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Pet Food

Last updated: Release X.25.0.0

Pet Food is sold in the Nexus shop and commonly found in Mystery Boxes for varying amounts of Realm Gold. Its only purpose is to be used in feeding Pets.

Typically, pet food has feed power that cannot be found on most other items and gear in the game. Below is a breakdown of their feed power and Gold cost. All pet food is soulbound, meaning it cannot be traded with other players.

Thanksgiving-themed pet food was introduced in November 2015 as drops from the Gobble God, as part of an event to celebrate Thanksgiving 2015 and 2016.

The Egg Omelette is available as a reward from certain Tinkerer Quests.

Cinco De Mayo-themed pet food was introduced in May 2018.

Item Feed Power Gold FP:Gold Ratio Description
Hot Sauce Hot Sauce 50 Cinco De Mayo 2018 (N/A) N/A Malphas’ special! Combine with Tacos at the Tinkerer for some explosive Pet Food!
Scoville Units: 1.5 million
Soft Drink Soft Drink 150 20 7.5x To quench your pet’s thirst!
CranberriesCranberries 250 Thanksgiving event (N/A) N/A Tart and tangy.
Fries Fries 300 50 6x Fresh cut and steaming hot!
Ear of Corn Ear of Corn 350 Thanksgiving event (N/A) N/A Buttery and delicious.
Egg Omelette Egg Omelette 500 Tinkerer (N/A) N/A Made with Eggs, Butter and secret Herbs.
Great Taco Great Taco 550 100 5.5x Contains fresh salsa!
Sliced Yam Sliced Yam 600 Thanksgiving event (N/A) N/A Nice and sweet.
Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Pie 650 Thanksgiving event (N/A) N/A Fresh out of Oryx’s kitchen.
Picante Taco Picante Taco 650 Cinco De Mayo 2018 (N/A) N/A This taco is spicy!
Gingerbread House Gingerbread House 800 Christmas Event (2018) N/A Is this snow or powdered sugar? I could eat both!
Power Pizza Power Pizza 800 150 5.33x Cheesy and delicious.
Candy Apple Candy Apple 900 Halloween 2019 N/A If the candy didn’t rot your teeth, this sure will! Sprite Credits: Aurum
Caramel Apple Caramel Apple 900 Halloween 2019 N/A A rich caramel coating on a tart Granny Smith apple. Sprite Credits: Aurum
Chaos Cake Chaos Cake 1,000 ? ? That’s why you don’t task aliens to prepare your birthday cake….
Sprite Credits: Artauris
Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie 1,300 240 5.42x Goes best with milk!
Rainbow Gummy Worm Rainbow Gummy Worm 1,300 Halloween 2019 N/A Taste the Rainbow Gummy Worm… feel the Rainbow Gummy Worm! Sprite Credits: Aurum
Sugar Gummy Worm Sugar Gummy Worm 1,300 Halloween 2019 N/A A sugar-coated gummy delight! Except for when somebody replaces it with an actual worm. Sprite Credits: Lily
Napalm Taco Napalm Taco 1,350 Cinco De Mayo 2018 (N/A) N/A This taco is so hot it can melt steel beams.
Gold Bar Gold Bar 1,400 Tinkerer N/A A luxurious food rich in… well, everything.
Oryx Cookie Oryx Cookie 1,400 ? ? Aliens have turned Oryx into a chocolate-filled cookie! But mmm… it’s delicious!
Sprite Credits: Aurum
Thanksgiving TurkeyThanksgiving Turkey 1,621 Thanksgiving event (N/A) N/A A whole Thanksgiving turkey!
Grapes of Wrath Grapes of Wrath 1,700 330 5.15x Super healthy, super delicious, super wrathful!
Christmas Tree Cupcake Christmas Tree Cupcake 1,700 December-January 2019-2020 Login Calendar, Oryxmas Dinner Mystery Box (199 gold/roll) N/A With chocolate filling!
Droplet of Ambrosia Droplet of Ambrosia 1,800 July 2020 Login Calendar N/A A glistening droplet of the god’s nectar.
Sprite Credits: Aurum
Superburger Superburger 2,300 450 5.11x A hearty classic!
Vial of Pure Ambrosia Vial of Pure Ambrosia 2,400 July 2020 Login Calendar N/A Your secret weapon against the monsters in the realm.
Sprite Credits: Seelpit
Christmas Turkey Leg Christmas Turkey Leg 2,500 December-January 2019-2020 Login Calendar, Oryxmas Dinner Mystery Box (199 gold/roll) N/A Ha! No more wandering around!
Atomic Taco Atomic Taco 2,900 Cinco De Mayo 2018 (N/A) N/A Not for human consumption. Only a god… or your pet… can eat this!
Double Cheeseburger Deluxe Double Cheeseburger Deluxe 3,500 700 5x The ultimate deluxe cheeseburger!
Chalice of Ambrosia Chalice of Ambrosia 3,700 July 2020 Login Calendar N/A A sip of this will make you feel like a real god.
Ambrosia Ambrosia 5,000 1,000 5x The nectar of the gods which holds great power!
Glazed Apple Glazed Apple 5,000 December-January 2019-2020 Login Calendar, Oryxmas Dinner Mystery Box (199 gold/roll) N/A A delicious way to celebrate the holiday!
Eyecicle Eyecicle 5,000 Halloween 2019 N/A What an eyesore! Sprite Credits: Lily
Glowing Green Goo Glowing Green Goo 5,500 ? ? Imagine someone leaving that on your kitchen table.
Sprite Credits: Artauris
Mouthwatering Melon Mouthwatering Melon 7,500 Summer 2018 (N/A) N/A Delicious fruit that imbues pets with an unholy strength!
Sprite credits: Piggby
Energy Potato Energy Potato 10,000 January Mega Pet Box 2018 jackpot (900 gold/roll) 11,11x Rich in nutrient, can also be used to power electrical devices. Like servers…
Chocolate Bar Chocolate Bar 10,000 Halloween 2019 N/A People afraid of tricks will usually give this to you. It’s delicious! Sprite Credits: Trensient
Reindeer Food Reindeer Food 15,000 Winter Ambrosia Box 2017 jackpot (99 gold/roll), Oryxmas Dinner Mystery Box (199 gold/roll) 151,51x Kindness, Speed, Momentum
Solar Energy Drink Solar Energy Drink 20,000 ? ? Raises your energy levels to the moon and back!
Sprite Credits: Artauris