Crystal Cavern

Last updated: X.31.9.2
Crystal Cavern
Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5
Teleportation Disabled

The Crystal Cavern is an extremely dangerous dungeon that is the second part of the Abandoned Mineshaft, with the Fungal Cavern being the first. Like the first part, the dungeon is a source of Life Potions, assorted Greater Stat Potions, T14 Armor, and numerous untiered items.

The portal drops from the Crystal Worm Mother, the boss of the Fungal Cavern.


Crystal Cavern Key The Crystal Cavern Key is unavailable for purchase.

The Realm Eye says:
Steamhammer’s Mining Co. began an ambitious operation to dig deeper beneath the realm than any humanoid had ever gone.
Surpassing even the depth of other subterranean manmade feats like the Toxic Sewers and Lost Halls, this enormous mineshaft extended nearly to Shaitan’s personal domain.
But Steamhammer’s gang pushed their luck and encountered an unexpected threat dwelling far beyond normal reach.
At first, the miners were able to make some amount of peace with the puzzling mushroom tribes. The dwarves were allowed to continue undisturbed and even engaged in some trade.
After a few weeks, the dwarves uncovered a chamber packed with more valuable ore than the entire realm had ever known to possess.
Eager to begin the haul, the dwarves started to chip away at the abundant crystals. But with a single strike of a pickaxe, the passive mushroom tribesmen were sent into a ravenous frenzy.
The miners were chased out of the cavern in a panic. Many were lost, and the survivors remained unsure of exactly what flipped a switch among the tribesmen.



The dungeon is a sprawling network of caverns filled with dangerous enemies. Similar to the Fungal Cavern, the way to the boss is initially blocked off - players must find and destroy 25 Cavern Crystals in order to power up the Dwarf Miner’s drill and pave the way to the boss.

There are more than 25 Cavern Crystals in total, meaning that it is optional to explore the whole dungeon.

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Crystal Entity Crystal Entity Final Phase


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