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Lair of Draconis

Last updated: X.31.8.0
Lair of Draconis
Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5
Teleportation Disabled

The Lair of Draconis is a high level dungeon consisting of boss fights against five elemental dragons. (Changed from four in Patch X.31.3.0) It is a source of stat increase potions, UT armors, and other untiered equipment.

During build 22.1, the Lair of Draconis was pre-released to mystery boxes and currently is dropped by the Rock Dragon.

As of X.31.8.0, the dungeon has been heavily reworked, and all related pages are in need of updates.

Altar of Draconis

The Altar of Draconis is found in the center of the spawn room, surrounded by 4 HP scaling statues of the elemental dragons. Players choose the dragon they wish to fight by attacking one of the statues, which will turn the other statues invincible and become a teleporter to that dragon’s boss room once sufficiently damaged. Note, however, that after the first dragon, the Altar can sometimes choose the next dragon at random. When a dragon is slain, its corpse will become a teleporter back to the boss room, where the next dragon can be fought. After all four dragons have been slain, the Altar of Draconis transforms into the Ivory Wyvern for one last confrontation.

The dungeon features an inheritance system with the dragons. Depending on the order of dragons killed, their battles will have significant changes made to them, so careful choosing is required to get an ideal combination.

  • The first dragon killed will add environmental hazards to the following dragons’ arenas corresponding to their element
  • The second dragon killed will cause all the following ones to start using some of its shots
  • The third dragon killed will empower all of the following dragons’ minions with their element
  • The fourth dragon killed will assist the Ivory Wyvern in his fight as an invincible statue.

For more on what the Lair was like before X.31.3.0, see Lair of Draconis (Original)


Draconis Key The Draconis Key is available in the Nexus for 100 Realm Gold and can also be found in certain Mystery Boxes.


See the Lair of Draconis Guide (outdated) for a complete walk-through on the dungeon and all its enemies.

The Realm Eye says:
The Lair of Draconis was once the subject of fables, tales which told of four fearsome dragons made of stone and brought to life with forbidden enchantments.
The dragons did exist in actuality, but they were not truly living as the fables described. Malphas had in fact created them many decades prior.
When Oryx found the lair of these dragons, he deemed their soulless husks perfect test subjects for fusion with elemental sprites.


Lair of Draconis Layout:


The Ivory Wyvern Layout:





Elemental Dragons

Feargus the Obsidian Dragon
Feargus the Obsidian Dragon

Minions:Obsidian Should Shard Obsidian Soul Shard, Shade of Feargus

Pyyr the Crimson Dragon
Pyyr the Crimson Dragon

Minion: Crimson Soul Shard

Nikao the Azure Dragon
Nikao the Azure Dragon

Minion: Azure Soul Shard

Limoz the Veridian Dragon
Limoz the Veridian Dragon

Minions: Veridian Soul Shard, Abundant Shield Abundant Shield

Final Boss

Ivory Wyvern
Ivory Wyvern

Minions: Mirror Wyvern, Statue of Feargus, Statue of Pyyr, Statue of Nikao, Statue of Limoz, Dragon Orbs

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Drops of Interest

Note: All loot will drop in the central room when a dragon is killed.

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Puri/Prot as well as boosts from Paladins or Warriors are recommended, especially for Limoz.

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Original Lair of Draconis Portal
Original design of Lair of Draconis and Ivory Wyvern portals.

During release 11 the Lair of Draconis was accidentally put into production. The key was available for 10 or 20 fame in the nexus, and many players ran it, getting the t14 armors and UT Katana. All existing Draconis keys had been replaced with “Consolation of Draconis” keys, which placed you in a room where you kill a red balloon that dropped a random stat potion. During Release 12.0.0, all existing Consolation of Draconis keys were turned into Old Firecrackers.

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