Aberrant of Oryx

Last updated: 11.1.0

The mean green killing machine of the Wine Cellar. It hangs near the Henchmen and throws explosive traps at a whopping range of 14, which is further than a Wand can fire. Nonetheless, Sorcerers to deal with these. They provide amazing chain points for the scepter.



HP: 1000
DEF: 12
EXP: 10
Location: Wine Cellar, Battle for the Nexus

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Does Not Attack


  • Chase Range: 9
  • Chase Speed: 11
  • Sight Range: 12
  • Wander Speed: Default
  • Protects: Henchman of Oryx
    • Speed: Default
    • Acquire Range: 15
    • Protect Range: 8
    • Reprotect Range: 2

Does not attack, but launches golden grenades that spawn Aberrant Blasters over a very long range. The grenades are aimed at the nearest player.


Spawns From:

Henchman of Oryx Henchman of Oryx


Aberrant Blaster Aberrant Blaster

  • Tosses
  • Per Toss: 1
  • Range: 14
  • Cooldown: 1.5s

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Soulbound Drops:

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Tips and Strategies