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Wine Cellar

Last updated: build 122.0.1



Being a raging drunk, Oryx loves his wine — so much so that he’s made a cellar in his dungeon to keep it in. And created intensely powerful creatures to guard it. This area is a source of wines and alcohol as well as prestigious gear.


Wine Cellar Screenshot


Wine Cellar Map
The map. You will spawn in either the top or bottom right corner, and Oryx is in the large room on the right.

There are two requirements to go into the Wine Cellar. First, you’ll need a Wine Cellar Incantation (or “inc”), which drops from certain dungeon bosses and have defeated Oryx 1. After Oryx is defeated, he will drop a locked portal to the Wine Cellar. The portal will stay for 2 minutes before disappearing. The portal will unlock if someone uses an Incantation close to it. The Wine Cellar is one of the few sources of T12 Weapons and T13 Armors, It, The Shatters, and “Epic Dungeons” are the only places where T6 Abilities can be found. Minions can also drop public bags containing Wines, like at Oryx’s Castle.

Endgame content for players, it has been ground to powder for its precious loot. Every enemy here has devastating damage, but only if you haven’t potted your DEF. The Confusarangs everywhere make it extremely hard to properly dodge fiery death, the exploding scarabs can barely be outrun by a Max SPD Rogue, and the thrown traps make meatshields pointless for Priests.

Since shortly after its release, people have been running private wine cellars only opened for certain players. These tend to be the only wine cellars in which the rooms are actually cleared. In most wine cellars, however, most players simply run right past the minions as fast as they can go to reach oryx first. This allows for more time to get the required soulbound damage on Oryx.







Private Wine Cellars

Private WCs represent a full-fledged operation. Typically, scouts will scour servers and realms, looking for small-population (~20-30 is optimal) realms that are close to closing - i.e. on ents or liches. The entire WC group, including one person who carries an incantation (the “inc holder”), will then enter, closing the realm as fast as possible and possibly hiding in dungeons or tutorials so as to not draw attention. After Oryx 1, the incancation will be popped - often after a long pause, in the hopes that people will nexus, and occasionally with one or more diversionary pirate caves opened at the same time to trap unsuspecting randoms and prevent them from entering the WC.

Rushing Wine Cellars

It is highly recommended that you have maxed speed and defense before attempting a wine cellar rush. Do not attempt to rush on an unpotted character unless you really know what you’re doing, or are willing to lose your character.

Most shots by the minions can be tanked and/or ignored (even on a robe class) as long as you don’t dive heedlessly into a mob. There are, however, two shots you should watch out for:

  • The purple goo left behind by the slow-moving slimes. This goo inflicts slow and sick - two status effects that, while not dangerous by themselves, will severely cripple your ability to deal with the other denizens of the wine cellar.

  • The spinning blue projectiles (confuserangs) fired by the Henchmen of Oryx. These inflict confuse, which can mess up your rush and send you flying into a mass of minions. Many unfortunate rushers have gotten caught by a confuserang and ended up crashing into a wall to be mobbed by an army of minions and then doomed to be utterly obliterated within split seconds. Don’t let this happen to you - dodging the confuse is second in priority only to avoiding the goo. Having some holy water in your inventory will help (they drop in manors). This will heal any status effect that could quicky ruin your rush.

Most of the minions clump fairly close together, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble avoiding the mass of them. Sticking close to walls is often a good idea.

Public Wine Cellars

Note: It is common courtesy to follow the rules of the opener; if they ask you not to rush, many will frown upon you if you rush.

Public WCs are normally pretty straightforward - rush the Wine Cellar (tips above) and do as much damage as you can. A few special tips apply to public WCs:

  • Since most people will rush, do not depend on your cloak if you’re a Rogue. Tricksters, speed-boosted warriors, Ninjas, Mystics, and Assassins can and will keep up with you, potentially getting you killed when you get to Oryx. Instead of cloaking and sitting still, use your speed to circle Oryx like a melee class, but be wary of the Biles of Oryx (also known as “Purple Slimes”).

  • Don’t count on the stun - Often a large group of knights will gang up and keep Oryx chainstunned. In a public WC, however, there’s often very little coordination between them, and Oryx has been known to “blow up” at the end of a stun, killing large masses of people. Don’t sit on Oryx.

  • Get your damage in early. After Oryx stops spawning, he goes down incredibly fast. Combined with his invulnerability in that phase, it’s difficult to get in SB damage. Get your damage in before he goes “easy-mode.”








Click on the pictures of monsters for more information.


Oryx the Mad God

Oryx The Mad God

Oryx the Mad God (Oryx 2, O2): The ultimate boss of the game. An immense 75000 HP monstrosity, equipped with a brutal long-range shotgun that does enough damage to shred a fully-maxed Warrior under an armor boost instantly and inflicts Slow, Quiet, Confuse, and Blind. Fortunately, Oryx has pretty crummy aim and simply shoots right at the person closest to him, so it’s easy to avoid his shots by circling him - preferably by using your left key, so if you get confused you’ll back away from him rather than running into him and eating the full shotgun. His omnidirectional attack only does 135 damage and is easily avoided. However, it is said that the Slow stars have a different attack pattern, so still watch your step while circling him.




Henchman of Oryx
Henchman of Oryx: Oryx’s trusted lieutenants and purveyors extraordinaire of disgusting beasts. Avoid his Confuserang at all costs - while not individually deadly, it can send you flying into a mob of minions, or into the tender mercies of Oryx the Mad God himself.
Abomination of Oryx

Abomination of Oryx: The bane of unmaxed players in wine cellars, this fella lunges extremely quickly at you while firing a big, big shotgun (23 shots of 50 damage each). Fortunately, he can’t shoot or lunge very far, he can’t turn during his lunge, and his shotgun isn’t that bad if you’re maxed DEF (don’t try to tank the whole thing though - it hurts).

Aberrant of Oryx

Aberrant of Oryx: This guy doesn’t do any shooting himself - he just spawns aberrant blasters (which are harmless if you’re maxed in Defense). You can run through him without much worry.

Monstrosity of Oryx

Monstrosity of Oryx: Like the Aberrant of Oryx above, this guy doesn’t shoot, and is harmless by himself. Do watch out for the scarabs he tosses around though.

Vintner of Oryx

Vintner of Oryx: WINE! More wine! Whenever Oryx or one of his minions wants a drink, they call these vintners. His wine bomb does very little damage and inflicts a fairly harmless status effect (Drunk), but be careful - drunk can cause a lot of lag, even on newer computers, and lag is the deadliest thing in the realm.

Bile of Oryx

Bile of Oryx: The bane of rushers everywhere. It secretes a purple sticky goo that covers the floor. The goo inflicts Slow, which messes up rushes and can lead to death if you have a mad god charging at you, and Sick, which means none of your precious HP pots, ichors, or wines will heal you. Don’t step on him, or on the goo that he secretes.

Aberrant Blaster

Aberrant Blaster: A claymore-like mine that explodes in a 90-degree arc when a player gets too close. Fortunately, the damage that it does is negligible if you have maxed Defense. It’s more of a minimap-cluttering annoyance than a real threat.

Monstrosity Scarab

Monstrosity Scarab: These things are like grey blobs on steroids. They will chase at you extremely, quick and do a good bit of damage if they happen to explode on you. Shoot them before they kamikaze you.