Special, 16x16 skins that a character will take the appearance of when wearing the respective ST set in its entirety. These skins only persist as long as the full ST set is equipped, and will change back to your normal skin if any part of the set is unequipped. Click on a skin for information about the set and how it may be obtained.

Mystery Skins

Mystery Skins were introduced in Release X.15 and unlock a random skin when used. There are three different mystery skin tiers, which unlock skins of different rarity. The roster of available skins will change over time.
How to acquire
Mystery Skin (Bronze)
Mystery Box reward
Mini RosenAgentNunDeadly VixenSorceressLil RedTiny AvatarHoly AvengerArtemisBrigandShoveguyIcemanRangerWitch
Mystery Skin (Silver)
Mystery Box reward
Silver NinjaDark Elf AssassinIce King PriestDrow TricksterAscended SorcererYuki Onna MysticVoodoo Magus NecromancerDecorated PaladinDark Elf HuntressPlatinum RoguePlatinum WarriorPlatinum KnightHuntsmanThe Flamingo
Mystery Skin (Gold)
Mystery Box reward
Baby DjinjaArms Merchant AssassinSheep PriestMad Hatter TricksterNameless SorcererIcicle Dial MysticLady Violetta NecromancerIron MaidenNerd PaladinWoodland HuntressSnowcloaked RogueSheep RogueSheep WarriorLodestar WarriorFrimar KnightShield MaidenSheep ArcherInuitWizard SupremeSheep Wizard
Mystery Skin (Rare)
Mystery Box reward
Mini RosenDeathLoki Deadly VixenPilgrim MotherSeerDeath MageVoodoo Magus NecromancerPilgrim FatherNerd PaladinDrake HunterMini ThessalSheep RogueSheep WarriorPrincess WarriorSlurp KnightHaunted KnightSheep ArcherEthereal Princess ArcherSheep WizardMischievous ImpSchankmaid AssassinAlice AssassinIce King PriestSheep PriestMini Malus SorcererThunder God Sorcerer
Mystery Skin (Epic)
Mystery Box reward, April 2018 Login Calender
Wind Flower NinjaKabuki NinjaGnome TricksterSoubrette TricksterMini PhylacteryIcicle Dial MysticNecro of Christmas Yet-to-ComeHollow Prince NecromancerPatriot PaladinMini Swoll Misery Ghost Bride HuntressMini Queen Bee Huntress Turkey RogueOrdinary Box RogueDragon TamerExplorerAntique Diver KnightMini Oryx Guerilla ArcherElf ArchersMini Twilight GentlemanPlague Doctor AssassinRedcoat AssassinMini Geb Shrine PriestessBlizzard SorcererJester
Mystery Skin (Legendary)
Mystery Box reward
Baby DjinjaDark Rider NinjaChinese Dress TricksterMad Hatter TricksterTimelock MysticHula MysticHeart Thief NecromancerLady Violetta NecromancerValkyrie PaladinMad Dwarf PaladinEagle Eye HunterMarkswoman HuntressBarefoot RogueLight Cavalry WarriorLodestar WarriorPenguin KnightHeroic KnightUnderworld ArcherMini NutWicked Dragon WizardDr. SpellbombDark Elf Assassin Blue Frog AssassinBard PriestessCleopatra PriestessNameless SorcererUndine Sorcerer
Beachcake Rogue
Halloween Mystery Skin
October 2017 Login Calendar reward, October 2020 Login Calendar reward, October 2021 Login Calendar reward
Apprentice WizardBruno the Rogue StewardCleopatra PriestessCultist of Unknown OriginDark Rider NinjaDemonhunter HuntressEbony SorcererFortune Teller MysticGravekeeper AssassinGravekeeper HunterGravekeeper WarriorGuillotiner SamuraiHaunted DollHaunted KnightHeart Thief NecromancerInfested AssassinJiangshi TricksterKabuki NinjaLady Violetta NecromancerLiving Armor WarriorOni Demon SamuraiOni PaladinPandora PriestessSkeleton ArcherSkeleton KnightSkeleton Trumpeter BardSpooky Roommate WizardTimelock MysticUnderworld ArcherValkyrie PaladinVampire Beast Rogue
Summer Mystery Skin
Month of the Mad God 2019 pack reward
Snorkeler Knight Tennis Player Archer Hermit Wizard Beach Assassin Banana Boat Paladin Buckethead Warrior Summer Vacation Wizard Baywatch Samurai Shark Hunter Ninja
Valentine's Mystery Skin
A Story of Love campaign reward
Rogue Mystery Skin
Weekly pack reward
Heartless Dodger Rogue Ordinary Box Rogue Sheep Rogue Lone Rogue Twilight Acolyte Rogue Thief Queen Dapper Disguiser Rogue Lil Beach Rogue Wererat Rogue Roguish Business Partner Red Outlaw Barefoot Rogue Cloaked Ascendant Rogue Masked Rogue Little Prince Rogue
Archer Mystery Skin
Weekly pack reward
Inuit Cupid Archer Tennis Player Archer Water Lily Archer Chu-Ko-Nu Archer Raven Archer Magma Dweller Archer Sunflower Archer Sheep Archer Elf Archer Guerilla Archer
Wizard Mystery Skin
Weekly pack reward
Ordinary Magician Summer Vacation Wizard Old Man Wizard Gentleman Wicked Dragon Wizard Spooky Roommate Wizard Mysterious Wizard Butterfly Wizard Wizard Supreme Sheep Wizard The Flamingo Wizard Dr. Spellbomb Merlin Wizard Hermit Wizard
Priest Mystery Skin
Weekly pack reward
Lunar High Priestess Bard Priestess Snowland Priestess Ivory Priest Sheep Priest Holy Guide Priest Ancient Archivist Priest Panda Priest Pandora Priestess Cleopatra Priestess Lifeguard Priest
Warrior Mystery Skin
Weekly pack reward
Angry Orc Warrior Buckethead Warrior Adorable Lil' Warrior Athena Warrior Lizardman Warrior Singer Warrior Living Armor Warrior Armored Champion Warrior Gladiator Harrowed Slinger Warrior Scarecrow Warrior Lodestar Warrior Giant Sword Warrior Sheep Warrior Explorer
Knight Mystery Skin
Weekly pack reward
Snorkeler Knight Slurp Knight Penguin Knight Frimar Knight Knight Lady Shield Maiden Heroic Knight Antique Diver Knight Ducky Knight Wise Swine Knight Templar Knight Lustrous Champion Knight
Paladin Mystery Skin
Weekly pack reward
Decorated Paladin Oni Paladin Blessed Champion Paladin Valkyrie Paladin Cleaner Maid Paladin Nerd Paladin Poisson d’Avril Paladin Pilgrim Father Miss Santa Halberdier Paladin Banana Boat Paladin Foreign Prince Paladin Iron Maiden Patriot Paladin Monkey King Paladin
Assassin Mystery Skin
Weekly pack reward
Vampire Groom Assassin Hazmat Suit Assassin Beach Assassin Alice Assassin Mini Stheno Blue Frog Assassin Redcoat Assassin Schankmaid Assassin Arms Merchant Assassin Snowball Kid Assassin
Necromancer Mystery Skin
Weekly pack reward
Death Mage Necromancer Heart Thief Necromancer Beach Party Necromancer Heartless Necromancer Vampire Lord Frozen King Carnivalmancer Shadow Mage Voodoo Magus Necromancer Skink Necromancer
Huntress Mystery Skin
Weekly pack reward
Reptilian Hunter Moonlight Elf Huntress Swimsuit Huntress Woodland Huntress Eagle Eye Hunter Sunrise Hunter Mini Thessal Drake Hunter Heartseeker Huntress Markswoman Huntress
Mystic Mystery Skin
Weekly pack reward
Grand Enchantress Mystic Lightning Mystic Lunar Mystic Pilgrim Mother Icicle Dial Mystic Yuki Onna Mystic Timelock Mystic Leprechaun Mystic Clockwork Mystic Mystic Emeritus Hula Mystic Swimsuit Mystic
Trickster Mystery Skin
Weekly pack reward
Fox Trickster Queen of Misrule Trickster Time Traveler Trickster Swimsuit Trickster Gnome Trickster Jellyhead Trickster Jiangshi Trickster Soubrette Trickster Chinese Dress Trickster Bunny Trickster Beach Trickster
Sorcerer Mystery Skin
Weekly pack reward
Mardi Gras Sorcerer Ancient Sorcerer Cunning Sorcerer Mini Malus Sorcerer Blizzard Sorcerer Thunder God Sorcerer Undine Sorcerer Nameless Sorcerer Candle Maid Sorceress Piglet Sorcerer Discoverer Sorcerer Yin Yang Sorcerer Ebony Sorcerer Wise Elder Sorcerer Indian Beauty Sorceress
Ninja Mystery Skin
Weekly pack reward
Baby Djinja Mini Rosen Pharaoh Ninja Kabuki Ninja Silver Ninja Dark Rider Ninja Gardener Ninja Feline Blade Ninja Parasol Maiden Ninja Dual Duelist Ninja Shark Hunter Ninja
Samurai Mystery Skin
Weekly pack reward
Baywatch Samurai Chonmage Samurai Kilnmaster Samurai Onna Bugeisha Samurai Cowboy Samurai Airflow Samurai Guillotiner Samurai Silent Samurai Cyberpunk Samurai Wanderer Samurai Shogun Samurai
Bard Mystery Skin
Weekly pack reward
Sorcerer Mystery Skin
Weekly pack reward
Kensei Mystery Skin
Weekly pack reward


  • When a special themed ST item is de-equipped, the character will revert to its standard class skin.
  • Though larger than other skins, special themed set skins do not change the hitbox of a character.
  • A common issue with using skin items will result in a failure to unlock the skin and the message “Please re-enter your Vault and try to use the item again.”
  • When changing to a regular-sized skin from the Oryx Awesome skin, the character appears smaller due to a bug.
  • Shoveguy, Scarlet & Slime Ninja were initially Soulbound, but became tradeable in Release 21.1.0 (May 2014).
  • The Gentleman and King Knifeula skins were initially tradeable, but became soulbound in Release 23.0.0 (Aug 2014) due to reports that they were being duplicated by players and sold for profit. The King Knifeula skin was made tradeable once more in Release 25.0.1 (Oct 2014).
  • The Platinum skins were originally soulbound, but were made tradeable in Release 27.1.0 (Dec 2014).
  • Little Helper, Santa & Iceman were initially limited time only skins that were only available during Christmas 2012 (in the case of Little Helper & Santa) & Christmas 2013 (in the case of Iceman). When Release 27.2.0 (Dec 2014) was released, they were re-introduced as tradeable skins.
  • In order to register a skin to your account, go to the same server as the Deca Admin MrEyeBall.
  • On a player’s Character Skins page, to the left of the Wise Elder skin, there is a glitched Sorcerer skin called ‘Mini Horrific.’ This skin is literally a Blizzard Sorcerer skin mislabelled with the Mini Horrific title & is not obtainable.
  • As of Exalt Version (Mar 2022) Stone, Kingdom, Construction, and Antinomy skins were made tradeable.