Zombie Horde

Last updated: X.28.0
Zombie SamuraiZombie Horde

In order to save his Realm from the incoming hordes of adventurers, Oryx must create a horde of his own. With this purpose in mind he turns to Skuld, who has taken the souls of brave departed heroes and corrupted them to fight for the Mad God. For years, Skuld has been slowly building an army, and this Halloween he will finally be ready to release his creations into the world. Will you be ready to fend off legions of the undead? Or will you be the next to join their ranks? (Official Announcement)

The Zombie Horde is a Halloween event which can happen a few times per realm, where players must beat back waves of zombified foes. After dispatching the legions of the undead, the final boss of the event, Bonegrind the Undead Butcher, can be fought for loot.

As of Release 27.7.X7 (Halloween 2016), the Zombie Horde spawned in realms again as an event that appears usually once or twice a realm. Also, it has a new boss, Bonegrind the Undead Butcher.

Zombie Samurai began arising from the Horde in Halloween 2018.

The Realm Eye says:
Limon pleaded with Oryx to do something more environmentally conscious with the dead bodies of mortals piling up throughout the realm.
The Mad God consulted Skuld on this matter. Together, they hatched the idea that there would be no greater opponent against your kind than yourselves.
Skuld’s zombifying magic worked, leaving Oryx quite proud of his recycling efforts. Limon, on the other hand, was not thrilled to learn that Oryx’s idea of going green related to skin tone.



Bonegrind the Undead Butcher Bonegrind the Undead Butcher



Bring piercing weapons to hit the boss and to get soulbound on more enemies. High DPS is always encouraged because often these zombies die as soon as you turn your fire upon them nowadays.