Crystallised Scorpion

Last updated: X.31.9.2

The Crystallised Scorpion is an enemy found in the Crystal Cavern. It is one of the five Crystal Guardian minibosses spawned by the Crystal Entity during its battle.



HP: 50,000 (+20% [10,000 HP] per player in dungeon)
DEF: 30
EXP: 5,000
Location: Crystal Cavern

Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stun
Immune to Paralyze

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Crystal Shard
Yellow Big Spinner
White AoE
From Crystal Spikes
Radius: 2
Crystal Shard
From Fake Scorpion Explosion


Randomly alternates between four behavior patterns:

  • Circling the room while firing wide spreads of extremely damaging shards at players
  • Stopping in place and firing a fast, two-armed spiral of yellow bullets
  • Moving into the center of the room and summoning a large number of red crosshairs around the arena. These crosshairs will then start randomly moving around - if one comes into contact with a player, it will briefly stop and flash before causing a Crystal Spike to erupt from under it, dealing massive AoE damage. In the meantime, the Scorpion will be firing spreads of shards at the nearest player.
  • Vanishing and spawning a large number of miniature scorpions around the arena. These scorpions have 2,500 (+20% [500] per player in dungeon) health, 100 DEF, and cannot attack, attempting to flee from players. One of the scorpions is substantially larger than the others and flashes - this is the one that players need to target (in addition, it has only 30 DEF). When the real scorpion is killed, all others vanish and the Crysallised Scorpion proper appears again, resuming its attack. If a fake is killed, it will explode into a ring of extremely damaging crystal shards. Unlike the Scorpion’s other phases, which are time-based, this phase will not end until the true scorpion is killed.


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Tips and Strategies

The easiest boss for a large group, but easily the hardest boss for a small group or solo player. The raw speed and power of its shots can deal massive damage, but what can be arguably the worst (or easiest) phase is the fake scorpion phase. Never stand over a fake scorpion because if it is killed, it will result in instant death without Invulnerability. It is imperative to take down the large scorpion as fast as possible to resume the bossfight and also to lower the chance of anyone dying. If it is not found and killed fast enough, it will stop flashing and make it even harder to identify (unless it was damaged and you kept track of its HP.) To make matters worse, the Crystal Entity’s fractals may cause you to lose track of the scorpion. The Crystal Spike phase can also be difficult, since it is hard to approach the center while avoiding both the crosshairs and its fast and highly damaging projectiles. Tricksters are especially helpful for this phase, as they can completely lure away the Scorpion’s shotgun. Alternatively, you can always stand back and wait for a phase change if it is too dangerous to go in.

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Before release X32.4.1, the sprite originally looked like this:
Old Crystallised Scorpion sprite

Note that the old sprite was the same as that for the Iceion.