Pet Food

Last updated: Exalt Version (Feb 2022)

Pet Food is sold in the Nexus shop, the Grand Bazaar and commonly found in Mystery Boxes for varying amounts of Realm Gold. Its only purpose is to be used in feeding Pets.

Typically, pet food has feed power that cannot be found on most other items and gear in the game. Below is a breakdown of their feed power and Gold cost. All pet food is soulbound, meaning it cannot be traded with other players.

Thanksgiving-themed pet food was introduced in November 2015 as drops from the Gobble God, as part of an event to celebrate Thanksgiving 2015 and 2016.

The Egg Omelette is available as a reward from certain Tinkerer Quests.

Cinco De Mayo-themed pet food was introduced in May 2018.

Item Name Feed Power Gold / Obtain FP/Gold Description
Hot Sauce Hot Sauce 50 Cinco De Mayo - Malphas’ special! Combine with Tacos at the Tinkerer for some explosive Pet Food!
Soft Drink Soft Drink 150 15 Realm Gold 10 To quench your pet’s thirst!
Cranberries Cranberries 250 Thanksgiving
30 Realm Gold
8.33… Tart and tangy.
Fries Fries 300 35 Realm Gold 8.57 Fresh cut and steaming hot!
Ear of Corn Ear of Corn 350 Thanksgiving
40 Realm Gold
8.75 Buttery and delicious.
Egg Omelette Egg Omelette 500 The Tinkerer - Made with eggs, butter, and secret herbs.
Great Taco Great Taco 550 75 Realm Gold 7.33… Contains fresh salsa!
Sliced Yam Sliced Yam 600 Thanksgiving
80 Realm Gold
7.5 Nice and sweet.
Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Pie 650 Thanksgiving
85 Realm Gold
7.647 Fresh out of Oryx’s kitchen.
Picante Taco Picante Taco 650 Cinco De Mayo - This taco is spicy!
Gingerbread House Gingerbread House 800 Oryxmas
105 Realm Gold
7.619 Is this snow or powdered sugar? I could eat both!
Power Pizza Power Pizza 800 The Appetizer
Master Rat
105 Realm Gold
7.62 Cheesy and delicious.
Candy Apple Candy Apple 900 Halloween - If the candy didn’t rot your teeth, this sure will!

Sprite Credits: Aurum
Caramel Apple Caramel Apple 900 Halloween - A rich caramel coating on a tart Granny Smith apple.

Sprite Credits: Aurum
Chaos Cake Chaos Cake 1,000 MotMG - That’s why you don’t task aliens to prepare your birthday cake….

Sprite Credits: Artauris
Mead Mead 1,000 TBA - Straight from the heavens, this drink may give your pet abilities in poetry.
Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie Chocolate Cream Sandwich Cookie 1,300 The Appetizer
200 Realm Gold
6.5 Goes best with milk!
Rainbow Gummy Worm Rainbow Gummy Worm 1,300 Halloween - Taste the Rainbow Gummy Worm… feel the Rainbow Gummy Worm!

Sprite Credits: Aurum
Sugar Gummy Worm Sugar Gummy Worm 1,300 Halloween - A sugar-coated gummy delight! Except for when somebody replaces it with an actual worm.

Sprite Credits: Lily
Napalm Taco Napalm Taco 1,350 Cinco De Mayo - This taco is so hot it can melt steel beams.
Gold Bar Gold Bar 1,400 The Tinkerer - A luxurious food rich in… well, everything.
Oryx Cookie Oryx Cookie 1,400 MotMG - Aliens have turned Oryx into a chocolate-filled cookie! But mmm… it’s delicious!

Sprite Credits: Aurum
Broccoli Broccoli 1,500 TBA - A healthy, tree-shaped snack. Guaranteed to contain zero tree!
Thanksgiving Turkey Thanksgiving Turkey 1,621 Thanksgiving
270 Realm Gold
6.003 A whole Thanksgiving turkey!
Grapes of Wrath Grapes of Wrath 1,700 285 Realm Gold 5.96 Super healthy, super delicious, super wrathful!
Christmas Tree Cupcake Christmas Tree Cupcake 1,700 Oryxmas
285 Realm Gold
5.965 With chocolate filling!
Droplet of Ambrosia Droplet of Ambrosia 1,800 Login Seer
305 Realm Gold
5.9 A glistening droplet of the god’s nectar.

Sprite Credits: Aurum
Droplet of Bloody Ambrosia Droplet of Bloody Ambrosia 1,800 Halloween
305 Realm Gold
5.9 A mosquito’s fare.
French Toast French Toast 1,900 TBA - Cholesterol won’t be an issue. Promise!
Roast Biff Roast Biff 2,000 Easter - Actually a pastry made to resemble a roast rabbit, Biff uses this dish as a prank to his guests.

Sprite Credits: Maggiemagi
Grapes of Heaven Grapes of Heaven 2,000 MotMG - Grown in the clouds and fermented to make Ambrosia.
Strawberry Milkshake Strawberry Milkshake 2,100 Valentine’s Day
370 Realm Gold
5.676 Care to share a strawberry milkshake with me? It’s said people fall in love when they drink one of these together!

Sprite Credits: Deplington
Superburger Superburger 2,300 The Appetizer
415 Realm Gold
5.542 A hearty classic!
Vial of Pure Ambrosia Vial of Pure Ambrosia 2,400 Login Seer
435 Realm Gold
5.127 Your secret weapon against the monsters in the realm.

Sprite Credits: Seelpit
Vial of Bloody Ambrosia Vial of Bloody Ambrosia 2,400 Halloween
435 Realm Gold
5.127 Just a sample of an exquisite cocktail. If you’re a vampire.
Christmas Turkey Leg Christmas Turkey Leg 2,500 Oryxmas
460 Realm Gold
5.434 Ha! No more wandering around!
Pumpkin Spice Latte Pumpkin Spice Latte 2,500 Autumn Season
460 Realm Gold
5.434 An autumn cafe-goer’s best friend.
Chocolate Bonbon Chocolate Bonbon 2,500 Valentine’s Day - Juiced up with endorphins! One more bite won’t hurt…
Stack this delicious treat for more feed power!

Sprite Credits: Aurum
Latte Latte 2,500 TBA - A cozy yet refreshing beverage.
Deadly Dapperling Deadly Dapperling 2,800 TBA - Definitely not poisonous. Actually mimics a poisonous mushroom. Trust it!
Atomic Taco Atomic Taco 2,900 Cinco De Mayo - Not for human consumption. Only a god… or your pet… can eat this!
Ice Cream Ice Cream 3,000 TBA - Refreshing, but may give your pet brain freeze.
Hot Cross Buns Hot Cross Buns 3,200 Easter - There is nothing quite like fresh pastry.

Sprite Credits: Maggiemagi
Double Cheeseburger Deluxe Double Cheeseburger Deluxe 3,500 675 Realm Gold 5.185 The ultimate deluxe cheeseburger!
Banana Banana 3,600 TBA - Full of potassium and only a little radioactive!
Chalice of Ambrosia Chalice of Ambrosia 3,700 Login Seer - A sip of this will make you feel like a real god.
Chalice of Bloody Ambrosia Chalice of Bloody Ambrosia 3,700 Halloween
720 Realm Gold
5.138 But really, it’s mostly made of fruits. Mostly.
Mashed Potatoes Mashed Potatoes 3,800 Thanksgiving
740 Realm Gold
5.135 Ah yes, some people just like their solar potatoes mashed.
Carrot Cake Carrot Cake 4,000 Easter - Biff asked the Appetizer for it many times. In the end, he didn’t like it.

Sprite Credits: Maggiemagi
Pecan Pie Pecan Pie 4,500 Thanksgiving
890 Realm Gold
5.056 Some pets go nuts for it.
Ripe Pumpkin Ripe Pumpkin 4,500 TBA - It is orange, round and full of nutrients.
Jack-o-Lantern Jack-o-Lantern 4,600 TBA - While the wax from the candle inside might be considered unhealthy (nevermind the flame), Realm pets seem to love it unconditionally.
Ambrosia Ambrosia 5,000 The Appetizer
1,000 Realm Gold
5 The nectar of the gods which holds great power!
Bloody Ambrosia Bloody Ambrosia 5,000 Halloween
1,000 Realm Gold
5 A traditional fare at the Manor of the Immortals, this modified Ambrosia contains a healthy amount of iron.
Apple Pie Apple Pie 5,000 Thanksgiving
1,000 Realm Gold
5 We have no idea what sort of apples were used to bake this pie, but all the pets seem to love it.
Glazed Apple Glazed Apple 5,000 Oryxmas
1000 Realm Gold
5 A delicious way to celebrate the holiday!
Eyecicle Eyecicle 5,000 Halloween - What an eyesore!

Sprite Credits: Lily
Glowing Green Goo Glowing Green Goo 5,500 MotMG - Imagine someone leaving that on your kitchen table.

Sprite Credits: Artauris
Dark Ambrosia Dark Ambrosia 5,500 MotMG - A twisted concoction, created after imbuing the golden nectar of the gods with the power of the Void.
Void Venom Void Venom 6,000 MotMG - A solution of the Void’s concentrated power, this potent elixir may kill you… or make you stronger.
Sanctified Ambrosia Sanctified Ambrosia 6,000 MotMG - The very lifeblood of holiness.
Cornbread Cornbread 7,000 Thanksgiving
1,435 Realm Gold
4.878 It’s tasty and it will not ruin your pet’s diet!
Solar Cupcake Solar Cupcake 7,000 TBA - With the caloric power of a thousand suns!
Mouthwatering Melon Mouthwatering Melon 7,500 1,540 Realm Gold
Summer Mystery Boxes
4.87 Delicious fruit that imbues pets with an unholy strength!

Sprite Credits: Piggby
Space Jam Space Jam 8,000 1650 Realm Gold 4.84 Do not be alarmed by its toxic green color - Calbrik’s grandma actually whipped it together from common herbs.
Daeva Elixir Daeva Elixir 9,000 MotMG - With its fresh, herbal taste, this sparkling potion invokes a feeling of euphoria and overwhelming confidence.
Energy Potato Energy Potato 10,000 Mystery Boxes
2085 Realm Gold
4.796 Rich in nutrient, can also be used to power electrical devices. Like servers…
Chocolate Bar Chocolate Bar 10,000 Halloween
2,085 Realm Gold
4.796 People afraid of tricks will usually give this to you. It’s delicious!

Sprite Credits: Trensient
Turkey Cake Turkey Cake 10,000 Thanksgiving
2,085 Realm Gold
4.796 No actual turkeys were harmed during the making of this cake, they were only used as consultants.
Heart Shaped Chocolate Box Heart-shaped Chocolate Box 13,000 Consuming a stack of 6 Chocolate Bonbons - A delightful gift for a beloved one… until it accidentally gets eaten by your pet.

Sprite Credits: Aurum
Reindeer Food Reindeer Food 15,000 Oryxmas Mystery Boxes
3165 Realm Gold
4.739 Kindness, Speed, Momentum.
Protein Shake Protein Shake 18,000 3815 Realm Gold
4.718 Yeah, it does taste a bit weird. Worth it, though!
Solar Energy Drink Solar Energy Drink 20,000 4250 Realm Gold
MotMG Mystery Boxes
4.7 Raises your energy levels to the moon and back!

Sprite Credits: Artauris
Solar Potato Solar Potato 22,500 4790 Realm Gold
Easter Mystery Boxes
4.697 An old tale speaks of an ancient alchemist named Mortimer, it is said that he only ate potatoes and only drank energy drinks. He slowly went mad and started worshiping potatoes. Eventually he sought to combine the two items he consumed and created this. The potato is surprisingly potent, despite being a bit….soggy.

Sprite Credits: Sues