Oryx the Mad God 2

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Last updated: Exalt Version (Sep 2021)
Oryx the Mad God 2

Oryx the Mad God 2, referred in-game as Oryx the Mad God (same as his previous incarnation), or colloquially as Oryx 2 or O2, is the boss of the Wine Cellar and Oryx’s second-strongest form.

Once Oryx is defeated here, players can use the Oryx Runes at the three monuments spawned after his death in order to access Oryx’s Sanctuary for a chance to battle Oryx’s strongest incarnation.

The Realm Eye says:
The story of the Mad God is longer than most others. Are you certain this is the tale you would like me to discuss?
Very well. Though much of the written documentation of Oryx’s past has been erased out of resentment, my memory still serves.
Oryx began as a champion from the shattered kingdom, quickly gaining notoriety as a gladiator of unrivaled skill and might.
It was not long before his prowess as a warrior was known throughout the realm’s many kingdoms. He was granted immense fame and power by those who requested his service as a knight.
Oryx was satisfied for a time. Praise and adoration surrounded him from every corner of the realm, some even hailing him as a god among mortals.
This endless acclaim made him increasingly boastful. Coupled with his alcoholic tendencies, Oryx began to act irrationally, consumed by the fear of losing his status.
In his arrogance, he secretly turned to dark forces such as Shaitan and Lord Ruthven, the very adversaries he had become famous for defeating.
Together, they devised a wicked incantation which would forever change the realm and ensure Oryx’s sovereignty remain untouched.
Traditionally, due to forces beyond the understanding of even the gods, those who fight for just and righteous causes are able to return from the dead after falling in battle.
Oryx’s crowning achievement flipped this force on its head. Instead, any living being which fights against those who oppose Oryx’s authority are granted this power to cheat death.
Those who stand up to his reign, such as yourself, have consequently inherited the curse of permanent death.
All who attempt to kill your kind are shielded by this enchantment, even those who do not necessarily align themselves as a direct ally of Oryx.
Oryx has henceforth beared the mock title of Mad God by your people, a final act of spite against his insatiable ego which cost the realm its freedom.



Base HP: 75,000 (Boss Adaptive Scaling Boss Adaptive HP Scaling)
DEF: 60
EXP: 50,000
Location: Wine Cellar

Level1 Quest
Immune to Stasis

Counts to Oryx Kills
Counts to God Kills

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Fire Bolt 135 7 17.5
Green Star 160 Red Down Arrow Slowed for 5s 7 17.5
Blue Star 160 Swirl Confused for 5s 10.5 12.6
Purple Star 160 Black X Blind for 5s 5.5 16.5
Red Star 160 5.5 16.5 Armor Piercing Ignores defense of target
Grey Star 160 Word Bubble Quiet for 3s 4.5 13.5
Blade 240 10 4.5
Grey Star 140 Word Bubble Quiet for 3s 4.5 7.7985 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Red Star 120 3.5 7.798 Armor Piercing Ignores defense of target
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Sun Explosion 250 4 8 Armor Piercing Ignores defense of target
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Sun Bullet 100 6.5 13 From Sun Explosions
Armor Piercing Ignores defense of target
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
White Star Stunner 90 Yellow Swirl Dazed for 4s 4 12 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
White Superblast 250 4.8 14.4 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Passes cover Shots pass through obstacles
White Ball Blast 180 8 6.4
Dark Gray Spinner 1 Word Bubble Quiet for 10s 9 16.2 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Passes cover Shots pass through obstacles
Gray Spinner 1 Weak Icon Weak for 15s 9 16.2 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
Passes cover Shots pass through obstacles
Red Bomb 200 Radius: 3
Red Bomb 250 Radius: 2
Green AoE 0 Red Down Arrow Slowed for 3s Radius: Extremely Large
Red AoE 180 From Bomb Artifacts
Radius: 2


In any phase, Oryx will taunt every so often to tell players of the amount of HP he has left.

Phase 1

Initially, Oryx slowly wanders in the middle of the room, constantly firing his shotgun of status-inflicting stars and rings of fire bolts. He will also be spawning Henchmen of Oryx at a frequent rate (although he can only spawn up to 12 per fight). Oryx can be pushed by approaching players.

His now-infamous shotgun consists of 3-round bursts of various stars fired at a constant rate. There appears to be no particular order in how the stars are fired, and the shotgun is aimed directly at the nearest player. Every now and then he adds a 3-round close-ranged burst of blade projectiles that inflict immense damage. Note that some of his stars are faster than others.

After he is reduced to 80% of his HP, he will move to phase 2.

Phase 2

For Phase 2, Oryx will stop spawning his henchmen (and despawn any existing ones he previously spawned, though he will not despawn them if they are Stasised) and randomly choose from one of four phases to perform - note that during all of these phases, he is immune to Stun and Daze. Also note that their names are not official. As he prepares to attack, he will fire off several rings of fire bolts. Oryx will also periodically turn invulnerable during all of these phases, except for the Exploding Suns Phase.

Exploding Suns Phase
Taunt: ”Ignorant fools! I wield the power of exploding suns!”

Oryx moves to the center of the room and begins slowly circling counter-clockwise while firing a slow 4-way clockwise-rotating spiral of Sun Explosions which inflict massive armor-piercing damage. Upon reaching the ends of their ranges, Sun Explosions will detonate into rings of 6 armor-piercing Sun Bullets aimed at the nearest player.

Note: If you are a rogue and you are soloing WC, the suns will not explode into the smaller 100 armor-piercing bullets if you are cloaked which makes this phase significantly easier.

Chasing Phase
Taunt: ”There is no point in running, but you will anyway!”

Oryx armors himself, gains Paralyze immunity for this phase, and begins chasing players while firing wide, 7-round shotguns of giant white fireballs which inflict major damage. In addition, he will rapidly fire smaller white bullets at nearby players, and throw dangerous red bombs in spreads of 3. Every few seconds, he detonates a harmless but slowing green AoE with a huge radius, allowing him to permaslow anyone near him.

Beware, as luring Oryx out of his boss chamber may cause him to quickly “snap back” into the room, which may potentially cause him to sit on players and instakill them.

Dance Phase
Taunt: ”Do you still remember how to dance? Haha!”

Oryx moves to the center of the room, becomes stationary, and spawns a ring of Bomb Artifacts that orbit him some distance away while constantly detonating 180 damage red AoE blasts. Meanwhile, Oryx will be firing rings of grey Quieting stars while tossing bursts of 250-damage bombs all around him in groups of 2.

Note that his spinning ring of Bomb Artifacts has a gap in it, allowing players to enter and leave the ring at will if they’re able to time it right.

Missile Phase
Taunt: ”You cannot withstand this power!”

Oryx moves to the center of the room, becomes stationary, and begins firing a 2-way shot-machinegun of Dazing white stars which rotates counterclockwise, all while firing rings of armor-piercing red stars. Meanwhile, he will fire a 2-way spiral of Bomb Artifacts rotating in the other direction, which will travel away from him in a straight line while constantly detonating 180-damage AoEs on themselves. After traveling some distance from Oryx, the Elements will self-terminate.

Phase 3

At 50% HP, Oryx selects another one of the four phases from Phase 2, although it cannot be the same as the one he already performed. As before, he will fire rings of fire bolts while preparing for his phase.

Phase 4

Taunt: “That’s ENOUGH!”

At 20% HP, Oryx temporarily goes invulnerable, ceasing all of his phase-based attacks and regaining his firing pattern from phase 1. However, as soon as he becomes vulnerable, Oryx will begin aggressively chasing the nearest player while firing his star-shotgun and rapidly throwing yellow grenades that spawn Monstrosity Scarabs. At the start of this phase, he will fire off an omnidirectional burst of Weakening white stars and Quieting black stars; the status effects inflicted by these stars will last a very long time if you are hit. He will continue firing his weakening nova periodically until his death.


Taunt: “You puny mortals! I…shall…return…!”

Oryx perishes in a beam of light, leaving your loot in tow. In addition, he will announce the player that contributed the most damage to him in the chat, stating how much damage they dealt along with what percent of Oryx’s total health that equated to.
”(Player Name) dealt the crucial blows with X (Y%) damage!”

If that player is not present when Oryx is defeated, they will be anonymously referred to as “A coward” instead of their name.

Once Oryx dies, three ominous black monuments will appear around the Nexus portal in the center of the boss room. If the present players use the Oryx Runes to activate all three of them, the Nexus portal will vanish and a portal to Oryx’s Sanctuary will rise in its place, where players can fight Oryx’s strongest incarnation.


Henchman of OryxHenchman of Oryx (Maximum 12 per fight)

Monstrosity ScarabMonstrosity Scarab

Bomb Artifact Bomb Artifact (number varies, Mithril Shield Invulnerable)

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Tips and Strategies

In his first and last phases, Oryx’s infamous “shotgun” of stars is extremely dangerous, causing multiple status effects and very high damage. The blue confuse star moves faster than the other projectiles, so be careful to avoid it or risk being confused into the remainder of the projectiles. This shotgun is powerful enough to kill 8/8 Knights as well as Armored-buffed Warriors.

Circling tips: Circle Oryx 2 clockwise if Oryx is directly in front of or behind your character. Circle Oryx 2 counter-clockwise if Oryx is to the left or right of your character. getting confused while circling in the wrong direction will send you charging into Oryx’s Shotgun. Remember that your “left” key will make you go “down” when confused, so press “left” to retreat (assuming Oryx is in front of you).

Note that for all phases besides his first and last, Oryx can’t be stunned. Knights are advised to stun him as much as possible during his vulnerable phases, but need not risk their lives for his immune ones.

For his Sun Phase, it is advised to circle Oryx and try to get in the spaces created by his shots. While this does not work all the time, due to the randomness of his Sun Explosions’ bullet rings, it somewhat minimizes the amount of bullets that will hit you. Under no circumstances should you allow yourself to get hit by one of the large suns before they explode; not only will you take a lot of damage from the large sun, you run the risk of the sun exploding on top of you and very likely killing you instantly.

His Dance phase is very similar to his first incarnation’s dance phases, except far more punishing. Short-to-mid range classes can stay within his ring of Bomb Artifacts and attack him (although be wary of his bombs and rings of stars) while long-ranged classes can stay outside and use attacks and/or abilities on him. Be very careful when crossing through the gap in his ring of exploding elements; you will take a lot of damage if you time it wrong.

For his Chase phase, it should go without saying, but tanking his shotgun deals immense damage and is liable to kill you instantly. Slows are useful for this phase to make sure Oryx doesn’t outspeed you. Be sure not to accidentally push Oryx out of his chamber - he could “snap back” toward the center of the room, which may result in players getting sat on and killed. If you or any other player are Tricksters, you can send a decoy towards Oryx. With some finess, you can keep Oryx circling around your decoys during the whole phase, making it safer for the group.

For his Missile Phase, you must resist your instinct to rotate with the daze stars at all costs. The daze stars inflict a miserable pittance compared to the exploding eye artifacts that are rotating in the opposite direction. What you must do instead is run into the streams of daze stars, there are gaps large enough for a character to slip through the stream without taking damage, the same cannot be said for the eye artifacts. If you do this, the only dangerous attack that even has a chance of hitting you is his small red stars that accompany this phase. Keep an eye out for those while following the above strategy and you’ll find that this phase is much easier than the hordes of leechers would suggest.

During his final phase, try not to get hit by his white and black star novas. They inflict incredibly long status effects, especially the white weakening stars, and it makes finishing Oryx off much harder.

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Name Appearance Time Frame Notes
Pumpkin Oryx Pumpkin Oryx Halloween 2016-2018
Pumpkin Oryx Pumpkin Oryx with Witch Hat Halloween 2016-2018 Rarer version of Pumpkin Oryx
Santa Oryx Santa Oryx Christmas 2016-2018
Oryx the Mad God Oryx the Mad God Christmas

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  • Oryx 2’s original sprite has no animations. He’s straight up a sliding .png that shoots at you. Funnily enough, Oryx 1 has animation sprites for walking and shooting.

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