Pet Eggs

Pet Egg
[Rarity] [Family] Egg: A [rarity] [family] pet egg.
[Rarity] Mystery Egg: A [rarity] egg of an unknown pet family.

Pets are dropped by enemies in the form of eggs, often in the egg basket. They can also be purchased for Realm Gold in the Nexus.

Eggs come in fourteen families (and the Mystery variety) and four rarities. Once acquired, eggs can be taken to the Pet Yard and hatched. Hatching an egg produces a random pet of the specified rarity, with three potential abilities.

Pure Pet Eggs
Pure Pet Eggs are a type of Pet Egg introduced in Patch X.31.7.3. They function exactly like the pet egg they are based on, but have no feed power. There are 3 currently in the game: a Pure Legendary Mystery Egg, a Pure Rare Mystery Egg, and a Pure Legendary Humanoid Egg.
Pure Legendary Mystery Egg Pure Rare Mystery Egg Pure Legendary Humanoid Egg

Group Drop Locations

Dungeon Eggs

Eggs containing certain types of Common pets used to drop from particular dungeon bosses. Starting in Patch X.27.0.0, these eggs no longer drop, but still function to unlock the corresponding skin in the Pet Wardrobe upon use. Instead of the eggs, either Pet Skin items corresponding to the former pet egg now drop in its place, or the skins can be obtained normally through hatching and fusion. The Bee Egg is an exception to this, as it can still drop from The Hive.

This list is kept here for posterity.

Sprite Star Aprite Star EggSprite Star Sprite World
Lil' Ghost Lil' Ghost EggLil’ Ghost Undead Lair
Peppermint Snail Peppermint Snail EggPeppermint Snail Candyland Hunting Ground
Tamed Werewolf Cub Tamed Werewolf Cub EggTamed Werewolf Cub Haunted Cemetery
Spirit Spirit EggSpirit Davy Jones’ Locker
Bat Bat EggBat Manor of the Immortals
Demon Frog Demon Frog EggDemon Frog Abyss of Demons
Robobuddy Robobuddy EggRobobuddy Mad Lab
Sea Slurp Sea Slurp EggSea Slurp Ocean Trench
Tomb Snake Tomb Snake EggTomb Snake Egg Tomb of the Ancients
Bee Bee EggBee Egg The Hive
Turtle Turtle EggTurtle Egg Toxic Sewers