Release History 2024


Update – Season 11

January 9


You were just able to have a first look at our newest upcoming Season during our Public Testing Session over the weekend Now it’s time to start the said season.

Please note that this time we won’t have new shinies for you to hunt. Season 11 starts today and runs until the 6th of February. The Nexus is now going to lose its Oryxmas Skin. Additionally, the Oryxmas Bounty is coming to an end.

Let’s have a look at the new season!

Season 11 – Battling the Invasion

Season 11 brings you a brand new Battle Pass, a new Mission Tree, and new Crucible Modifiers! Again, this time we won’t have new shinies but they will not be gone for long. Please note that the Battle Pass Skins won’t be available until the 16th of January. They will be rewarded for the Celestial Quest.

Battle Pass

Battle Bass - Battling the Invasion

Mission Tree

Our newest Mission Tree once again brings you different kinds of Missions! Some for Seasonal characters, some for crucible. But once again you will be able to complete a lot of them on your regular character.


We go petless again!

Enjoy the following changes to stats when you activate Crucible:

  • + 50 HP
  • + 50 MP
  • +4 on all other stats
  • – Minus your pet.

As always, you will be able to complete Crucible-exclusive Missions!

Seasonal Pack

The Seasonal Pack is once again back and now contains 2x Seasonal Potion Vault Expansions. Please note that the Potion Vault Unlock for Seasonal does not carry over to non-seasonal at the end of the season.

Fixes & Changes

  • The Steam Pipe now drops with an enchantment slot again
  • Oryxmas Warm and Cozy Engraving & Oryxmas Polar Explorer Engraving description now also states that they can be used on abilities.
  • Shiny Doku No Ken now requires purple dust to unlock the enchantment slot
  • Stat Counter in Character Tooltip does not change on activating Crucible with stat restriction.

Ring of Decades & The Forgotten Ring will drop with an Engraving slot now. The following engravings can be applied to these rings:

  • Kogbold Spirit Engraving
  • Might of the Bumblebees Engraving
  • Path of the Magus Engraving
  • Path of the Sniper Engraving
  • Path of the Stalwart Engraving
  • Path of the Swiftblade Engraving

Update – Forge Storage

January 16


Season 11 is in full swing and its time to bring two new features into the game! You were already able to have a first look at the Forge Material Storage and Pet Arcane Styles some weeks ago, and they are now finally arriving in the game!

Additional the Celestial Quests have been updated. 

Forge Material Storage

The Forge System has been an important part of the game for several reasons and years now. We are adding a new Forge Material Storage System that will allow you to directly store the material needed for forging. The following things have been added to the game:

  • A chest has been added next to the forge which will take marks, ores, blueprints, and other materials used in forging.
    • These will count as being on you when it comes to making new items and saving space in your main chest as well as your backpack.

  • You can now dismantle items you no longer want in exchange for the raw materials they are made from.

    • These materials are stored as a virtual currency which can be spent at a later date.
    • Note – you will still need to provide items to make specific objects, such as an ST item of the correct class when forging a Gen 3 ST piece, or making a UT which requires at least one object from a specific dungeon when creating the final piece.
    • The materials may well have come from such items in the past, but are considered purely raw materials for the purposes of forging.

  • Dismantling items also have a token forge fire cost.

Pet Arcane Styles

You were able to check them out already during our testing sessions, now they are coming into the game. All of the currently available character styles have been added to the pet wardrobe. You can purchase them to add glows, holograms and flipbooks to your favorite pet! Usually Arcane Styles are gone after your character dies, but for your pets they will be retained on the death of your character! Only fusing pets together will remove the Arcane Style.

Celestial Quests

New Quests are just around the corner for your Celestial Stones!

Quests Requirements Rewards
Celestial Exchange I Celestial Stone x10 Celestial Stone x5
Celestial Stone x5
Celestial Exchange II Celestial Stone x20 Celestial Stone x10
Celestial Stone x10
Exquisite Celestial Garments Celestial Stone x100 Forsythia Chihuahua Sorcerer Skin
Primula Greyhound Kensei Skin
Bluebell Borzoi Warrior Skin
Digitalis Fox Archer Skin
Celestial Expressions Celestial Stone x5 Dodge Emote
Portal Emote
Mixture Emote
Surprise Emote
Celestial Garments I Celestial Stone x20 Snowy Owl Pet Skin
Strange Bunny Pet Skin
Celestial Garments II Celestial Stone x20 Santa Knight Skin
Nebula Nomad Wizard Skin
Astro Scout Trickster Skin
Orbital Observer Priest Skin

Update – Season 12

February 6


The next update is upon us and brings you Season 12. Additionally, you will be able to access the Pet Saddle System, we are starting the Lunar Festival, and soon after the Valentine’s Event will start. The Player Entrance Effects can now be applied to your characters as well!

A new Crucible Challenge awaits you, new missions, and a brand new Battle Pass to complete.
This time around new Shinies will be released with the new season, so happy hunting.

We are changing how the 3rd Gen ST Tokens are distributed in the game. You can read all about it down below.

Season 12

During the whole season every week, a different Emote will be available from a Chest Event in the Lair of Draconis.

Battle Pass

Mission Tree



For this Season the following Shinies will be added to the game. As always, those items can drop from their normal drop locations. 

  • Midnight Star
  • Wavecrest Concertina
  • Staff of the Crystal Serpent
  • Coral Silk Armor (Currently only dropping from Coral Gifts and Standard Quest Chest. Will be added to Thessals Loot soon)
  • Experimental Ring
  • Sword of the Colossus (Replaces the Grey Shiny Version)
  • Scepter of Devastation (New Sprite)

Lunar New Year Event

The dragon lives under the realm, however at the end of the LNY, on the last days he might come and attack everyone in the Nexus. Players need to gather Dragon Coins in order to calm his rage and avoid the attack.

Starting after the release until 12.02 at 12 UTC the Lunar New Year Event will be in full swing. Collect Dragon Coins and Wooden Tablets to claim some new and special items at the Tinkerer.

Dragon Coins drop from the Sprite World and Ancient Ruins. Those two dungeons will also have a 1.5x Loot and EXP Event running during the time of the event. The Lair of the Draconis will give you three Dragon Coins. 

Additionally you will be able to complete Missions to receive the Wooden Tablets. The Moonlight Village and Lair of the Draconis will host a Chest Event during the time of the event with some very special cosmetics, emotes and event exclusive reskinned gear. 

The Appetizer will be active during the duration of the event.


Title Requirements Rewards Type
Appease the Moon Dragon Dragon Coins x10 Wooden Zodiac Mystery Chest Daily
Lunar Exchange Dragon Coins x20 Wooden Tablet Repeatable
Year of the Dragon Wooden Tablet x10 Zodiac Dragon Pet Skin Once per account
Rite of Remembrance Wooden Tablet x5 Zodiac Bunny Pet Stone
Zodiac Tiger Kensei Skin
Zodiac Ox Pet Stone
Zodiac Rat Pet Stone
Zodiac Pig Pet Stone
Zodiac Dog Pet Stone
Item of Choice
One with the Moon Wooden Tablet x5 Lunar Title Unlocker (Prefix) Once per account
One with the Dragon Wooden Tablet x5 Dragon Title Unlocker (Suffix) Once per account
Impress the Moon Dragon Wooden Tablet x5 Golden Zodiac Mystery Chest Daily

Golden Zodiac Mystery Chest:

Valentines Event

Starting on the 9th of February and running until the 20th of February, love will take over the Realm! The Gardener is going to invade the Realm giving you access to Belladonna’s Garden. But watch out. This beauty can be very deadly.

Collect Heart Tokens and Love Letters and turn them into rewards at the tinkerer.

They drop from the following dungeons:

  • Magic Woods: Chance to drop 4 to 6 Heart Tokens. 1.5x Loot and XP Event.
  • Belladonna’s Garden: Love Letter 1x. Chest Event with Gem of Adoration
  • Secluded Thicket: 1-2x Love Letter. Chest Event with Gem of Tenderness
  • The Shatters: Love Letter 2-3x Heart Token 3-5x. 1.5x Loot and XP Event.

Two new event-exclusive Blueprints will be available to be unlocked via the Tinkerer. The Perennial Cranium BP and the Hanagasaku BP. 

Title Requirements Rewards Type
Lovers Craftsmanship 50x Schematics Perennial Cranium BP Repeatable,
item of choice
Love Letter 20x Hanagasaku BP
Garden Heist Love Letter 20x Perennial Cranium Once per account
Blooming Buds Love Letter 20x Hanagasaku Once per account
Enveloped Love Letter 20x Love Letter x5 Repeatable
Brewing Love Love Letter 5x Each Type of Stat Potion (SB) Daily
Sweetheart’s Surprise Love Letter 10x Valentine’s Goodie Bag Repeatable
A Pet for My Valentine Love Letter 20x  Little Fox Pet Skin
Sprout Slime Pet Skin
Mini ‘Odonna Pet Skin
Valentine Cupcake Pet Skin
Penguin Cupid Pet Skin
Once per account,
item of choice
Love’s Labors Love Letter 15x Mystery Valentines Skin Once per day
Heartstopper Love Letter 20x Heartstruck Bow Once per account
Dazed by our Lives Love Letter 20x Quiver of Dazing Love Once per account
Dress to Impress Love Letter 20x Cupid’s Garments Once per account
Love Unlimited Love Letter 20x Ring of Unbound Love Once per account

Player Entrance

Introducing Player Entrances! As you all know, we are constantly working on new cosmetic options for players who might want to customize their appearance more in the Realm. Upon entering the Nexus, Realm, or any other zone, a special Entrance Animation will be shown. The unlock will persist even if your character dies. You just have to reapply it again via the wardrobe to your new character.

Once unlocked, you can apply the entrance to your character via the wardrobe.

Pet Saddlebag

As most of you are aware, we recently announced the development of the Pet Saddlebag. An additional Bag used on your pet, which will prevent items from being deleted upon death.

Based on your feedback, we have decided to restrict the Saddlebag in a way that it can’t hold any form of equipment. No Weapons, Armor, or Rings can be put in the Bag. You can save keys, consumables, skins, tokens, and more in it. Please be aware that the Moonlight Village Book and Pages cannot be stored in the Pet Saddlebag.

You can unlock a maximum of 8 slots on a Pet Saddlebag. After our latest testing session and based on your feedback, we decided to lower the full price of the Bag from 4850 Gold to 2200 Gold.  These slots can be unlocked by the Caretaker in the Pet Yard.

You can also get pet bag unlockers when fusing pets. This will happen when the pet that will be lost has slots unlocked on them so the money spent is not wasted. These unlockers can only be used to unlock slots on a pet that has no slots already unlocked, and once used on a fresh pet you will need to speak to the Caretaker to add more.

We will give you access to your first Slot for free by completing a Quest at the Tinkerer called “Pet Trial”. Go check it out.  

ST Token Changes

We are changing the way ST Tokens are going to be accessible in the game. You will no longer be able to directly drop them from dungeon bosses. The bosses now have a chance to drop a new chest called “ST Masters Chest”. This Chest contains all ST Tokens and you will be able to directly choose which ST tokens you want to receive!

Additionally, we are adding the ST Tokens for the Mad Minotaur ST Set and the Storm Shaman ST Set to this Box.

We prepared a new Quest at the Tinkerer called “ST Tinkerer Deal” where you can exchange a Mythical ST Gem for 1 Chest!

Changes & Fixes

  • Changed the Description of the Seasonal Potion Vault Expansion. Additionally, the Item now Unlocks 12 Slots instead of 4.
  • Fixed an issue where enabling and disabling the Crucible Mode could result in equipped pet arcane styles going missing. 
  • Staff of Unholy Sacrifice no longer requires two items to be forged. It now requires 1.
  • The Halloween Reskin Wizard ST now shares the same cooldown with the base ST version.
  • The Shiny Sword of the Colossus (Grey Version) no longer can drop from Lost Halls. It is now replaced in the Drop Table with the new Pink Version. 

Update – Season 13

March 12


It has been a while. Season 13 is arriving today and with it we are starting the Saint Patricks Day Event. Hunt the Leprechaun and prepare yourself for our Easter Event coming in the near future. Our April Fools Reskins already found their way into the game and wreak havoc. Collect the newest Shinys and more! The Spring Nexus is back in full display.

Season 13

Season 12 is coming to an end so it’s time to welcome the next season to the game. Reset your progress and go again! This time it’s all themed around Easter coming up very soon. You will notice that the Crucible Modifiers are the same as the last one. This is intended.

New Shinies are also here for you to collect!

Battle Pass


New Shinys

The following items now have a Shiny Version:

  • Wand of the Fallen 
  • Resurrected Warrior’s Armor 
  • Candy Ring 
  • Crystal Shield
  • Tome of the Mushroom Tribes

St. Patrick Day Event

The Green Leprechaun is on the run! Defeat all Red Demons and Ghost Kings to spawn him. Upon defeat, he will either spawn a portal to the Rainbow Road or drop a Pot of Gold. Additionally, he will be one source for Paddy Tokens. Turn the Tokens into St. Paddy’s Bags and claim some tasty rewards at the Tinkerer. The event will be active from 12.03 to 19.03. You can find 2 new missions for the event on the Mission Tree. Including one for Crucible Characters.

The Event starts and Ends at 12 UTC.

Dungeon Events

The following dungeons will have an active event during the whole time of the event.

  • Woodland Labyrinth (1.5x XP and Loot)
  • Fungal Cavern (Chest Event)
  • Crystal Cavern (Chest Event)

The following dungeon will have an active event from the 15th until the 19th.

  • Kogbold Steamworks and Advanced Kogbold Steamworks (1.5x XP and Loot)
  • Yellow Leprechaun spawns after the boss. 

All the dungeon bosses will drop Paddy Tokens.
15 Tokens can be turned into a St. Paddy’s Bag.
The Yellow Leprechaun will also be guaranteed to drop St. Paddy’s Bag to Crucible players.


Quest Name Quest Requirements Rewards Quest Type
Sharp Clover St. Paddy’s Bag x2 Clover Star Once per account
Rainbow in a pocket? St. Paddy’s Bag x2 Sword of the Rainbow’s End Once per account
Spreading Luck St. Paddy’s Bag x2 Clover Bow Once per account
Chromatic Slashes St. Paddy’s Bag x2 Katana of Good Fortune Once per account
Lucky Prayer St. Paddy’s Bag x2 Staff of the Saint Once per account
Colorful Trap St. Paddy’s Bag x2 Painbow Once per account
Leprechaun’s Trickery St. Paddy’s Bag x2 Rainbow Rod Once per account
Leprechaun’s Tool St. Paddy’s Bag x2 Prismatic Slasher Once per account
Garments of Fortune St. Paddy’s Bag x6 Rainbow Rocketeer Pet Skin
Green Hat Bunny Pet Skin
Irish Dancer Trickster Skin
Mistral Druid Necromancer Skin
Miss Shamrock Wizard Skin
Mini Pot of Gold Skin
Leprechaun Mystic Skin
Leprechaun’s Walking Hat Skin
Once per account
Item of Choice
Feeling Lucky St. Paddy’s Bag x6 Lucky Fourleaf Pet Skin Once per account
Golden Lucky St. Paddy’s Bag x6 Golden Lucky Fourleaf Pet Skin Once per account
Call me lucky I St. Paddy’s Bag x4 The Lucky Title  Once per account
Call me lucky II St. Paddy’s Bag x4 Leprechaun Title  Once per account
Father Luck St. Paddy’s Bag x6
St. Paddy’s Bag x2
Chibbi Leprechaun Pet Skin Once per account
Counting Coins St. Paddy’s Bag x6 Paddy Token x15 – x6 Repeatable

April Fool Reskins

The following Encounters now appear as a Reskin version! 

  • Ghost Ship → Rubber Ducky
  • Grand Sphinx
  • Hermit God
  • Sphere God
  • Killer Bee Queen
  • Kogbold Expedition Engine
  • Oryx the Mad God – Giant Oryx Chicken
  • Jade and Garnet Statue

Forge Material Extenders

We will be adding four new consumable items to the game, which will allow you to raise the cap on stored Forge Materials by 200 per Extender.  These items are:

  • Common Material Cap Extender 
  • Rare Material Cap Extender 
  • Legendary Material Cap Extender 
  • Mythical Material Cap Extender

In addition, should you dismantle items in the forge and be left with excess materials, you will now be prompted to purchase enough extra space to cover it. This means you can either expand your storage in advance or only when you run out! In either case, you will now be able to hold onto more materials for all your forging needs.

Changes & Fixes

  • “Increase Projectile Size” Enchantment will now increase the hitbox of the weapon projectile.
  • Forge Chest has a drag-drop section similar to vault to keep items. The box is only displayed for items that can be kept in the Forge Chest.
  • The Wardrobe now displays a preview for player entrances.

Update – Season 14

April 11


With a small delay, Season 14 is upon us. This brings a new Battle Pass, Mission Tree, a new Crucible. We are also adding brand new shinies and the Party Finder is “finding” its way into the Realm of the Mad God. Group up with your friend! The April Fools Reskins are also being removed with this update. Happy hunting!

Battle Pass

You will notice in-game that the Battle Pass is running for 25 days. While the season will last longer again, we will have two Battle Passes during that time. The Season is ending in June.

Season 14


Take part in our next Crucible Mode! You can once again complete Missions while having the Mode activated to receive additional rewards.

An ancient and terrible curse awaits those who brave this season’s Crucible.  Each hit you take will have an 8% chance to cause a swarm of eldritch scarabs to explode from your body!  This will cause the hit which triggered the effect to deal 25% more damage and inflict Bleeding for 5 seconds.  Thankfully the scarabs cannot tell friend from foe, and will also inflict damage on any enemies the swarm encounters.

Mission Tree

The new Mission Tree brings new rewards! The Mystery Ancient Chest and Ancient Chest are new rewards you can receive when finishing missions. Additionally, you can collect Ancient Scroll Tokens to turn them into a Mystery Ancient Chest.

Those Chests allow you access to the new reskins of the following items:

  • Dagger of Sinister Deeds
  • Bow of Mystical Energy
  • Staff of the Vital Unity
  • Wand of Evocation
  • Sword of Splendor
  • Sadamune


A new Season means new rare items to grind! Good luck!

  • Harlequin Armor Shiny (Credits: Geo)
  • Sentinel’s Sidearm Shiny 
  • S.T.A.F.F. S.H.I.N.Y.
  • Prism of Dire Instability Shiny
  • Deadly Keg Shiny
  • Enchantment Orb Shiny 

As always they will only drop on seasonal characters. 

Tomb of the Ancients Changes

We are bringing some smaller changes to the Tomb of the Ancients and some of its items. Please note that these changes also count for the recolored variants of these items.

Ring of the Sphinx – Now grants a 10% MP cost reduction ability.

Ring of the Nile – +4 Speed will be replaced by +4 wisdom. Additionally, the Ring now grants 75 HP and MP instead of 60.

Quicksand has also been removed from all passages

During this season, the following new emotes will drop in the Tomb:

  • Jackal Lord
  • Bes
  • Nut
  • Geb

Party Finder

The party finder is an in-game utility to allow like-minded people to easily group up together to play the game. The party finder also includes things like parties, party chat, party bonuses and party controls. The Party Finder interface can be found by clicking the heart symbol next or  by using the dedicated hotkey (Defaults to “L”). The party finder interface is split into 3 tabs. These are Join, Create, and Info.

  • The Join tab is where you can find all parties currently able to be joined directly or applied to. 
  • Search filter to search for specific activity types, servers, or party descriptions.
  • Parties that are public are immediately able to be joined and the button will say “Join”
  • Parties that are private are unable to be immediately joined and pressing apply will send the party owner a request that they can either accept or reject in the info tab.
  • Recommended requirements for stats and power level are listed below the description

  • The create tab is where party leaders can set the parameters of their party.
  • Required max stats will require anyone who would like to join to have at least that many stats maxed.
  • Parties can have a maximum of 50 players join/
  • Min Power Level will require anyone who would like to join to have their power level be of at least that value. Currently power level is derived from just stats but we will be expanding the system for items as well in the future. 
  • There are two options for activities: Realming and Dungeons
  • Descriptions have a 100 character limit and can be used for advertising your party in the Join tab.

  • In the Info section of the Party Finder is where you can find all party requests, party member list, and all general party interactions.
  • Unlike guilds and friends in the past, you will also be able to join other party members in who are in any location with the following exceptions:
    • Closed realm
    • Oryx Dungeons
    • Vault, Guildhall, Petyard, Daily Quest Room, and the Tutorial
    • Dungeons whose portals have expired


  • During certain events, players in a party may receive additional bonus xp, bxp or stats
  • The following commands are available for use within a party:
    • /p [message] to send a message privately to the entire party. A dedicated hotkey (Defaults to “U”)
    • /pinvite [player name] – Usable only by the party leader to invite a player to the party.
    • /pkick [player name] – Usable only by the party leader to remove a player from the party.
    • /ptransfer [player name] – Usable only by the party leader to transfer ownership to another player
    • /pleave – Usable by anyone in a party to leave their party. Note: If the party leader leaves or every one leaves the party, the party will be disbanded.
    • /pwho – Usable by anyone in the party to get a list of everyone who is in the party. The list is only visible to the person who used the command (like the normal /who)