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Introduced in August 2022 (Exalt Version as part of Seasons to replace prior free campaigns, the Battlepass offers seasonal rewards based on BXP aquired by players.
Early Battlepass Menu

For a list of each season’s rewards, check their respective wiki page.


Battlepass Experience

Battlepass Experience (or BXP for short) is a form of experience used to progress Battlepass Milestones. Any enemy that can give XP, can also give BXP.

When you’re collecting BXP in the realm or dungeons, you can press ‘K’ (the default key for showing the logs) and see how close you are to the next milestone in the Battlepass ladder.

Proportion between XP granted and BXP is roughly 1 Fame : 10 Battlepass Experience.

Exalted Pass

Exalted Pass Exalted Pass is a paid program that allows you to access unique, exclusive milestones in the Battlepass.

Obtained Through Direct purchase in the Nexus for 1200* Realm Gold

Exalted Pass grants additional Battlepass benefits, including:
- More rewards in Battlepass
- Immediate access to “extra rewards” upon purchase
- A 10% permanent BXP bonus that lasts for the entire season
- The ability to boost Milestones for a Gold Realm Gold cost


Coupon 10% Discount for next Exalted Battle Pass

In the ladder there can be found partial discounts for the Exalted Pass of next season. They are automatically stored in your account when they are claimed, and they exist both for free and Exalted Pass purchasers. Each Coupon grants a 10% discount, so for example Coupon x2 equals to 20% and its tooltip points to the total discount amount you will get from that tier.

These discounts are accumulative, and since there are 3 pairs of 10% discount coupons you can get a maximum of 60% off on your next battle pass.

Tips and strategies

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List of Seasons

Season Title Image Duration
1 MOTMG - Vindication Battlepass art by SaturnZCherry 2nd August 2022 - 4th October 2022
2 Hexes and Bones Battlepass art by SaturnZCherry 4th October 2022 - 13th December 2022
3 Steamworks Workshop Steamworks Workshop 13th December 2022 - 7th February 2023
4 Nature vs Tech Nature vs Tech 7th February 2023 - 14th March 2023
5 Secret Desert Secret Desert 14th March 2023 - 23th May 2023
6 Sinister Omen Sinister Omen 24th May 2023 - 11th July 2023
7 Echoes of Destiny Echoes of Destiny 11th July 2023 - 26th September 2023
8 Oryxtober Fest Echoes of Destiny 26th September 2023 - 7th November 2023