Release History 2020


Patch X.32.4.1 & Upcoming Events!

January 8

Hello Realmers,

The festivities are over and it’s time to get back in action! New year means that Realm Exalt is closer and with this patch we started to apply several tweaks and changes in preparation for that. You can also look forward to some new items that were added. Also, we will be running a Machine event for a few days, so don’t miss it!

See you in the Realm!

Patch Notes:

  • Removing all Oryxmas content
    • T11 Weapons & T6 Abilities were replaced with their originals
    • Oryx Castle is back to its normal, grim and mysterious state
    • Encounters’ names and looks are back to normal
    • Ice Drops were removed from the Crystal Prisoner, Shatters, Ocean Trench & Snake Pit
    • Presents were removed from the Godlands Dungeons
    • T12 Weapons, Broken Ornaments and Bell Tokens will no longer drop. The latter two will be removed with the next update on January 15th!
    • Snowy and Permafrost Lord were removed. We will probably see them again next Oryxmas!
    • Deactivated Reindeer bonuses
    • Snowy winter Nexus will be staying for another week
  • As we mentioned in the past, the Mad God Shards are the first part of a seasonal rotation of the Agent of Oryx equipment. With today’s update, regular events will no longer drop those Mad God Shards. Instead, they will be dropping the new Shard of the Doorwarden shards. You will be able to collect them for the next 3 months and after getting 35 exchange for one out of 3 new UTs:
  • Esben Ring and Esben Robe are now dropping in Ice Cave

Dungeons Polish

To help tidy things up in preparation for Unity and check off a bunch of tasks that have spent too long waiting deep in the priority list, we’ve taken some extra time to fine tune quite a few dungeons. These changes are a mix of balancing, bug fixes, quality of life tweaks, and even a few pieces of brand new content to spice up familiar challenges. There a lot to dig into (over 120!), so here’s an overview.

  • Miscellaneous

    • Changed the default sprites for the portal of cowardice and realm portal to not be Pirate Cave copies. Realm portals are now a mini version of the 16x16 realm portal found in the Nexus, and cowardice portals are a darker version of it, to mesh better with most environments compared to light brown.
    • Tinctures and effusions now exist for all stat types. The four new ones can be found as drops from the four Court of Oryx dungeons (vitality tinctures and effusions from Shaitan, wisdom from Encore, speed from Reef, and attack from Xolotl). Note that speed effusions can only be used in the realm.
    • Effusions now drop in purple bags.
    • Elixir sprites now visibly drain as their usage quantity decreases.
  • Pirate Cave

    • The drop rate of Pirate Rum has been significantly increased for both Dreadstump and dungeon mobs.
    • Beach Pirates and Piratesses can now drop Pirate Caves (shocking, we know).
  • The Hive

    • Damage intensity has been reduced across the board, and the Queen Bee has been rebalanced to throw maggot sacs less frequently and remain vulnerable more often.
    • The dungeon has been made more accessible by making it a guaranteed drop from Warrior Bees and making Warrior Bees themselves slightly more common. Additionally, Wasp Queens now have a chance to drop the dungeon as well.
  • Magic Woods

    • The dungeon now drops more commonly from Ent Ancients.
    • Level design has been improved by adjusting old room types and doubling the total amount of room maps for greater variety.
    • Instead of just slowing, the water throughout the dungeon now inflicts Healing and Hallucinating to give the dungeon a stronger mechanical identity.
    • All monster damage values have been buffed by approximately x1.5 to accommodate for the now plentiful Healing effect provided by the water.
  • Undead Lair

    • A new, traditional treasure room miniboss, the Lair Spectral Skeleton, has been added to map the dungeon’s sprawling map more worthwhile to explore.
    • Improved Septavius’s internal attack transitions to keep the fight progressively smoothly at low health.
    • Fixed the stacked shots fired by slime enemies upon splitting.
    • The minimap is now centered when zoomed out.
  • Abyss of Demons

    • Slightly increased the chance of treasure room spawning.
    • Malphas Protectors now despawn upon the boss’s death.
    • The minimap is now centered when zoomed out.
  • Manor of the Immortals

    • Lord Ruthven’s fight has been revised. His bat phase now progresses when all four spawned coffins are destroyed (which now have more HP), rather than a fixed timer. This adds more player agency to the fight and should make it go faster overall for capable characters. He also has a minor rage phase attack now.
    • Treasure room coffins are now capable of dropping attack potions and the Tome of Purification, giving them greater value.
    • Change visibility from LineOfSight to Path to reduce frustration (this effectively means that you don’t need to go complete around a wall to uncover the black tiles, and enemies do not disappear from view if a direct line of sight is obscured.
    • Revised and added the previously unused Helmet Head enemy, which spawns from defeated Armored Guards.
    • “RockBomb” now has a proper display name for death messages.
  • Toxic Sewers

    • Misplaced sewage tiles have been fixed, and you should no longer get sickened at certain spots despite being on safe tiles.
    • The Alligator sprite now faces the correct direction.
    • New environmental art has been added, including dirty slab tiles and broken grates.
  • Puppet Master’s Theatre

    • Added a quest marker to the Puppet Master.
    • Added all missing puppet enemies (necromancer, huntress, ninja, and samurai).
    • Puppet enemy sizes are now consistent.
    • All 15 class puppet enemies are now able to spawn throughout the dungeon evenly, including those previously restricted like the Puppet Assassin.
    • Fixed Puppet Bombs displaying incorrectly on minimap.
    • Puppet Bombs no longer block player projectiles.
    • Puppet Priests spawned by the Puppet Master despawn upon his death.
    • The Oryx Puppet fight has been improved and adjusted, preventing instakill opportunities and ensuring his phases progress more reliably.
    • The curtain sprite in the boss room has been improved.
  • Cursed Library

    • All Corruption Phantom Wisps now scale their HP as intended.
    • Fixed numerous typos throughout the Realm Eye.
    • Added a new Realm Eye prompt for the Lair Spectral Skeleton treasure room from the Undead Lair.
  • Haunted Cemetery

    • The Pumpkin King is now immune to paralyze.
    • Added the intended projectile sprite to the Pumpkin King’s Jack-o’-lantern minions (as well as the Pumpkin Master’s missiles).
    • All monsters required to progress to the next wave are now immune to stasis.
  • Mad Lab

    • Dr. Terrible can no longer be damaged before activating.
  • Candyland Hunting Grounds

    • Increased the likelihood of a major monster kill initiating a boss to spawn.
    • Bosses now spawn even if a player is sitting in the room to minimize trolling. The bosses do not attack immediately and remain invulnerable for several seconds first.
    • The dungeon can now be completed via a realm portal. After at least one of every boss type has been spawned and defeated, a new miniboss (the Cupcake) will appear in the starting room. Defeating it gives you an extra high chance at loot and creates a realm portal upon defeat. The dungeon is still infinite, however, and you may continue to farm spawns endlessly.
    • Decorative jelly bean objects have been added throughout the map.
  • Cave of a Thousand Treasures

    • Fixed boss typos.
    • Made the Treasure Thief enemy more common.
    • Made the dungeon slightly more common from Djinns.
    • Added more fitting damage sounds to most monsters.
  • Davy Jones’s Locker

    • The swaying seaweed animation on the portal now starts immediately, rather than remaining static for a second.
    • Davy Jones has been buffed with piercing projectiles and slightly extended phases.
    • Corrected the spelling of Lanturn -> Lantern.
    • The minimap will no longer display red dots where there are no active enemies.
    • Added a treasure room that has a chance to exist behind any locked room that doesn’t also hold a required key.
  • Mountain Temple

    • Rebalanced many of the dungeon’s mobs. The most notable changes include the paralyze arrows from Corrupted Bowmen moving much more slowly and having a longer cooldown between shots, Corrupted Armor no longer infinitely respawning its minions, and Corrupted Monks becoming much less durable while inflicting a very short Petrify effect, rather than Slowed and Darkness.
    • Revised some of Daichi’s dialogue.
    • Added back Daichi’s original extended death animation.
    • Red dot no longer appears on the minimap in the center of the Jade and Garnet Statue setpiece.
    • Daichi’s secret chest now has damage sounds.
    • Daichi’s chest has been made stasis immune.
    • The wall in Daichi’s boss room that opens to the treasure room now has a properly angled sprite.
  • Lair of Draconis

    • Added HP scaling to Crimson Soul Shards.
    • Fixed minor typo in the Ivory Wyvern’s opening dialogue.
    • Edit: Improved XP distribution (4 fame from dragons, 8 from Ivory).
  • Deadwater Docks

    • Added a unique portal sprite.
    • The Mysterious Crystal is now stasis immune.
    • Crystal Prisoner Steeds now despawn upon the Crystal Prisoner’s death.
    • The Crystal Prisoner now gives 2.5 fame.
    • Jon Bilgewater’s fight has been touched up to ensure he progresses through more phases.
    • Fixed a spawning issue that sent players directly inside the treasure room.
  • Woodland Labyrinth

    • Added a unique portal sprite.
  • The Crawling Depths

    • Added a unique portal sprite.
  • Ice Cave

    • Added a new ice barrier sprite for Esben during his rage phase.
    • Added a small delay to missable dialogue at the start of the Ice Cave and Inner Sanctum.
    • Added damage sounds for the yetis.
  • Ocean Trench

    • Destructible coral barriers now appear in the hallways between rooms, occasionally impeding progress and needing to be destroyed (like the obstacles in the Parasite Chambers, but less dense).
    • Deep Sea Beasts now despawn upon Thessal’s death.
  • Tomb of the Ancients

    • Moved the Book of Geb drop to Sarcophagi to incentivize participation.
  • The Shatters

    • Removed loot chests.
  • Abandoned Mineshaft

    • Added intended dialogue to Crystal Entity.
    • Improved event dialogue.
    • Made damage sounds more consistent and fitting throughout the dungeon.
    • Added new sprites for the Crystal Entity bosses.
    • Ensured the Crystallized Scorpion has at least one opportunity to use one of its special attacks.
    • Made XP from Crystal Entity summons consistent.
    • Added the Magic Mushroom as a rare drop to large Fungal Cavern monsters.
  • Lost Halls

    • Added damage sounds to Evil Spirits.
    • Made hazard and bonus rooms slightly more common compared to vanilla rooms.
    • Reduced the main branch length (12 -> 10).
    • Added armor piercing to the Marble Defender’s attacks.
    • Added a quest marker for the cultist group.
  • Oryx’s Castle

    • Made Suits of Armor grant a meaningful amount of XP (200 each, or 1/10th of 1 fame each).
    • Created new sprites and animations for Janus the Doorwarden and his keys (as well as the Janus mark by extension).
    • Made Janus’s long range shots pierce.
    • Added a quest marker to Janus once revealed.
    • Overhauled Janus’s final phase. He now remains stationary and shoots alternating boomerang waves, requiring a figure-eight motion to go in and out for damage.
    • Added damage sounds to Janus’s keys.
    • Changed the portal sprite of Oryx’s Chamber to not use the default art.
    • Buffed the Stone Guardians with piercing projectiles and overall higher damage.
    • Made the Stone Guardian Sword be visibly thrown through the air.
    • Fixed the intended dialogue string upon O1’s death.
    • Made O2’s dance artifacts disappear more quickly at the end of the phase to prevent instakills.
  • Lair of Shaitan

    • Fixed the laser projectile in Shaitan’s rage phase so it appears continuous.
    • Reduced the head’s base HP (253000 ->180000) and lowered his HP scaling (now 30%).
    • Added more thematically fitting projectile sprites.
    • Dramatically improved the loot. In addition to both whites being slightly more common, Shaitan now drops a guaranteed attack potion with a chance at a second one, as well as a life potion guaranteed to at least one person.
    • Added a warning flash to the dungeon portal to be consistent with other dungeons.
  • Belladonna’s Garden

    • Improved the arena map to use consistent art assets and not flicker erratically when Belladonna extends her vines.
    • Removed the loot chest.
    • Made Bella Buds self destruct upon Belladonna’s death.
    • Added damage sounds to the minions.
    • Added standard potion loot as a potential drop.
  • Ice Tomb

    • Added a delay to the opening dialogue.
    • Gave the portal a warning flash before disappearing, as intended.
    • Removed the loot chest. Instead, to ensure accessing your loot mid-fight is not an issue, all three bosses will spawn a small soul upon death. Once all three bosses are defeated, the souls will vanish and drop your loot.
  • Mad God Mayhem

    • Integrated the dungeon onto a single map to feel more fluid, teleporting you to different rooms rather than going into separate portals after each boss is defeated. Some rooms have been adjusted accordingly.
    • HP scaling is now consistent across all bosses within the dungeon.
  • Tutorial/Oryx’s Kitchen

    • Fixed broken dialogue strings for Bonegrind. He will now “greet” you upon entering the dungeon and say more varied lines in combat.

Patch X.32.5.0

January 15

Hello Realmers,
Once again, Oryx opened the gates of the Realm to let us add some stuff and fix a few issues.
You can see below the full list of changes going live with this new patch. As always, let us know what you think directly here or in any of our other social channels and keep reporting suggestions or issues you might encounter during your sessions.

Dungeon Polish

  • Candyland boss now spawning safeguards correctly
  • Added intended sprites and animation for Crystal Entity and Crystallized Fish
  • Crystal Prisoner’s dialogue correction


  • Pirate King Warrior, Mad God’s Messenger and Priest Horticultural Huntress sets are now available as normal drops in various Dungeons
  • Old ST sets (Warrior, Priest & Huntress) removed from ST Chest
  • New ST sets added to Mystery ST Chest
  • New ST skins added to Mystery ST Skin

Bazaar Additions

  • Small Candy Cane Cloth
  • Small Holiday Lights Cloth
  • Small Mixed Lights Cloth
  • Small Peppermint Cloth
  • Small Snowflake Cloth
  • Small Snowy Night Cloth
  • Large Candy Cane Cloth
  • Large Holiday Lights Cloth
  • Large Mixed Lights Cloth
  • Large Peppermint Cloth
  • Large Snowflake Cloth
  • Large Snowy Night Cloth

New Skins


  • Lunar New Year Nexus theme added
  • Bells and Campaign tokens removed
  • Shards of the Mad God changed for Shard of the Doorwarden in Prismimic’s loot table
  • Fixed a redirection issue of the Login Calendar

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A STory of War II: a Ninja, a Mystic and an Assassin… new ST sets! [Patch X.32.5.1]

January 28

Hello Realmers,

Rumors of a mighty new equipment set have been swirling throughout the realms, but the murmurs among the nexus can’t seem to agree on what myth is true. Some speak of an elite set of ninja gear, scavenged from the depths of the Abandoned Mineshaft. Others believe it to be a fiery mystic set, relics from the realm’s prehistoric era. Some even claim it to be a toxic assassin set, a nasty creation by some of the realm’s most vile foes. In truth, all three rumors are true, and they are ready to be unleashed!

The newest 3 ST sets are finally here! This time around, let’s check the details on the new Acidified Assassin, Magmatic Mystic, and Crystal Kunoichi (Ninja) ST sets, created by Aurum:

Crystal Kunoichi (Ninja) ST Set

Magmatic Mystic ST Set

Acidified Assassin ST Set

Note: A reminder that the older Assassin, Mystic and Ninja ST sets will start dropping with an increased drop rate at their respective dungeons tomorrow! For more information, stay tuned.

A new ST Bonus Program - A STory of War II: a Ninja, a Mystic and an Assassin…

The new Bonus Program will be running for the next 3 weeks. In it, you will have a chance to gather all the new ST sets’ items. The Bonus Program starts tomorrow and will end on February 19th. More details below:

  • Start: January 29th, 2020 at 13:00 UTC

  • End: February 19th, 2020 at 12:00 UTC 16:00 UTC

  • Grace Period: 2 days (till February 21st, 2020 at 12:00 UTC 16:00 UTC)

  • Quest at the Tinkerer: till February 23rd, 2020 at 12:00 UTC 16:00 UTC

Update 02/17

Hey guys! We decided to extend The Story of War II Bonus Program a bit so it will end on February 19th, 2020 at 16:00 UTC! With this small update, both the grace period and the quests at the Tinkerer are also extended to 16:00 UTC!

Each of those Mystery Crates contains their respective ST parts, their mini skin and:

  • Char Slot Unlocker
  • Ambrosia
  • Vault Chest Unlocker
  • Mystery ST Shard x5
  • Golden Lucky Clover

  • Introducing the Avarice Medallion. It is a token that can be found on some of the ranks of the Bonus Program. Once obtained, visit the Tinkerer’s and pick 1 (one) of the new ST sets’ items!

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Valentine’s Day Events [X.32.6.0]

February 12

Hello Realmers,

Belladonna is once more ready to strike in this season of affection. For years now, she has attempted to thwart the wicked traditions of plucking flowers as gifts, frolicking through fields with a loved one, and carelessly trampling the foliage beneath your feet. But as you know, Belladonna has struggled in her efforts to match the strength of experienced heroes.

Not this time. Not again.

She’s moved to a new garden by the misguided mercy of a certain caretaker. And now her roots are more enriched than ever before. If you can still cut her down, she may have some new goodies to acquire. But she’s done being a pushover, and wants to make sure you know it. If you dare enter her garden this time, it may be the plant kingdom that reigns triumphant.

Update 02/12:

We have just pushed a change to fix Bella Buds not being properly immune to stasis, paralyze, stun, and slow. The rotating wheel phase should no longer break or cause the pattern to disrupt in unintended ways.

Valentine’s Day Event

Belladonna Encounter

The Valentine’s Heart Encounter will spawn twice per realm: Once when you defeat all Red Demons, and a second time after you defeat all Ghost Kings.

It consists of a heart-shaped map with 8 gold hearts in the middle that you must light up by pushing the surrounding pink hearts into them. Watch out though, they’re guarded by Succubuses. To achieve your goal, you can:

  • Push the pink hearts onto the gold ones
  • Defeat the Succubuses and drag their mini hearts to the gold hearts

Belladonna Rework

Belladonna’s Garden has been thoroughly revised! The battle is bigger, the arena is brand new, the art direction has been expanded and improved (huge thanks to TLMaelstrom!), and Belladonna herself is a whole lot more dangerous. Be on your guard! She packs a punch, and may not be kind to adventurers who expect her to lay down and die like in years past.

We added stat bonuses on the Valentine’s Archer STs:

Bella’s Key

Since Belladonna’s Garden went through a makeover, it’s only logical that Bella’s Key will also go through one! The key can now be opened anywhere, and may be purchased in the Mystery Shop.

Hearts, Love Letters and Drop Locations

  • Both Hearts and Love Letters are now tradable so you can obtain as many as your heart desires. Consuming a stack of 10 Heart will give you a Love Letter x1 (to a max stack of 20).
  • Drop locations are:
  • Belladonna’s Encounter - Heart x8
  • Belladonna’s Garden - Heart x3
  • Succubus in the Realm - Heart x1
  • Succubus in Dungeons - Heart x2
  • Heroes in the Realm - Chance for Heart x1 (not guaranteed)
  • Encounters in the Realm - Love Letter x1
  • Cursed Library - Heart x3
  • Ice Cave - Heart x3
  • Haunted Cemetery - Heart x5
  • Ocean Trench - Heart x5

New UT’s (with the help of Sturky!):

Gem of Tenderness drops from Ice Cave and Ocean Trench.

Gem of Adoration drops from Haunted Cemetery and Cursed Library.

Valentine’s Quests

Quest Name Requirement/s Reward Type
Struck by Love Love Letter x20 Heartstruck Bow Once per account
Dazed by Love Love Letter x40 Quiver of Dazing Love Once per account
Snatched for Love Love Letter x20 Cupid’s Garments Once per account
Unbound Love Love Letter x20 Ring of Unbound Love Once per account
Mystery Valentine Love Letter x40 Valentine’s Mystery Item Daily

Valentine’s Mystery Item drops items from the Valentine’s Day Archer Set!


  • Orange ST bags now last longer and will disappear after 2 minutes.
  • Mystery skins, pet skins, mystery class skins, special seasonal skins, pet skins and Loot Boosters were moved from orange to gold bags.
  • New skins and fixes

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Balance Changes & Dungeon Cap Update [X.32.7.0]

February 26

Hello everyone,

In this release, we have several noteworthy balance changes. Mainly, a revision of tiered abilities and certain tiered weapons/armor (a version of which was on public testing here), and the implementation of lower dungeon player caps that are now actually enforced, instead of being easily broken by entering a portal at once.

We realize balance changes can be cause for concern for players of all kinds, from casual beginners who are just getting familiar with the game’s systems, to veteran players who have optimized the game’s set of rules to routinely tackle endgame content. Because of this, we wanted to take the time to not just lay out the changes themselves, but explain the rationale behind them.

Tiered Item Changes

Let’s start with the equipment changes. There are three facets to this: Tiered ability rescaling, top tier weapon/armor rescaling, and drop rate/location changes.

Tiered Ability Rescaling


Tier MP Range Boost DEX/SPD
0 55 2.5 0/0
1 60 3 0/0
2 65 3.5 0/3
3 70 4 0/5
4 75 4.5 3/5
5 80 5 4/5
6 85 5.5 5/5


Tier MP Damage DEX
0 45 60-100 (80) 0
1 50 100-140 (120) 1
2 55 140-180 (160) 2
3 60 180-220 (200) 3
4 65 200-280 (240) 4
5 70 250-310 (280) 5
6 75 290-350 (320) 6


Tier Shot Damage Total Damage WIS
0 15-20 (17.5) 300-400 (350) 0
1 30-40 (35) 600-800 (700) 1
2 40-65 (52.5) 800-1300 (1050) 2
3 50-90 (70) 1000-1800 (1400) 3
4 60-115 (87.5) 1200-2300 (1750) 4
5 70-140 (105) 1400-2800 (2100) 5
6 80-165 (122.5) 1600-3300 (2450) 6


Tier VIT
0 0
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6


Tier MP Duration DEF
0 55 3 2
1 60 3.5 3
2 65 4 4
3 70 4.5 5
4 75 5 6
5 80 5.5 8
6 85 6 10


Tier MP Shots Damage DEF
0 85 1 55-90 (72.5) 2
1 85 2 100-140 (240) 3
2 90 3 150-190 (510) 4
3 90 3 190-240 (645) 6
4 95 4 230-280 (1020) 8
5 95 4 270-330 (1200) 10
6 100 5 300-360 (1650) 12


Tier DEX
0 0
1 0
2 2
3 2
4 3
5 3
6 4


Tier MP Radius DoT Impact Duration WIS
0 25 2 100 20 3 0
1 40 2.5 200 50 3.2 1
2 55 3 300 80 3.5 1
3 70 3.5 400 110 3.7 2
4 80 4 500 140 4 2
5 90 4.5 600 170 4.3 3
6 100 5 700 200 4.5 3


Tier MP Heal
0 40 35
1 50 45
2 70 65
3 85 90
4 100 100
5 110 105
6 115 110


Tier MP Damage Radius ATT
0 40 60 3.5 0
1 50 95 4 0
2 60 140 4.5 0
3 75 200 5 2
4 90 260 5.5 3
5 100 300 6 4
6 105 350 6.5 5


0 60 0
1 65 0
2 70 0
3 75 1
4 80 2
5 85 3
6 90 4


Tier MP Duration WIS
0 60 3 0
1 65 4 1
2 70 5 2
3 75 6 3
4 80 7 4
5 85 8 5
6 90 9 6


0 30 0
1 40 0
2 50 0
3 60 0
4 70 1
5 80 2
6 90 3


Tier MP Range VIT
0 30 15 0
1 40 15 3
2 50 15 3
3 60 15 6
4 70 15 6
5 80 15 9
6 90 15 9


Tier MP Shots Damage DEX
0 40 2 150-250 (400) 0
1 50 2 250-350 (600) 1
2 60 3 200-300 (750) 2
3 65 3 300-400 (1050) 3
4 70 4 250-350 (1200) 4
5 75 4 300-450 (1500) 5
6 80 4 400-500 (1800) 6

In case you missed the public testing session, most tiered abilities have received adjustments to streamline the progression from T0 to T6 while maintaining balance at T6. With Oryx 3 on the horizon and the introduction of T7 abilities, T14 weapons, and T15 armors, the unusual history of T6 abilities became problematic. As you may already know, the majority of T6 abilities are statistical duplicates of T5s, with the very minor addition of +2 VIT and WIS (these bonuses have been replaced universally with +20 HP and +20 MP). If T7s were introduced while ignoring this, T6 would become a largely useless step.

Previous class ability rebalances, such as scepters and traps, have adjusted these over time, but several instances remained. We wanted to take this opportunity to make the step from T5 to T6 a meaningful step across the board, while correcting a handful of other minor inconsistencies along the way. Very few of these changes are drastic enough to have significant impact on your choice of ability (as T6 itself has remained almost entirely the same to keep them on the level UTs are balanced around), but this does make T5s a less desirable substitute.

Top Tier Weapon/Armor Rescaling

T13 Weapons and T14 Armor Revisions

  • T14 Armors

T13 Robe: +55 MP, +4 ATT, +13 DEF, +6 WIS

T14 Robe: +60 MP, +4 ATT, +14 DEF, +7 WIS -> +65 MP, +5 ATT, +15 DEF, +7 WIS

T15 Robe: +65 MP, +4 ATT, +15 DEF, +7 WIS -> +75 MP, +6 ATT, +17 DEF, +8 WIS

T13 Leather: +17 DEF, +5 DEX

T14 Leather: +18 DEF, +5 DEX -> +19 DEF, +6 DEX

T15 Leather: +19 DEF, +5 DEX -> +21 DEF, +7 DEX

T13 Heavy: +24 DEF

T14 Heavy: +25 DEF -> +26 DEF

T15 Heavy: +26 DEF -> +28 DEF

  • T13 Weapons

T12 Staff: 60-100 (80)

T13 Staff: 60-105 (82.5) -> 65-110 (87.5)

T14 Staff: 65-105 (85) -> 75-115 (95)

T12 Wand: 95-140 (117.5)

T13 Wand: 100-140 (120) -> 105-145 (125)

T14 Wand: 100-145 (122.5) -> 110-155 (132.5)

T12 Bow: 50-75 (62.5)

T13 Bow: 55-75 (65) -> 60-80 (70)

T14 Bow: 55-80 (67.5) -> 70-85 (77.5)

T12 Dagger: 95-175 (135)

T13 Dagger: 95-180 (137.5) -> 110-190 (150)

T14 Dagger: 100-180 (140) -> 125-205 (165)

T12 Sword: 220-275 (247.5)

T13 Sword: 225-280 (252.5) -> 235-290 (262.5)

T14 Sword: 230-285 (257.5) -> 250-305 (277.5)

T12 Katana: 135-180 (157.5)

T13 Katana: 145-185 (165) -> 150-195 (172.5)

T14 Katana: 150-190 (170) -> 165-210 (187.5)


Armor of Nil: +21 DEF, -2 SPD -> +24 DEF -4 SPD

Ritual Robe: +10 DEF, +5 ATT, +15 WIS, +40 MP -> +12 DEF +5 ATT +15 WIS +50 MP

Breastplate of New Life: +160 HP, +12 DEF -> +160 HP, +14 DEF

All Non-HP/MP T6 Rings: +9 -> +10

Post-WC top weapons and armors now also share a bigger distinction from the previous tier. This is primarily done to make the next two tiers of tops have a more noticeable impact on your character, rather than being a very slight increment and merely greater bragging rights. This makes them more competitive with certain UTs (with a few endgame UT adjustments accordingly) and a desirable upgrade from the comparatively much more common WC tops, making them a better match of rarity vs. value.

Drop Rate/Location Changes

  • WC tops have been removed from all sources except for the Wine Cellar itself and the Shatters.

Specifically, the removals are from the Woodland Labyrinth, Deadwater Docks, Crawling Depths, Ice Cave, and Lost Halls/Cultist Hideout/Void (though the Cultist Hideout maintains unbound rings as a drop). That last one may stick out. However, it should be noted that this also comes with a dramatic buff in the drop rates of T13 weapons and T14 armors from their respective sources. Many have been doubled and some even as much as tripled, in an effort to keep WC tops economically valuable within their level while ensuring the loot from endgame dungeons is more in line with what an endgame player is looking for.

  • Over 50 UTs have had their drop rates buffed from all sources. Specifically:
    • Orb of Sweet Demise
    • Wand of the Bulwark
    • Candy-Coated Armor
    • Scepter of Fulmination
    • Wand of the Fallen
    • Orb of Aether
    • Recurring Terror Spell
    • Scepter of Devastation
    • Tome of Pain
    • Harlequin Armor
    • Prism of Dancing Swords
    • Void Blade
    • Murky Toxin
    • Ghostly Prism
    • Soul’s Guidance
    • Plague Poison
    • Resurrected Warrior’s Armor
    • Leaf Dragon Hide Armor
    • Water Dragon Silk Robe
    • Fire Dragon Battle Armor
    • Celestial Blade
    • Midnight Star
    • Wakizashi of Eastern Winds
    • Wakizashi of Crossing Fires
    • Skull of Endless Torment
    • Prism of Dire Instability
    • Sealed Crystal Skull
    • Penetrating Blast Spell
    • Cnidaria Rod
    • Bottled Medusozoan
    • Hivemaster Helm
    • Fungal Breastplate
    • Crystal Shield
    • Crystallised Mist
    • Echoes Prism
    • Refraction Cloak
    • Fractured Gemstone Wakizashi
    • Star of Enlightenment
    • Bracer of the Guardian
    • The Twilight Gemstone
    • The Forgotten Crown
    • Sword of the Colossus
    • Marble Seal
    • Breastplate of New Life
    • Magical Lodestone
    • Staff of Unholy Sacrifice
    • Skull of Corrupted Souls
    • Ritual Robe
    • Bloodshed Ring
    • Bow of the Void
    • Quiver of the Shadows
    • Armor of Nil
    • Sourcestone
    • Omnipotence Ring

These changes correct many historical inconsistencies, taking into account more factors such as the length a dungeon takes to complete on average (Shatters UTs in particular being a major example). These adjustments should result in a generally more rewarding experience across the game, with less “outlier whites” such as Bulwark feeling far rarer than they have a reason to be. This has also partially been done to balance out the effects of the new dungeon cap system, which will be mentioned a little later in this letter.

  • Potion drop changes

Lastly, potion drops in endgame dungeons (Lost Halls, the Nest, and both stages of the Abandoned Mineshaft) have been tweaked to create less guaranteed drops and avoid completely flooding large masses of players from all getting several potions. This has been done in the interest of making sure the maxing process does not become overly efficient to those who run these dungeons frequently and allow dungeons like the Ocean Trench and Tomb to remain viable, while also aiming to restore some trading value to such potions.

We realize this may be alarming to some who have become accustomed to large endgame “raids” with mass payouts. However, the changes are not as severe as you may fear. In fact, some of the rates have even been mildly buffed. This change is primarily to help moderate the influx of potions without stripping endgame dungeons of expected loot. So rather than a group of 10 players getting 20 potions and a group of 85 players getting nearly 200 potions cumulatively, the results are more likely to even out at a spot that rewards adequately, but without sending an extreme amount of potions into the overall game. This disproportion leads directly into the final significant change.

Dungeon Cap changed from 85 to 65 players.

Most experienced players are likely familiar with the player limit on dungeons, or more specifically, its ineffectiveness. Though a player limit has always existed on dungeons, it has historically been easily bypassed by simply entering a portal within the same few seconds. This has led to two major problems: Performance and balance.

On the technical side, fitting far more players onto a single map than expected creates problems. One of the most common sources of lag and other performance issues is having an overwhelming amount of players occupying the same limited space. While huge spaces like the realm are built for this, most dungeons are not.

From a gameplay perspective, the lack of real player caps also creates fundamental design problems. Even with scaling measures, virtually no content is built to be able to face off against 100+ players. Such huge mobs can make even the game’s toughest challenges much easier than intended, which ultimately makes for a less interesting and engaging gameplay experience over time.

We feel the game has a responsibility of both fun and stability, which is why we have fixed this long-lasting issue to properly cap dungeons. The default limit has now been placed at 65 for the time being, with a few exceptions based on previous limits (such as heroic dungeons being at 15, and alien wormholes at 25). For dungeons opened by keys, the host is also guaranteed a spot in the dungeon.

Update 02/27/2020:

Note that the key opener’s spot is guaranteed for 25 seconds after the key is popped. After that time runs out, the slot expires and it can be filled by anyone that tries to enter the dungeon portal.

We understand that such changes may be worrying to some players, as this can indirectly result in higher difficulty for endgame content that can be handily steamrolled with larger groups, which will no longer be quite as possible. That said, we do believe that these are healthy changes in the interest of balance, long term gameplay enjoyment, and even trading viability.

We will be very closely watching the in-game impact these changes have, both in the immediate future and over some time as things settle and adapt. Some of these are certainly more impactful than others, and there will likely be some points of contention. We want to stress that none of these changes have been done without long, thorough consideration for the effects they will have. We hope that this letter has given you some insight on our rationale for such changes, and why we believe they are essential actions for the game’s future.


  • New Skins
  • Fixed dye mask on the Dante Trickster of the Abyss Skin
  • Valentine’s Heart quest portrait and chat messages will no longer be displayed
  • Beer God is now permanent in the Realm
  • Deactivated Masks effects

Patch Notes [X.32.7.1] & St. Patrick’s Events

March 11

Top o’ the mornin to ya Realmers!

Not only is the Leprechaun back, but he brought some help. Now instead of one wacky short fellow, we have to chase two! Leprechaun’s cousin is just as fast and tricky as his relative. Legend says he tricked a mystical creature of its gold. As an act of vengeance, the creature took away the one thing the leprechaun’s treasure more than gold: The color green. To remind him of his crimes, the leprechaun was instead turned gold. Regal, but admittedly gharish. To this day, the cursed Leprechaun is haunting several dungeons, enjoying his gold but forever stripped of his green pride.

Patch Notes:

Key Price Changes

For some time now, you guys have been asking us if there will be an update in the key prices. We gathered a lot of feedback on this subject and decided that it’s finally time to update these. Among the usual 50/100/200 gold prices, you will also see a new one - 150 gold. The prices were set based on several criteria including rarity and loot (UTs, STs etc).

With this change, the Nexus shop will also be updated accordingly. Here is what a comparison table of the old and new key prices:

Novice Dungeons

Dungeon Old Price New Price
Pirate Cave Key 50 50
Forest Maze Key 50 50
Spider Den Key 50 50
Totem Key 50 50
The Hive Key 100 50

Godlands Dungeons

Dungeon Old Price New Price
Magic Woods Key 100 50
Sprite World Key 50 50
Treasure Map - -
Undead Lair Key 100 50
Abyss of Demons Key 50 50
Theatre Key 100 50
Toxic Sewers Key 50 50
Cursed Library Key 100 100
Snake Pit Key 100 50
Lab Key 50 100

Court of Oryx Dungeons

Dungeon Old Price New Price
Shaitan’s Key 50 100
Puppet Master’s Encore Key 200 150
Secluded Thicket Key 200 200
Reef Key 200 100

Epic Dungeons

Dungeon Old Price New Price
Deadwater Docks Key 50 100
Woodland Labyrinth Key 50 100
The Crawling Depths Key 50 100

Misc Dungeons

Dungeon Old Price New Price
Cemetery Key 100 100
Manor Key 50 50
Davy’s Key 100 100
Mountain Temple Key 100 100
Ocean Trench Key 200 150
Ice Cave Key 100 100
Draconis Key 100 200
Tomb of the Ancients Key 200 200
Fungal Cavern Key 200 200
The Nest Key 200 200
Shatters Key 200 200
Lost Halls Key 200 200
Parasite Chambers Key 200 200

Seasonal/Limited Dungeons

Dungeon Old Price New Price
The Machine Key 100 100
Beachzone Key 50 50
Malogia Key - -
Untaris Key - -
Forax Key - -
Katalund Key - -
Heroic Undead Lair Key 100 150
Heroic Abyss of Demons Key 100 150
Battle Nexus Key 50 50
Bella’s Key 200 200
Ice Tomb Key 200 200
Rainbow Road Key 100 100
Santa Workshop Key 200 200
Mad God Mayhem Key - -
Candy Key 200 200
Halloween Cemetery Key 200 200

Mystery Key items’ content updated as follows:

Legendary Mystery Key Epic Mystery Keys Rare Mystery Key
Secluded Thicket Key Shaitan’s Key Sprite World Key
Draconis Key Reef Key Abyss of Demons Key
Tomb of the Ancients Key Deadwater Docks Key Theatre Key
Fungal Cavern Key Woodland Labyrinth Key Toxic Sewers Key
The Nest Key The Crawling Depths Key Snake Pit Key
Shatters Key Cemetery Key Manor Key
Lost Halls Key Davy’s Key Undead Lair Key
Parasite Chambers Key Mountain Temple Key Magic Woods Key
Candy Key Ice Cave Key -
- Lab Key -
- Cursed Library Key -
- Puppet Master’s Encore Key -
- Ocean Trench Key -

New Enchanted keys

You will have a chance of getting the recently released Acidified Assassin, Magmatic Mystic, and Crystal Kunoichi Ninja ST sets (among other items) with the new Mountain Temple Enchanted Key and Davy’s Enchanted Key!

As a reminder, once popped, the key popper will get a chest which, upon defeat, will spawn the Mystery ST Crate.

Mystery ST Crate Drops:

Upcoming Events

St. Patty’s Day Events

The tiny green fellow is back in the Realms for another run! This year, he will spawn twice - once after you defeat all Red Demons and a second time after Ghost Kings.

The green Leprechaun will also spawn in newly generated realms about 30 mins after the release is complete.

He also invited his yellow cousin to join the party, so try to catch him too and give him a warm welcome! Seems like disorientation runs in their family! The twist is that this little guy will only appear in the following dungeons, after you defeat the boss:

  • Davy Jones’s Locker - Guaranteed
  • Mountain Temple - Guaranteed
  • Toxic Sewers - Medium chance
  • Mad Lab - Medium chance
  • Undead Lair- Low chance
  • Abyss of Demons - Low chance

  • The Event will run from 03/11 - 12:00 PM UTC until 03/17 - 12:00 PM UTC.

  • Defeat Davy Jones, Daichi the Fallen, Gulpord the Slime God, Dr. Terrible, Septavius the Ghost God, and Archdemon Malphas for a chance to spawn the Yellow Leprechaun in their respective dungeons.

The Tinkerer has last year’s UT’s ready for the taking! The Patty Token will drop as follows:

  • Green Leprechaun - Patty Token x5
  • Yellow Leprechaun - Patty Token x1

We also have a few new UT’s that will drop both from the Yellow Leprechaun and the Pot of Gold in the Rainbow Road:

While chasing the wind, the Leprechauns dropped a nice and shiny package, which will give you a head start in completing quests! Open the In-game shop and find out what the FREE pack contains!

  • Patty Token Quests at the Tinkerer’s:
Quest Name Quest Requirement/s Reward/s Quest Type
Green Star Patty Token x30 Clover Star Once per account
Under the Rainbow Patty Token x30 Sword of the Rainbow’s End Once per account
Clover Arrow Patty Token x30 Clover Bow Once per account
A Leprechaun’s Blade Patty Token x30 Katana of Good Fortune Once per account
Lucky Choice Patty Token x90 Leprechaun Mystic Skin OR Miss Shamrock Wizard Skin Once per account/Item of Choice
Luckiest of Clovers Patty Token x30 Lucky Clover Repeatable


Patch Notes + The Machine Event [X.33.0.0]

April 1

Hello Realmers,

It is almost time for the Realm Exalt - Open Beta! The Supporters had their go and with their help, we will be able to give you a more refined Realm experience to all Realmers starting April 15th!

In other news, it’s April Fools, and you know what that means? That’s right, absolutely nothing! Nope, nothing of note has been altered in any way, so please carry on with business as usual.

Patch Notes

  • Player limitation in Realms now works properly (goodbye spamming Interaction!)
    • The number of players in realm is updated every 5 sec that is why you might get a “Full dungeon” message on realm which is looking like it has free spot
    • The number takes into account both players in realm and in dungeons inside realm, this is why you can enter 85/85 Realm and see less than 85 players
  • Reentering the Nexus Clothing Bazaar right after you exited no longer gives you a “Dungeon is full” error
  • Upon using the Crystallized Fang’s Venom and Sporous Spray Spell, the colors of these abilities now match the respective items better
    * The Golden Oryx Effigy can now drop Realm Gold
    * Void and Crystal Cavern keys are now for sale in the Nexus, starting at 450 gold
    * Every Lair of Draconis portal has a 1/10 chance to replace itself with the Consolation of Draconis, including keys
    * Honey Scepter now inflicts Paralyzed for 4 seconds
    * Helm of the Juggernaut rebalanced to boost defense by 5 instead of inflicting Armored

    After April Fool’s Day Update

New STs Drop Locations

The new ST sets (the Acidified Assassin, Magmatic Mystic, and Crystal Kunoichi) now drop in-game!

  • Acidified Assassin ST set:
    • Toxin Tooth - Gulpord the Slime God, Golden Rat
    • Virulent Venom - Gulpord the Slime God, Red Turtle, Orange Turtle, Blue Turtle, Purple Turtle
    • Acidic Armor - Stheno the Snake Queen
    • Pernicious Peridot - Snakepit Guard
  • Magmatic Mystic ST set:
    • Staff of Eruption - Shaitan the Advisor
    • Scorchium Stone - Archdemon Malphas
    • Magmatic Mantle - Abyss Idol
    • Ring of the Inferno - Red Demon
  • Crystal Kunoichi (Ninja) ST set:
    • Crystal Katana - Crystal Entity
    • Crystal Kunai - Crystal Worm Mother
    • Crystalline Armor - Crystallised Lizard, Crystallised Monstrosity, Crystallised Fish, Crystallised Cyclops, Crystallised Scorpion
    • Crystal Heart - Crystallised Boomer, Crystallised Crawler, Crystallised Shrieker, Crystallised Charger, Crystallised Watcher

Each of the sets now has their own packages and boxes, the latter are included in the ST boxes’ rotation. Starting today, the Magmatic Mystic ST and the Magmatic Mystic Skin Pack are available in the Mystery Shop!


Additionally, the drop rates on the old Assassin, Mystic and Ninja ST sets were increased (2 months ago)!

The Mystery ST Chest is also updated! The old Assassin, Mystic and Ninja ST items were replaced with the new ones!

Upcoming Event - The Machine

The Glitch has returned in the Realm! Locate and dis”patch” him to access The Machine, which may have some strange new goods! Let’s just hope there are no bugs in the program…

Event details:

We are also trying a new type of event. Every time you defeat Null in The Machine, there is a small chance for a Chest to spawn that will drop an April Fools Skin Bag guaranteed for everyone in the dungeon!

The April Fools Skin Bag contains a random skin of the April Fools Series, up to you to find out more about them ;)


P.S. Thank you Guill!

Update (Upcoming (Easter) Events and Free Pack)

April 7

Hi there Realmers,

Starting today, we have 6 dungeons that will be hosting an increased Loot Drop and EXP event! To give you a better chance at getting those new Assassin/Ninja/Mystic ST sets, the events are in those sets’ respective drop locations.

It’s calm before the Realm Exalt Open Beta starting on April 15th, isn’t it? We have a few surprises up our sleeves… More details tomorrow!

Biff Event and Wine Cellar Chest Challenge

Biff and Oryx 2 are up to something… Separate plans, of course (they don’t exactly think highly of each other), but dangerous nonetheless. Their plots may reveal themselves with Easter!


Quest Name
Type of Quest
Easter Quest 1
Golden Egg x20
Eternal Graved Greatsword
Once Per Account
Easter Quest 2
Golden Egg x20
Spriteful Shield
Once Per Account
Easter Quest 3
Golden Egg x20
Eggre Battle Armor
Once Per Account
Easter Quest 4
Golden Egg x20
Tiara of Eggscellent Sturdiness
Once Per Account
Easter Quest 5
Golden Egg x20
Sakura Wakizashi
Once Per Account
Easter Quest 6
Golden Egg x20
Sunny Side Bow
Once Per Account
Easter Quest 7
Golden Egg x40
Once Per Account

The quests will also run from 04/07 - 12:00 PM UTC until 04/14 - 12:00 PM UTC.

Easter Knight STs

We added stat bonuses on the Easter Knight STs:

  • 2 pieces: +20 MP +3 SPD + 4 VIT
  • 3 pieces: +30 MP +4 SPD + 4 WIS
  • 4 pieces: +40 MP +6 SPD + 4 DEX
  • Subtotal: +90 MP +13 SPD +4 VIT +4 WIS +4 DEX

Don’t forget to claim your FREE Easter Pack in the Mystery Shop to get a head start on those Golden Eggs!

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Unity&Flash Patch Notes/PT/Animations [Patch X.33.1.0]

May 7

We are back with another set of fixes - for both Realm Exalt (Unity) and Realm on Flash. We also want to introduce an awesome cosmetics feature our lovely design team has been working on for awhile now. We know you want to look as fierce on the battlefield as possible but we also know you want to do it in style! Introducing Animations! More on that below.

Unity Fixes

  • /nexustutorial command has been removed.
  • Added a chat and a popup message when idle for too long.
  • Beginner Package now shows for all newly created accounts.
  • Death summary was added to the death screen.
  • Fixed characters dying after Nexusing and being stuck in a loop of notifications.
  • Fixed issue with random projectile sprites not randomizing properly.
  • Issue with dragging and dropping from and to the inventory has been fixed.
  • New tutorial!
  • Performance optimizations
  • Pet icons show in the interaction panel at all times in the Pet Yard.
  • Promoting and demoting guild members no longer disconnects you/gives you an error.
  • Smoother transitions when opening the Servers Screen, Leaderboards Screen, Daily Login and Daily Quests have been implemented.
  • The display of realm population has been adjusted to the new realm server limit of 300.
  • Using a dungeon’s Portal of Cowardice will no longer teleport you into an empty (no heroes) Realm.

Note: Acquiring the new patch requires you to close the client and launcher and then download the new version. Also, if you restart the launcher, it will provide you with the new link to download.

Animations Feature

With these new animations, you can customize a specific UT ability and shine bright like a diamond!

  • What is the animation feature? - It’s a feature that allows you to add a different animation when you use your UT ability! It’s in the form of a shard. Currently we have the Golden Shard and the Chaos Shard. In their tooltip, you can see what specific UTs they can be applied to.
  • How is the shard applied to the UT ability? - You simple have to drag the shard onto the UT ability item that it can applied to. The upgraded version of the UT ability will be created. It will appear in front of your character in a white bag, so don’t wait to pick it up and try it on. Careful though, once merged, the effect cannot be removed from your UT!
  • How to tell the difference between the normal UT and the one with animation? - The name of the newly created UT will be different. For example, if you merge a Helm of the Juggernaut with a Golden Shard, the new name of your UT will be Helm of the Juggernaut - Midas.
  • What do the current animations look like? - Well… Helm of the Juggernaut - Midas   Quiver of Thunder - Overcharged   Orb of Conflict - Chaos

Other Fixes and Miscellaneous

  • Feed power on UTs and STs has been updated, as mentioned in our blog.
  • The grace period of the Open Beta Campaign has been shortened. It will now end on the May 8, 2020 at 11:00 UTC and not on May 10, 2020 at 11:00 UTC.
  • 4325 of you completed the short survey that we posted last week! As promised, everyone gets a FREE Golden Clover as a reward! You can find the once per account free pack in the in-game Mystery Shop starting today till May 12, 2020 7:00 AM. Thank you for participating!
  • Fixed the Tome of the Mushroom Tribes which now heals Sorcerers.
  • Added a list of skins that drop from each Mystery Class Skin item.
  • Fixed the Lost Halls Guild Key display name.
  • All Exalt Tokens have been removed from the game.
  • Description of the Ring of Decades has been fixed.
  • The Wall of Fame name list has been fixed.
  • New Skins
  • Discord May Events

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Bard is out NOW! [Patch X.34.0.0]

May 20

Hello Realmers,

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. After a public testing session or two (or three)… After the various feedback we got from you guys… It’s time to release the BARD class. With his musical tendencies and a lute in his hands, the Bard inspires your and your group’s attack range!

Most heroes are content with the sounds of clashing swords and earth-shattering spells polluting the battlefield. To some, it is one of life’s constants that they must either accept or be driven mad by. The Bard, on the other hand, finds that there is indeed room for improvement in the cacophony of battle. With the inspiring sounds of his lute, fellow adventurers will reach their full potential like never before!

How the new class looks, works and feels? Check out the Bard Spotlight here!

Note: The new Bard class is available only on Realm Exalt (Unity)!

Update 05/21:

  • Teleport cooldown was fixed.
  • Wavecrest Concertina was fixed. It now has a proc chance based on shots, not arrows.
  • Bard particles performance was improved.

Realm Exalt Patch

Little by little, we are improving Realm Exalt, thanks to your help! The QoL ideas are more and more the talk of the town. We already started implementing some of your ideas and feedback alongside trying to improve performance and fix various bugs in this Beta version of Realm Exalt. Let’s take a look at what we have for you this time around:

  • Added a popup to update the launcher in case you have an older/wrong version.
  • Added a Realm generation timer in the UI. You can now see how much time has passed since a certain realm has been opened.
  • Added new hotkey options for “Show Options”, “Show Servers” and “Show Legends”
  • Added the option to adjust the chat font size, as follows:
    • Default: 12
    • Tiny: 9
    • Small: 11
    • Large: 14
    • Big: 16.
  • Added the option to adjust the rotation speed of the camera.
    • Default is 1
    • Min: 0.8
    • Max: 2
  • All in-game popups have been polished.
  • Changed the opacity of the color of a “locked” players on the minimap
  • Changing the Interaction key while standing on a portal will no longer change that key once entering the portal.
  • Create a queue system for Realms.
  • Enemy shadow color is now properly visible.
  • ESC is now the default “Show Menu” hotkey and not bindable anymore.
  • Fame’s tiers on any new character selection screen can no longer be dragged or changed.
  • Fixed DC issue cases.
  • Fixed errors involving tooltips.
  • Fixed infinite loading screen issue when creating a new character after removing older characters on the account.
  • Fixed issue with chat messages not showing for you or whoever is sending you the message in chat.
  • Fixed issues with errors when accepting/declining/blocking a friend invite.
  • Floating text for XP/HP/MP now shows at all times when taking damage/losing HP/MP in realm.
  • GrenadeToss and ObjectToss now display correctly (in and out of fog of war).
  • Implemented a new Contextual Interaction hotkey (holding LEFT CTRL + left click) to interact with chat bubbles and chat without using your ability or interrupting gameplay.
  • New visual stasis effect.
  • Performance optimizations were added.
  • Polished tooltips.
  • Quantities of items (no stacks) are now displayed on the login calendar.
  • Separated the Dynamic HP color option for GUI and Player.
  • Stars now appear correctly in chat when whispering another player.
  • Unlocking a new class now shows on the minimap UI.
  • Upon death by Gold Planet, the correct name of the monster shows in chat.
  • UT/ST symbols now show correctly and only on UTs and STs respectively.
  • Various display fixes and improvements.

Other changes

  • Added a new star system due to the new Bard class being released. Scale is now:
    • Light Blue star: 1-15
    • Dark Blue star: 16-31
    • Red star: 32-47
    • Orange star: 48-63
    • Yellow star: 64-79
    • White star: 80
  • Changed the sprites for all tiered wakizashi, Wakizashi of Eastern Winds, and Wakizashi of Crossing Fires to use a style consistent with all other wakis.
  • Feed power of the Santa Trickster Skin was reduced from 1000 FP to 500 FP.
  • Increased the drop rates of Samurai, Sorcerer and Wizard ST in the Tinkerer’s Chests and added the Bard UT’s to them.
  • Art Contest Bard Skins
  • New skins

Realm Exalt/Flash Patch Notes & Prismimic Events [Patch X.34.1.0]

June 4

Hi there Realmers,

After a rough patch with the Bard release last week, we are ready to make more improvements and fixes to both Realm and Realm Exalt. We have something special for you, something that you’ve all been asking for awhile now! Check what that is and more, below:

Realm Exalt Patch

  • Added a new QoL feature - a Loot Quick Inspector! Click CTRL or hover over a bag/vault chest/gift chest and see how it looks.
  • “Lock” and “Ignore” now work as intended.
  • Ally Notifications no longer display when turned off.
  • Chat improvements.
  • Fixed issue with infinite unzipping on Steam.
  • Fixed issue with screen freeze when creating a new character for the first time.
  • Fixed issue with set default resolution on start.
  • Fixed some disconnection issues.
  • Guild Chronicle now shows “Current Fame” instead of “Total Fame” inside the Guild Hall.
  • Issue with unsent text disappearing when clicking away from chat was fixed.
  • Main character class selection page now displays the correct star level.
  • Performance improvements.
  • RotMG Exalt Launcher improvements.
  • To apply changes players need to close the client and launcher then re-open to download new launcher and client via launcher again.

Other Changes

  • Added requirements to unlock the Bard class - by reaching level 20 on both Huntress and Paladin.
  • Fixed player limit for Ice Cave.
  • New Enchanted Mystery Keys were added.
  • Max HP Up buff no longer bypasses Sick
  • Updated the content and description of the Mystery ST Crate item with the new Samurai, Wizard and Sorcerer ST sets.

Upcoming Prismimic Events

Introducing the Shard of the Intern! With a stack of those, you will be able to get one of the new Agent of Oryx abilities!

Agent of Oryx abilities:

The Shard of the Doorwarden was replaced with the Shard of the Intern in the drop tables of both the Prismimic and Guild chests.

What to do next? Gather Shard of the Intern x15 and double-click on the stack to get one random Agent of Oryx ability item. If you gather Shard of the Intern x30, you can visit the Tinkerer for an Agent of Oryx ability of choice!

Join us on:




Patch Notes and F2P Bonus Program! [X.34.2.0]

June 25

Hey Realmers,

Despite the wait for yesterday’s release, we truly hope that the 24-hour event and the additions to the free pack lifted your spirits at least a little bit! The Producer’s Letter: Part 2 that we published yesterday was also a reason for a lot of smiles that we saw around all platforms. The months to come should be exciting! And for the more immediate future, the new release is here with the Bard ST and the corresponding F2P Bonus Program where you have a chance of getting the full ST set. The release also comes with the new Nexus queue, other QoL improvements, bug fixes, cosmetics and more!

Little Notes to Heaven ST Bonus Program details

As announced on Monday, the campaign will last for 2 full weeks and your progress in this program will be tracked via the Music Note tokens! We can now share who will drop what amount of those tokens so the hunt can begin:

  • Court of Oryx Dungeons -> 2 Music Note tokens guaranteed
  • Other O3 Dungeons -> 10 Music Note tokens guaranteed
    • Lost Halls (5) + Void (5) -> 10 Music Note tokens
    • Cultist Hideout -> 10 Music Note tokens
    • The Nest -> 10 Music Note tokens: 5 tokens from Killer Bee Queen + 5 tokens from The Beekeeper
    • Fungal Cavern (5) + Crystal Cavern (5) -> 10 Music Note tokens
    • Shatters -> 10 Music Note tokens: 2 tokens from The Forgotten Sentinel + 3 tokens from Twilight Archmage + 5 tokens from The Forgotten King
  • Realm bosses -> 1 Music Note token per boss guaranteed except for Hermit God, Jade & Garnet Statues and Pentaract, who can drop none or a few (depending on your luck ;) )
  • Oryx 1 (5) and Oryx 2 (10) -> 15 Music Note tokens guaranteed

Remember, each Music Note will grant you 7 points towards the campaign upon consumption!

Realm Patch

  • Added Nexus queue (Unity and Flash).
  • Fixed selected items being deselected in the trade window when the player opens chat.
  • Fixed tooltip on Unity for Rage Claws.
  • Frequency of attacks from Wavecrest Concertina Parrots has been lowered for performance reasons. The damage has been increased to compensate and maintain expected DPS.
  • Interaction with players in another area is now possible with the Ctrl+Click interaction on chat.
  • Changed Nexus theme to Summer.
  • Added the Music Note tokens for the Little Notes to Heaven ST Bonus Program.
  • New skins

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Patch Notes, ST Drops Locations, new OSTs and more! [X.34.2.1]

July 15

Hello Realmers,

Some Realm Exalt improvements, some fixes our design team wants to update you on, some FP changes as promised in the beginning of the month, and an update on the events/quests! Want to find out more? Check below!

Realm Exalt Fixes and Improvements

  • Added Invulnerability for 3 seconds once you enter any dungeon or TP in Realm
  • Chat improvements
  • Launcher improvements
  • Server Refresh button works as intended
  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Added information marker about connection quality. It is displayed left of the minimap. Orange marker means that the connection isn’t stable. Red marker means connection is bad.

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Added a short lore description to all dungeon keys to match the style of more recent dungeons.
  • Changed the name of Ancient Spell: Pierce to just Ancient Spell.
  • Coral Venom Trap now uses pink particles.
  • Fixed a messed up tile pattern in Davy Jones’s Locker.
  • Fixed the Prismimic’s HP scaling on both forms to activate before it first becomes vulnerable, and increased the scaling percentage of both forms to 30%.
  • Fixed the Quiver of Thunder’s description.
  • Frostbite and Bow of Eternal Frost no longer drop in a purple bag for consistency with other T11 winter reskins.
  • Haunted Armors in Oryx’s Castle can no longer be dragged indefinitely.
  • Hermit Tentacles can no longer be dragged away from their setpiece.
  • Made Beachzone, Candyland Hunting Grounds, and Parasite Chamber dungeons guaranteed drops from their respective enemies in the realm.
  • Megamoth Larva’s puke water no longer glitches the canopy tiles above it.
  • O1’s spawns (such as Anti-Spectators) now have a failsafe to disappear if O1 dies quickly instead of lingering and potentially stacking in place.
  • The Deadwater Docks chest will now stay invulnerable until players are close to it.
  • The Megamoth Larva, Mammoth Megamoth, and Murderous Megamoth are now stasis immune.
  • The quiet shots of Septavius the Ghost God are now much larger for visibility.
  • The Tomb and Ice Tomb bosses now all remain visible on the minimap and behind walls at all times.

New ST sets drop locations

It’s time for the new ST sets to start dropping! Let’s find out where.

  • Slurp Scion Wizard ST Set drops:
    • Tideturner Trident: Thessal the Mermaid Goddess
    • Slurpian Sea Scroll: Royal Cnidarian
    • Oceanic Apparel: Fishman Warrior
    • Imperial Keepsake: Gold Cnidarian
  • Daring Discoverer Samurai ST Set drops:
    • Kiritsukeru: Cyclops God
    • Watarimono: Oasis Giant
    • Reinforced Root Armor: Phoenix Reborn
    • Traveler’s Trinket: Deathmage
  • Court Magician Sorcerer ST Set drops:
    • Magic Wand: Huntress Puppet, Trickster Puppet, Puppet of Pain, Puppet of Chaos
    • Lightshow Scepter: The Puppet Master (Encore)
    • Magician’s Robe: The Puppet Master
    • Performer’s Hat: Oryx Puppet


  • Changed FP of Droplet of Ambrosia from 1400 FP to 1800 FP.
  • Changed FP of Vial of Pure Ambrosia from 2000 FP to 2400 FP.
  • Changed FP of Chalice of Ambrosia from 2900 FP to 3700 FP.
  • The old Wizard, Sorcerer and Samurai ST items were replaced by the new sets’ items in the Mystery ST Chest. The Bard ST items were added.
  • The old Wizard, Sorcerer and Samurai mini ST skins were replaced by the new sets’ mini ST skins in the Mystery ST Skin. The Bard mini ST skin was added.
  • New Wizard and Sorcerer ST items were added to the appropriate Quest chests.
    • Mighty Quest Chest - Magic Wand, Lightshow Scepter, Tideturner Trident, Slurpian Sea Scroll, Oceanic Apparel, Imperial Keepsake
    • Standard Quest Chest - Magician’s Robe, Performer’s Hat
  • Some awesome OSTs that some of you heard yesterday in the Testing session for O3! Check out O2’s and O3’s OSTs by WangleLine and Spave!

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Oryx 3 Release and Patch Notes 07/22/20 [Exalt Version]

July 22


The Cosmos shall rain his wrath down upon you!

The ground quakes from his splendor!

Behold, the glory of a god above all others…


Oryx’s Sanctuary is officially out and open to all abominable knaves and feeble ants to try their hand at defeating the Mad God’s new and mighty final form. We hope you are ready to face him and his entourage! They are ready to face you. Here is what this release brings!

New Content

  • Added Oryx’s Sanctuary to Realm Exalt (only!).
  • Added new UT items to Oryx’s Sanctuary. Oryx 3 drops:
  • Archbishop Leucoryx drops:
  • Treasurer Gemsbok drops:
  • Chancellor Dammah drops:
  • Chief Beisa drops:
  • Added the Heavenly Angelic Bard ST Set to Oryx’s Sanctuary (drops from all minibosses and Oryx).
  • Added new T14 weapons, T7 abilities, and T15 armors to Oryx’s Sanctuary.
  • OST by WangleLine: Added the Wine Cellar Theme to (you guessed it) the Wine Cellar.
  • New O3-related cloths: They drop from bosses and minions. Cloths and Cloths drop from the respective bosses. Sanctuary, Steel, and Plate drop from the minions in the dungeon.
  • New style of HP scaling known as adaptive scaling. Instead of a linear percentage, enemies in Oryx’s Sanctuary use a more sophisticated exponential formula for HP scaling. This means that the HP difference between the first few people is very minor, but eventually slopes up and becomes increasingly steeper for each person. We aim for this to allow smaller groups to benefit and not contend with levels of HP scaling mostly meant to match larger parties, and may implement this new style across the game at a later date.

Realm Fixes and Improvements

  • will now redirect to the Realm Exalt page. Flash version is accessible through
  • Realm Exalt client will be set as the default on Steam later today. Flash is still available in the drop down menu.
  • Fixed an issue where newly spawned enemies could be instakilled.
  • Players are now Silenced and Stunned in addition to Invincible for the first three seconds upon entering a dungeon. You can also no longer be damaged by terrain during this period and shots will pass through you.
  • Added a ‘Credits’ button in the main/ESC menu (those are not final!).
  • ‘Release’ Pet button now shows and functions properly.
  • Cursor is now disabled when players use the /pause command.
  • Fixed an issue where item info bubbles would disappear upon walking over chests and other inventory displaying objects.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not drop items while the Player Stats/Attributes panel is open.
  • Fixed an issue where players’ names and text bubbles could appear flipped upon entering a new area.
  • Fixed an issue where players’ pet briefly displays as the Caretaker upon entering a new area.
  • Fixed an issue where the player indicator icon was sometimes not displayed on the minimap.
  • Fixed some disparities in displaying 3D objects in Unity and Flash.
  • In the Snake Pit, the breakable walls now have a distinct color on the minimap.
  • The ‘Quit’ button now disappears from the screen once you load into the Nexus/Dungeon (when the player presses the ‘ESC’ key while on the loading screen).
  • Fixed a number of UI display issues.
  • Stability and performance improvements.

Other Fixes

  • Added new Realm Eye lore in the Cursed Library.
  • Fixed a rare bug with the Rock Dragon which could softlock the realm from closing.
  • Fixed Honeytomb Snare’s tooltip.
  • Fixed typo in Fractured Gemstone Wakizashi tooltip.
  • Made improvements to the Wall of Fame.
  • Nest Colony (encounter) yellow explosion projectile no longer pierces armor.
  • Removed the Arena portal from the Nexus (on Flash).


  • New Skins
  • Removed the Music Note tokens from the game
  • The long-promised FREE PACK is waiting for you in the in-game shop! It will be up until July 28th - 12:00 PM UTC, so hurry up and get it!

And finally, don’t forget to check out the official RotMG Discord for a special Oryx 3 giveaway where you can win an ST Set of choice!

Let his reign begin!

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Patch Notes and Login & Discord Server Events Calendars [Hotfix]

July 29

Hello belligerent creatures Realmers,

Today’s small release focuses on - you guessed it - Oryx 3. No shenanigans!

Oryx 3 Fixes

  • Randomized Oryx’s Desperation Move starting angle to remove consistent safe spots.
  • Added a one second check between the Monuments being activated with Runes and the Sanctuary portal opening.

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Patch Notes - Oryx changes, Discord Nitro Boosting Rewards and more

Aug 5

Hey there Realmers,

We have quite a few changes and improvements for you today! Some small ones like tooltips and inconsistencies that have been bugging you and us for a while now. Some big ones like changes on Oryx 3 and his loyal followers. We have those and a little something at the end, so keep reading and we hope you enjoy this update!

Realm Exalt Fixes and Improvements

  • Animation of spinning the Mystery Boxes has been improved.
  • Character selection screen now shows full HP/MP for all characters and the selected character shows the current stats for HP/MP.
  • Fixed DCs from account without a name.
  • Fixed DCs when using Magic Wand.
  • Fixed issue with duplicate text in Nexus Shop items’ tooltips.
  • Fixed issue with moving items and their tooltips around when the cursor is not in the game’s window (when the game is not in full screen).
  • Fixed scaling on 16x16 character skins.
  • Fixed the “Verify Deletion” dialog description.
  • Fixed the tooltips of items. Goodbye “/n”!
  • Fixed tooltip of the pets in the Pet Wardrobe in terms of their rarity.
  • Implemented music by WangleLine in the Candyland Hunting Grounds! Check the track here!
  • Improved the “Forced Password Reset” message and procedure.
  • Invincibility after teleportation is now set to 2 secs in dungeons and 3 secs in Realms.
  • Textures are now slightly brighter to match Realm on Flash.
  • The “Change Name” button no longer gives an infinite loading screen when there is insufficient gold.
  • The in-game package popup now shows only once, the first time you log into the game (as it is on Flash).

Other Fixes and Improvements

Balancing improvements on Archbishop Leucoryx, Chancellor Dammah, Chief Beisa, and the Mad God himself, Oryx 3, as well as much bigger changes to Treasurer Gemsbok.

Oryx 3

  • Fixed invulnerability not working during portal and line beams taunts
  • Fixed Oryx not checking if enough damage had been dealt to trigger the outro during his Desperation Move stagger
  • Fixed typos

Chancellor Dammah

  • Fixed the ability to purify some instances of the Sick counter.
  • Added a delay to the corner portal attack.

Chief Beisa

  • HP: 250K -> 200K
  • New failsafe for loot that spawns out of bounds.
  • Oryx Elite Brutes “Shield” attack removed.
  • Oryx Elite Brutes now attack with long range armor piercing knives when they would do a shield bash.
  • Oryx Elite Falcons now correctly appear as enemies on the minimap.
  • Adjusted movement speed, projectile speed, enemy movement and added projectiles for some of Beisa’s phases.

Archbishop Leucoryx

  • HP: 500K -> 400K
  • Invulnerability at the start of attacks: 3sec -> 2sec
  • Orb of Light HP: 6000 -> 3000
  • Orb of Chaos HP: 8000 -> 4500
  • Candle Paralyze Shot Range: 2.8 tiles -> 2 tiles
  • Orb of Light and Orb of Chaos now move 2 times slower when Leucoryx is in the middle of the room.
  • Fixing beams during the counter not reaching the bottom of the room.
  • Fixed typos.
  • Added counter and transition animations.

Treasurer Gemsbok

  • HP: 175K -> 200K
  • Slightly modified Gemsbok’s base sprite and added several new animations.
  • Buffed all gem bomb attacks substantially in damage and changed their status effects, with reduced radius.
  • Phase 1 always uses four chains of shots instead of expanding each time and he will stay at each point longer, but will also explode into bolts with each teleportation.
  • Added a brand new phase sequence at 70% to come between phase 1 and his shuffle phase, using colored-modified attacks at each wall and a periodic survival phase in the center, in addition to orbiting coins shooting inward from an outside rotation.
  • Shuffle phase retains a combat threat with outside coins continuing to shoot during the shuffling sequence.
  • Following phase has a longer time between volleys of gem bombs, with outside coins continuing to shoot inward.
  • Final phase is less abrupt with its charging coin attacks.
  • This list is not exhaustive! There are plenty of minor changes and additions as well, so be prepared for a fairly new experience!
  • Fixes on T7 trap (incorrect stat bonuses), T7 seal (uneven buff times) and T15 heavy armor (FP equalized with the other T15 armors).


  • Fixed description of Ghost Captain Rogue Skin.
  • New Skins

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Patch Notes - Ancient Ruins & more

Aug 19

Hello Realmers,

In the ancient times before Oryx had clawed his way to absolute power, others sought the same might through one method or another. Buried deep within the Realm’s barren deserts lay vast ruins. Once built to summon and harness the power of another plane, it soon was home to an army of inanimate warriors, powerful constructs, and long-dormant spirits. But the spirits grew vengeful for their imprisonment, and soon calamity struck. The shrine was entirely annihilated, with the formerly imprisoned spirits being the only remaining alive. The shrine was abandoned, left to decay to the sands of time.

But now the ruins have been discovered. Overrun with wildlife, engulfed by sand, and monitored by the spirits that once ravaged it, remnants of the shrine’s history still remain. They are determined to eliminate all those who seek to know the answers of its past. Though the acquired knowledge from ancient times had unknowingly escaped, and this would not be the last time spirits were abused for warfare…

Ancient Ruins by Sturky

The Ancient Ruins bring you some new items and a special juice that will quench your thirst. Nothing’s quenchier. It’s the quenchiest!

Note: We also added the Sand Wanderer Trickster Skin as bonus loot! It will drop from the Sandstone Titan and the Genie. The Ancient Ruins Key was also added to the Epic Mystery Key.

Starting now until 08/25 - 12:00 PM UTC you can find Ancient Ruins Keys in the Mystery Shop!

Realm Exalt Fixes and Improvements

  • Crowded Visibility Mode
  • Quest/Boss HP Bar
  • Implemented some UI polishes to the Wall of Fame.
  • Fixed DC issue when teleporting.
  • Manor of the Immortals now registers as a completed dungeon once exiting via the Nexus portal.
  • Pet healing now shows the quantity of heal alongside the particle effect.
  • Pterasite Colony’s particle effect now shows when it throws a Pterasite Bomb.
  • RotMG Exalt Launcher improvements.

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed Treasurer Gemsbok’s scepter spinning animation lasting longer than the attack and creating a brief clone (no, he has not yet collaborated with the Prismimic).
  • Added gem bomb attacks to Treasurer Gemsbok’s second phase.
  • Added Health and Magic Potions bag at the beginning of Oryx’s Sanctuary.

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Patch STory of War IV & Events

Sep 2

Hello Realmers,

We have a few fixes, some events and an ST Bonus Program for you today.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Ancient Ruins now has a player limit of 65.
  • Fixed some DC issues.
  • Fixed the Angelic Bard 16x16 skin size.
  • Fixed the Angelic Bard tooltip (ATT and DEF stats were swapped).
  • HP of bosses with more than 100,000 HP and 1 million HP are now displayed with “k“ and “kk M”. Example: 100,000 HP = 100k; 1,000,000 HP - 1kk M.
  • The Sea Slurp Pet Skin and some other pets that were dropping in orange bags now drop from gold ones.
  • Users will not get into a soft lock when trying to change the name while having less gold.
  • The Wine Cellar will now use only 1 Wine Cellar Incantation to be unlocked. Other Incs will not be consumed.
  • Deathless Crossbow changes: 155-250 -> 160-200 damage
  • New bonus of the Phantom Archer ST set on equip: +6 ATT
  • The drop rates of the Phantom Archer and Skuld Rogue ST sets have been significantly raised.
  • Increased the drop rates of runes. Redistributed the runes that Encounters drop in the following way:
    • Shield Rune - Cube God, Pentaract, Skull Shrine, Grand Sphinx, Hermit God, Jade and Garnet Statues, Lord of the Lost Lands, Rock Dragon, Ghost Ship
    • Sword Rune - Crystal Worm Father, Avatar of the Forgotten King, Beehemoths
    • Helmet Rune - Lost Sentry

War STory IV - An Archer and a Rogue…

Lord Ruthven’s immortal masses are nothing if not cunning. The forbidden arts they practice are rejected by most righteous adventurers, but some fall to the temptation. To entice heroes to dabble in these wicked practices, a wicked set of items was created for rogues. Its users will no doubt find benefit in their vampiric powers and unorthodox weaponry, but this impressive might is to be wielded with caution.

Those who resist Ruthven’s scheme may find greater appeal in the gear of a capable (and fashionable) treasure hunter! Dug up from the Ancient Ruins and other places of luxury, the brand new archer set is fitted for exploration and eager to lead its owner to greater riches!

Treasure Hunter Archer ST Set by Aurum and Lily

Archer ST Spotlight by sebchoof!

Vampire Rogue ST Set by Geo and Sues

Rogue ST Spotlight by Hyperion!

Note: The Deathless Crossbow also now drops from the Corruption Phantom instead of Avalon the Archivist.

The new ST Bonus Program - A STory of War IV: An Archer and a Rogue… is now live in the Mystery Shop.

The new Bonus Program will be running for a little less than 3 weeks. In it, you will have a chance to gather all the new ST sets’ items. The Bonus Program starts now and will end on September 18th @12:00 PM UTC. More details below:

  • Start: September 2nd, 2020
  • End: September 18th, 2020 at 12:00 PM UTC
  • Grace Period: 2 days (till September 20th, 2020 at 12:00 PM UTC)
  • Quest at the Tinkerer: till September 22nd, 2020 at 12:00 PM UTC
  • Rewards
  • The War STory Chest can be exchanged at the Tinkerer for one of the following:

Each of those Mystery Crates contains their respective ST parts, their mini skin, and:

  • Char Slot Unlocker
  • Ambrosia
  • Vault Chest Unlocker
  • Mystery ST Shard x5
  • Golden Lucky Clover

  • We have the Avarice Medallion again! Let’s remind you what it was and how you can use it. It is a token that can be found on some of the ranks of the Bonus Program. Once obtained, visit the Tinkerer’s and pick 1 (one) of the new ST sets’ items!

FAQ here!


  • New Skins
  • Changed the name of the Bard Priestess Skin to Lyrical Priestess Skin to avoid class confusion.
  • Changed the name of the Wasteland Headhunter Archer Skin to Wasteland Mercenary Archer Skin.
  • Fixed blinking pixel (on the forehead) of the Fire Battlemaiden Wizard Skin.

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MotMG: Reconstruction is here! [Exalt Version]

September 23

Realm Reconstruction Crew!

The day has arrived. The biggest MotMG to date begins today! Put on your hard hats and reflective vests and get in the spirit of Reconstruction - take part in the continuous rebuilding of our beloved game into something ever better! There is always plenty for us to do at the (Re)construction site, and you’re about to dig into the heftiest patch notes to date. Fitting them all into this post would be unwieldy, so there is a link further down to all the minutiae of what has been going on behind the scenes. And there will be plenty for you to do, too, if you take a look at the
MotMG Reconstruction Event Calendar!

Update 09/30: [Exalt Version]

  • Fixed some issues that caused disconnections(e.g. when players are fighting Beisa in Oryx’s Sanctuary).
  • Fixed issue with decimal points displaying in the Pentaract Tower Boss’ HP Bar.
  • Death in a dungeon will no longer occasionally reduce the Dungeon completed count in the Exaltation panel.
  • Exaltation points on a non-maxed stat will no longer display the stat as maxed when reaching the threshold.
  • The boss’ quest marker in the Cultist Hideout now shows correctly.
  • “Cancel” and “Submit” buttons now appear correctly in the “Change Your Password” menu.

Update 09/25: [Exalt Version]

  • Fixed issue with accessing the boss room in Undead Lair.
  • Visual issue fixed: Exaltation progress bar can no longer be moved via left click.
  • Invoice page after gold purchase with Xsolla now displays correctly.
  • Negative stats effect from equipment now reflects when gear is equipped.
  • Description of the Mystery ST Crate updated with the latest ST set.

Farewell, Flash Client

Realm of the Mad God: Exalt stands on the shoulders of the giant that was Flash. Many of us (and you, we think) have fond memories not only of our own little big Flash game, but of the creativity and fun that this unique development ecosystem made possible. With Flash going away for good later this year, the time has come for Realm Exalt to hop out of the nest and soar. Starting today, Flash will no longer be an option on Steam, the website will not host the Flash client, and Realm will no longer be on Kongregate. Farewell, old friend! Big F…

Month of the Mad God: Reconstruction

For the most meticulous of the crew, here is a very exhaustive list of changes. For those eager for a review, read on!

The New Systems

Vital Combat

Vital Combat is a brand new gameplay system that affects Health and Mana regeneration via Pet abilities and the Vitality and Wisdom stats. Vital Combat is meant to address the long-term health of the metagame by looking at just how players are challenged by the content.

  • When you are hit by a certain amount of damage, you will enter the In Combat state. This puts your WIS and VIT regeneration at half speed*, and adds a 2 second delay to your Pet’s abilities. The condition lasts for a base duration of 7 seconds but it is affected by your Vitality. For every 5 VIT the duration is reduced by 0.2 seconds with a minimum duration of 1 second.

  • *The regeneration speed of VIT and WIS has been doubled, which means that while In Combat you will passively regenerate as before, and while Out of Combat you will regenerate much faster!

  • The amount of damage to enter the In Combat state is scaled based on your Defense. You can see this Combat Trigger value by hovering over the new Vital Combat tooltip above your Fame bar.

More detailed info here!


Exaltation is the new endgame progression system, which will reward you with permanent upgrades for the stats of your Exalted classes. It will revolve around the endgame dungeons:

The Nest Dexterity
The Shatters Attack
Fungal Cavern Wisdom
Crystal Cavern Vitality
Lost Halls Defense
Cultist Hideout Speed
The Void Mana
Oryx’s Sanctuary Life

Whenever your 8/8 character finishes one of these dungeons by killing the boss, the completion is counted in the Exaltation system towards the corresponding stat for the class you are using. If you reach a certain amount of completions in each stat, you get stat bonuses. You can reach up to 5 stat bonuses in each stat. Every stat bonus gives you an increase of +1 to the stat (+5 to HP/MP), and they are permanent for that class. Forever. The Exaltation rewards certainly do not end with stat bonuses!

The Fast Learner Exaltations will give you a permanent bonus to XP gain on a certain class every time you achieve a certain amount of any stat bonuses on that class.

The Mastery Exaltations will give you a weapon attack damage bonus when you achieve a certain amount of each stat bonus of a class.

The Armor Proficiency Exaltations will decrease the time spent In Combat when you achieve bonuses in all stats on classes that wear the same armor type.

The Weapon Proficiency Exaltations will reward you with higher drop rates on all items when you achieve bonuses in all stats on classes that use the same weapon type.

Not only will your Exalted classes be powerful, they’ll look it too! If you achieve the impressive feat of maxing out all stats on a class, you will receive the
Exalted Skin for that class and decorate your Vault with new Golden Statues.

And while you are busy grinding out stat bonuses for any and all classes, you will be receiving these exclusive Pet Skins… until you max out all of them, and receive a permanent 10% drop rate on all classes!

More detailed info here!

The Appetizer

This gourmand has a twisted relationship with food, hoarding it for himself yet utilizing it as a humiliating weapon. You will meet this new event boss next week and have the chance to punch him until he turns into little piles of food himself!

The Appetizer will spawn in the Mountains after all Red Demons are defeated. Along with him, three Food Piles spawn across the map. The Appetizer teleports to the food piles one by one and his properties change based on the Food Pile that he is next to.

The Food Piles will have a chance to drop their respective type of Food or a Mystery Stat Pot. They will also drop a guaranteed Food Voucher x1 token which stacks up to 40. You can double click the stack to turn it into a Food item - you can see the possible options in the full changelog document. The Appetizer will also drop a guaranteed Food Voucher x1. He can also drop any of the five Food Pile foods, Mystery Stat Pots, and a hefty Rogue Skin.

More detailed info here!

The Reconstructed

Realm is a decade old game that is still growing and moving forward, and we do not want older content to be left behind and feel obsolete. There must be a place and purpose for all, and shiny new sprites to boot!

The Pirate Cave, Spider Den, Snake Pit, Undead Lair, and Abyss of Demons have received dramatic overhauls in all aspects, with some much lighter changes to the Forest Maze as well. Even the Keyper has seen improvements and balance tweaks! We’ve got plenty of details in the full changelog linked earlier, so we recommend checking it out!

More detailed info here!

Stay up to date on which events are going to be active during MotMG in this thread. The thread will be updated each week.

UT and ST Increased Drop Rates

As we mentioned last Friday, the old Archer and Rogue ST sets are now dropping with an increased drop rate!

The majority of the UTs and STs across the board are now also dropping with an increased drop rate as well! A complete list of individual items with buffed rates has been included in the full changelog document.

More detailed info here!

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Randomly offset ground tile sprites now work on Exalt, allowing for more natural looking textures like grass with less obvious tiling.

  • Added Vital Combat and Exaltation pages to the in-game Journal.

  • Fixed “Player on Top“ option to not show other players’ projectiles and status effects on your character.

  • Fixed DC issues:

    • when trading with a player who has special characters in the name.
    • when wearing the following set: Divinity + Seal of the Battle God + Mercy’s Bane + Ring of Unbound Attack.
    • when using Cursed Spire Spell and changing the area right before it explodes.
  • Fixed display issue of the Immune status on enemies.

  • Fixed issue with a character’s death not showing in the graveyard.

  • Fixed various tooltips typos.


  • Soon, you will find out who won in the Make a Wish raffle here. Rewards to be sent soon!

  • Since MotMG is all about change, we are now selling some items for fame in the Nexus Shop. Check it out in-game!

  • New skins!

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MotMG Reconstruction: Part 2! [Exalt Version]

October 15

Hello Realmers!

It’s time to kick the Reconstruction up a notch! Your hard work and dedication in gathering nails, screws, and planks has accumulated enough materials for the next stage of the Realm rework. Listed in these patch notes you will find the new features and improvements we were able to come up with for the second phase of Month of the Mad God!

Unified Vault

We know you’ve been waiting for this one! Starting with today’s release, you will notice quite a change when entering your Vault. The first thing you will see, along with the updated aesthetics, is that all your vault chests have been rolled into one. Don’t worry, all your belongings are still in there!

You would no longer have to cycle from chest to chest anymore. With all your items at the same place and thanks to the search and filtering options in the new Vault UI, it will now be easier and faster than ever to find what you’re looking for. The same goes for the Gift Chest too!

Premium Vault

In addition to the above, the Premium Vault is now available for you to store your potions in. Not only will it be easier to access them, but this way you will also have more slots available in your Vault for the rest of your items.

Players start with 16 available Premium Vault slots and are able to expand to 64 total slots at first. After that an upgrade is available to a total of 128 slots, then 192 slots. The last tier of expansion grants 256 total slots for your potions. Each upgrade would cost 500 gold with a maximum of 2000 for the most amount of slots, so the higher the tier the more value you get in terms of slots increase.

New XP Distribution

As you may know, this month we will be making significant changes to the overall XP and fame system. The goal of redoing this deeply outdated system is to give players more options to obtain fame (both alive and dead) as well as provide a better sense of progression throughout a character’s life.

As a first step for this update, we have updated XP values across the game to create a more consistent curve. That means the majority of dungeon enemies, bosses, and encounters have received a major XP buff which will make alive fame easier to earn than before. We’ve also increased the Quest XP Multiplier — which allows quests to give more XP than the level cap normally allows — from 1.6 times to 2 times. This should make levelling faster and more consistent overall.

Another aspect that’s coming with this update is equipment’s fame bonus has been replaced with a passive XP bonus. This means that equipment bonus will now increase the amount of XP you get for every monster kill while equipped, rather than be a part of the fame bonuses at death. Because of this, we’ve removed the Well Equipped fame bonus ahead of the full fame bonus rework.

The final part of the fame rework we are adding today is a brand new dungeon completion system, similar to Exaltations. The completion of a dungeon will now be based on a boss kill rather than exiting the portal. Just like Exaltations, you will need to deal soulbound damage for the kill to be counted (which is practically any amount of damage). We’ve made a few minor behind the scenes adjustments to some dungeons to make sure they work with the new system.

We hope you enjoy the additions we are bringing to you today and are looking forward to the remaining fame changes coming later this month! If you’re eager to get more info ahead of time on the fame bonus rework, check out last week’s blog if you haven’t already!

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed some issues that caused disconnections
  • Changes to Fungal Cavern icon size in Exaltation UI
  • Digits after the floating point on HP bars of monsters with more than 1M health now display correctly
  • The character’s current skin is now properly displayed instead of the default class skin when hovering over a player on the minimap
  • Added a small cooldown to the Soul’s Guidance wand and disabled the sound effect
  • Fixed UDL generation causing unfinishable dungeons and other small issues
  • Made the Spider Den more common from all of its sources
  • Fixed Marble Seal not re-applying buffs with consistency
  • Removed HP scaling from the Beer God, increased the duration of its drunk effects for less screen flickering, and replaced its mystery stat potion drop with a direct potion drop
  • Made the Keyper fully immune to stun and slow
  • Updated the Prismimic event with new boss behaviors and art from reconstructed dungeons
  • Fixed some issues with skins and skin descriptions
  • Added mini skins and pet skins to some dungeons and encounters. Check the full list here
  • Added new cloths in the Nexus Shop
  • Shop UX improvements

Last but not least, keep on gathering reconstruction materials. As always, there is a lot more to come in the future. For starters, watch out for the High Tech Terror dungeon gates opening soon.

Important: We are aware of some visual glitches after the release. We are already working on a solution to your reports of missing items. A hotfix is on the way for disconnection issues that occurred after the release.

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Patch High Tech Terror

October 19

Hello Realmers,

We have been working hard to fix the latest issues. Apart from fixing a bug that temporarily allowed duping of items, as well as making amendments to prevent server crashes and disconnections, we were also able to implement the following fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed a glitch that prevented swapping items in certain Vault slots
  • The Premium Vault now displays the correct amount of slots taken when quickly using potions and upon moving potions from your inventory to the Premium Vault
  • Fixed an issue with swapping items from the Gift Chest to the inventory
  • The Gift Chest counter now updates immediately when moving an item to your inventory
  • Spamming a hotkey for item consumption no longer uses more than the necessary amount of the consumed item
  • Purchasing Premium Vault space now works properly during server disconnections
  • Fixed an issue with stacking items in the Vault and moving them to the Inventory
  • Consuming a Loot Booster from the floor would no longer cause a disconnection

And now onto the main topic!

High Tech Terror dungeon

Despite possessing hundreds of loyal minions and allies, it’s still lonely at the top for Oryx. Unfortunately for the Mad God, he’s not known for his heartfelt romantics, so he focused his pursuit for companionship on pets instead. Of course, all of the typical pets in the realm are decidedly NOT on Oryx’s side of the battle. This left him with no other option but to contact Dr. Terrible for another favor.

Putting his biological expertise to use, the doctor engineered a fiercely loyal lifeform tailored specifically to Oryx’s unique lifestyle (and complete inability to care for a pet). Tucked away in the castle laboratory, this aberrant abomination remotely feeds off of Oryx’s eternal rage. Such an unconventional choice of sustenance has led to more than a few side effects…

Introducing High Tech Terror! This brand new boss dungeon pits you against the F.E.R.A.L., a creature who was once cut content from the Mad Lab and now returns as a fully original encounter! You’ll need to use the classic green and blue vats to your advantage to make this otherwise invincible beast vulnerable. As you do, you’ll contend with some of the craziest shot patterns you’ve seen yet, even including laser blasts!

This flexible fight allows for a lot of agency in how you interact with the arena and limit the boss’s options, so think ahead! The attacks of both the boss and his minions get tougher as the fight progresses, and guiding the creature to more favorable positions can prove life-saving. Those who are victorious may get their hands on some powerful and eccentric new items!

Note that High Tech Terror has a player cap of 25, compared to the current standard of 65. For this reason, the Court of Oryx will temporarily create TWO High Tech Terror portals to accommodate larger numbers of people visiting Craig to seek it out.

Check out the High Tech Terror Music by WangleLine

P.S. A big shout-out to Saturn for the awesome F.E.R.A.L. art!

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Patch The Fame Rework

November 24

Today it’s all about fame, isn’t it? Well, we couldn’t agree more. The much anticipated Fame rework is finally here.

Fame reworked:

The fame system has been reworked with the goal of creating a system that rewards a character accordingly throughout its life, no matter what kind of playstyle you may have.

General Changes:

  • The majority of fame bonuses now are separated into categories with 5 main tiers. The last tier can be repeated so you’ll be rewarded even if you’ve achieved the main goal of a category.
  • Fame bonuses now all grant a flat amount of fame.
  • Certain fame bonuses that act as milestones (Maxing and Dungeon Collection categories) reward an additional amount of fame based on a % of your base fame.

Stat Bonuses:

  • Abilities such as spells, shields and quivers should now properly increase the shots fired stats
    The potions drunk stats will now properly increment no matter where you drink a potion.
  • We’ve added the potion attribute to a lot more consumables as well, you can find a full list of all consumables that count as potions here. Keep in mind that it uses internal object ids.
  • Teleport stats is now only incremented via player teleportations. Prisms and other teleporting abilities no longer increment the counter.
  • Party Level Ups now are granted to any players who participated in the enemy’s death rather than only the one who lands the fatal shot.

Enemy Kill Bonuses

  • 11 new enemy kill stats have been added on top of the existing ones (Cubes, Gods, Oryx):
  • Lesser Gods: Tough enemies that inhabits the highlands and enemies that are more powerful than the rest within dungeons
  • Encounters: Realm Encounters
  • Heroes: Heroes of Oryx
  • Critters: Insect or small animals
  • Beasts: Big animals
  • Humanoid: Humans or displays human like attributes
  • Undead: Skeletons, Ghosts and the likes
  • Nature: Closely tied to nature or of pure natural origin
  • Construct: Artificial origins
  • Grotesque: Horrific
  • Structure: Breakable walls, decor and the likes.

Those stats have been distributed across all killable enemies in the game! You can find here a full list of all of those, keep in mind that some enemies may appear listed twice (for example a Beast that is also a God)

Enemy kills are now distributed to people who participated rather than only the person who dealt the last hit.

Dungeon Bonuses:

  • Dungeons stats have been added to almost every dungeon in the game!
  • Keep in mind that your previous dungeon completion stats have been reset with this update.

We mentioned some bonuses that were being removed in the past. Check them at our previous blog post. Here is the full list of the bonuses from now on, including their rewards.


The Arrival update

To celebrate the release of Shards of the Advisor, we’ll also make them part of the Arrival event! Until the end of the event, Alien Biff and Commander Calbrik will be dropping a guaranteed 1x Shard of the Advisor, and Wormhole bosses will have the chance to drop 1x Shard of the Advisor. Stay on the lookout for more drop locations coming with later events!

Agent of Oryx Equipment Update:


Along with them, we are releasing Shard of the Advisor, which will stack up to 35 and turn into a random Agent of Oryx Ring upon consumption. Additionally, you can choose to save up 70 and turn them in for a Ring of Choice at the Tinkerer’s.

Similar to other event items, the rings gain power based on the amount of Agent of Oryx equipment you are wearing.


Bounty Hunter’s Dagger
  • Shots: 1 -> 3
  • Arc Gap: N/A -> 5
  • Damage: 110-160 -> 75-135
  • Rate of Fire: 120 % -> 60 %.
Predator Bow
  • Damage: 95-140 -> 90-120
  • Arc Gap: 175 -> 174.
Oppressor’s Staff
  • Projectile Speed: 3.5 tiles/second -> 5 tiles/second
  • Lifetime: 1.6 seconds -> 2 seconds
  • Amplitude: 0.8 tile(s) -> 0.6 tile(s)
  • Rate of Fire: 55% -> 75%.
  • Frequency: 1.3 cycle(s)/shot -> 1.5 cycle(s)/shot.
Henchman’s Claymore
  • Shots: 1 -> 3
  • Damage: 275–305 -> 75-105
  • Arc Gap: NA -> 12 ,
  • Rate of Fire: 80% -> 110%.
Blade of the Assailant
  • Damage: 120–200 -> 125-180


Cursed Spire Spell
  • Shots: 10 -> 16
  • Damage: 500-600 -> 350-450.
Tome of the Tarnished Gods
  • Proc Trigger: Below/Above 400 HP -> Below/Above 80% max HP.
Helm of Exalted Might
  • Proc Chance: 25 % -> 100%.
Brutal Buckler
  • Proc Trigger: Above 700 HP – > above 80 % Max HP.
Seal of the Battle God
  • Cooldown: 3 seconds -> 2 seconds
  • Proc Duration: 0.4 seconds -> 0.6 seconds
  • Proc Trigger: when used below/above 400 Health -> when used above/below 50% Max HP
  • On Equip stats: N/A -> +4 Attack + 4 Defense.
Tyrant’s Toxin
  • Proc Effect: Removed the chance for speed reduction.
Blacklight Artifice
  • Cooldown: 3 seconds -> 2 seconds
  • Proc chance: 33 % -> 50 %
  • Damage: 750 over 5 seconds -> 750 over 3 seconds
  • MP cost: 110 -> 100.
Siege Scepter
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds -> 8 seconds
  • Damage: 350 -> 450
  • Blast Range 4.5 -> 6 .


Squadron Sheathing
  • On Equip: Defense 16 -> 14.

Changed their proc so they trigger when hit under 80% max HP. The proc duration was reduced from 8 to 3 seconds.


  • Replaced Halloween Nexus with Autumn Nexus
  • Added Cheerleading Bard Skin
  • Please take into account that Dungeon Collection bonuses are currently not working properly and it will be fixed with the next update
  • Adding option to turn on shadows for items
  • Improved transparency
  • Improved the laser in High Tech Terror dungeon
  • Other small changes/fixes.


  • To Helemaalni from the Tester/UGC group for coming up with the idea and stats for the AoO Rings
  • All the testers for their feedback and suggestions about the changes to the Agent of Oryx Equipment

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Patch Hot(fixed) Friday News

November 27

Hello Realmers,

Like we promised before the team has been working on fixing some issues that resulted from our latest release. We also want to share the login calendar for December.

So let’s not keep you waiting. Here’s what you can expect from today’s patch:

  • Fixed a bug that caused crashes in the game client.
  • Improved performance of Transparency with Dye and Cloth elements.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the FPS to drop significantly on some PCs and Macs.
  • Improved performance of character selection screens.
  • All Dungeon Collection Bonuses are now rewarding the users with their respective fame bonuses.
  • Fixed a bug that caused fame not being awarded after death.

Login Calendar for December:

Excited for Oryxmas? Let it be known that we’ll have a bunch of presents for you! Presents like…Two Character Slot Coupons to complete the ones you will get from the calendar and one Vault Chest Unlocker… among many others!

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Oryxmas is here! – Patch Notes

December 16

Merry Oryxmas, Realmers!

The Oryxmas season is here in full force! In our largest update since MotMG, we’ve got a Santa’s bag worth of new content to share. The expansive and long-awaited Item Forge, enhanced consumable usage with Quick Slots, three completely remade dungeons, a brand new Cube God dungeon, new godlands foes, a festive campaign for the holiday season, and more still! Let’s dive in.

  • There are a lot of unknowns about The Blacksmith’s age, precedence or her involvement with the events of the past, but what’s important is that, in her own words, “Ain’t no one better with the hammah than me!”

Item Forge

This is the one of the most game-changing features this year. It completely changes the way realmers look at and gather items. Although we have already covered the vast majority of features the Item Forge and the new Oryxmas Campaign will bring, we want you to know exactly what we are building.

Item Forge is the new system that will allow you to “dismantle” your items and trade them for other, more useful ones. Although this is the main purpose of Item Forge, you will soon find its applications can extend far beyond!

The Blacksmith

The Blacksmith is the new character that will open the Item Forge. She will be located in the Vault (yes, not Nexus, nor Daily Quest Room).

This mysterious, tough-looking girl seems to have been an old pal of Davy Jones back in the “good ol’times”. She decided to get out of her self-imposed retirement and back to her legendary-artifact-forging business when Oryx’s Sanctuary was opened, for reasons only she knows.

The Interface

Item Forge’s interface is divided into two main parts: the Craft panel and the Dismantle panel.

In the Dismantle panel, you can select as many items as you want to dismantle. It’s important that you take your time when picking which items you want to dismantle as you will lose those items forever after confirming the crafting operation. To make things easy, all selectable items from your inventory and vault are shown here, you don’t need to carry them.

The other part of the screen is the Craft panel. Here, you pick which item you want to craft. Initially, you will have a fair amount of items (about 30) of all levels of power to choose, but this list can be expanded even more if you find Blueprints by playing in the Realm or Dungeons, allowing you to craft even more items.

So, to craft an item, you select any number of items you want to dismantle, and the item you want to craft with them. However, there is a catch: the item you want to craft has requirements you have to meet by selecting adequate dismantled items.

Crafting items

Not all items are equally easy to craft. The higher its power, the more strict are its requirements.

The most important requirement to craft an item is the materials it requires.

All dismantle-able items have a certain value in “materials”. There are three types of materials: Common, Rare and Legendary. The rarer the item, the rarer the materials they provide (and in higher quantity).

In the tooltip description of the item, you will see the quantity and rarity of the materials provided by an item.

It’s important to note that materials are not stored anywhere. When you select items to dismantle, it’s the sum of values for each rarity what counts.

For example, if you want to craft a Candy Ring (requires 40 Common materials) we decide to dismantle our Cloak of the Planewalker (20 Common) and our Ring of Divine Faith (20 Common).

Be reminded that the values that an item provides when dismantling are different to what it requires to be crafted.

Occasionally, you can also find ores. They are items that are specifically intended for crafting, and they can replace a good amount of certain materials and rarities, so you don’t have to sacrifice your own items. However, ores are not that easy to find and only one can be used per crafting.

Lastly, certain items are particularly picky. They might or might not be expensive in material requirements, but they might require certain items to be dismantled. Marks will sometimes be required to craft these particular items, and they are usually related to the origins of the item itself.


Every forge needs a fire. This is not an exception, as the Item Forge uses a magical source of combustible goodness to craft all kinds of awesome artifacts.

However, the fires need to rest after intensive use. That’s why each item you craft will consume a certain amount of Forgefire points from the forge.

You can always see how many Forgefire points you have in the top right corner of the Item Forge window.

Also, each item in the Craft panel will display the amount of Forgefire points consumed if you craft it.

If the amount of Forgefire points is too low, you won’t be able to craft the item.

However, you just need to give it a rest! Every day you will recharge 400 Forgefire points when you login into the game. They can be also accumulated up to a maximum of 1600 Forgefire points.

If you cannot wait, though, a new type of consumables called Sulphurs can also be obtained which will add extra Forgefire points immediately.


Blueprints are consumable items that can be used to learn new recipes on the Item Forge. Once used, you will expand your collection of craftable items!

Blueprints come in different rarities: the rarer the blueprint, the rarer the items it will teach you. Most Blueprints can be dropped by enemies in the realm and dungeons, but some of them can be acquired through other means like seasonal Campaigns.

As an additional bonus, if you get a Blueprint with recipes which you already have learned, there’s a second use for them: if you dismantle Blueprints in the Item Forge, they will reduce the Forgefire cost of the craft.

You’ll be able to find them in the Mystery Shop or in the Nexus, next to the X.

Changes to Item Forge since the Public Testing

  • New values for materials of items
  • Expanded the list of items that can be dismantled and crafted
  • Tweaked the values for some items
  • The number of Marks required for items has been reviewed
  • Changed the UI for dismantled items, now they show their values without having to hover over them
  • Added a Search bar.

Quick Slots

Quick Slots are a feature that allow you to use a wide range of consumable items in the slots that were previously only reserved for Health and Magic Potions.Now your battle options become wider! You can also increase the number of Quick Slots available by using the Adventurer’s Belt. Similar to the Backpack, when consuming it with a character, the new slot will be added.
Here’s what changed after Public Testing:

  • Removed cooldown on items that currently exist in the game (bear in mind new consumable items in the future may use this feature).
  • In the same direction, items that currently exist are now usable from both inventory and Quick Slots.
  • Tweaked the maximum stackable units of certain items.
  • Fixed bugs reported by players during the Public Testing.

Oryxmas is here

Jack Frost

He is a special Oryxmas encounter which players can build themselves. In the Godlands you will encounter Snow Gods, trusty minions of Jack Frost. Snow Gods will have a chance to drop the body parts of Jack. Collect them and build your own boss! Once defeated, he will disassemble back to his primitive parts – hat, eyes and carrot nose. Destroy those and you will have a chance to get the New Oryxmas weapons and some Oryxmas campaign tokens, the latter of which is guaranteed.

How to spawn Jack Frost

  • Collect Coal, Carrot, Top Hat and Snow Body by defeating Snowman Gods
  • Consuming the Snow Body will generate Jack Frost’s body somewhere in the Mountain region
  • Find the light blue dot on map to locate Jack Frost’s body
  • Consume the Coal, Carrot and Top Hat to bring Jack Frost to life
  • Based on the body parts used, Jack Frost will have different levels of difficulty
  • The higher the difficulty, the bigger the chance of dropping Oryxmas weapons

Oryxmas Weapons

New UT weapons that will also interact with the Oryxmas Miracle Set. If you are wearing the full set, your player sprite will be transformed into a 16×16 Beefcake Santa.

New Oryxmas Weapons

  • Evergreen Dagger
  • Sleigh Bell Staff
  • Brass Chamberstick
  • Cheerful Chipper
  • Candy Katana
  • Garland Bow


On December 1st we gave you a sneak peek of the reworked Dungeons we are releasing today. And on the 7th, we showed you the Third Dimension, a brand new dungeon created by our UGC member Aurum.

The Crawling Depths

The new Crawling Depths takes an appropriately “epic” upgrade from the original, expanding on the Spider Den’s dirt den and becoming a rough, unwelcoming den of stone.
You’ll see some familiar mechanics return from the reworked Spider Den, such as webbed floors slowing you down and colored eggs capable of hatching different spider types.
However, in addition to the existing enemies being reworked to be more engaging and unique, five brand new massive spiders have made their way onto the scene! Compared to the “glass cannon” style of the basic spiders, these brutes demand your respect and attention when spotted. Combined with the larger room sizes and sprawling webs, we feel this dungeon has become one of the most challenging and nerve-wracking to rush. Better think on your feet if you just want to dart to the boss.

Toxic Sewers

The Toxic Sewers has always been among the tougher godlands dungeons, and the tight spaces could be very punishing to unmaxed characters looking for some defense. A big emphasis has been placed on giving you room to maneuver through this dungeon and avoid the sickening sludge more reliably. With most enemies becoming less instantly aggressive, unmaxed characters should have a much more approachable way to farm some defense potions so long as you play with caution.

You’ll even see some uses of acceleration projectiles in this dungeon, continuing from what was introduced in High Tech Terror! Not just by dungeon monsters and the reworked Gulpord, but from the Master Rat! Trivia night was cancelled after poor attendance for four years straight, and now he’s ready to test you in combat. Can you prove your mettle to the master?

Woodland Labyrinth

The sights may be soothing, but the updated goblins and squirrels within would really rather you take a hike.

The infamous turrets have changed too, now having a growing wind-up to their attacks and using slower, varied patterns instead of nearly unavoidable zaps. They may be small now, but those saplings will grow up to sprout legs and terrorize the mountains someday!

The Woodland Labyrinth’s three-part boss now has some behavior variety to back up its metamorphosis, too. Each of the three phases has two different modes it can shuffle between, as well as a special one-time attack per phase that you’ll really want to watch out for. You’ll also notice that minions are present throughout the fight as well, and will upgrade to the level of their master as the battle continues.

The Third Dimension

In the words of its creator: “The Third Dimension is a plane of existence inhabited by many angular foes, the greatest of all being the Tesseract Goddess herself. Many of the cubic inhabitants are concealing a hidden potential that you should watch out for.”

“It’s not too difficult, but it can become very dangerous if you’re not careful. In terms of progression, its in a pretty odd spot. Its going to be pretty common as a drop from Cube God, but its on a level between Mountain Temple and LoD”.


  • We realized there is an issue with runes on O3: if the three runes are not activated at the same time, the system that returns them to bags after a user tries to use them does not work. The runes the users tried to activate will disappear. We can assure you the team is working on a way to solve this ASAP.
  • Guild keys now contain the Shard of the Advisor (used to obtain the Agents of Oryx rings)
  • The Item Forge crafting values on the release can be found in this link
  • We are still working on the XP bug that sometimes makes players not receive XP if they are close to a monster which was defeated. We got more clues but we couldn’t tackle it down for Oryxmas as we would have wanted to do.
  • Nexus is looking festive and Oryx’s Castle is icy once again
  • Some encounters and enemies and even some friends have put on their festive clothes
  • Made old winter weapons (T12 Weapon reskins) drop in cyan bags instead of red bags
  • The Appetizer should now do a full circle in his circling attack and also has gotten small tweaks in his third phase. The turrets that he throws should now be properly indicated and the projectiles they shoot are slower.
  • Grinch now has more hit points but his escape will start way later so he should be easier to catch!
  • Reactivated Reindeer Eggs
  • Added Oryxmas Carol (T6 lute reskin) to Santa’s Workshop
  • Added The Third Dimension Key to the Nexus Store at the price of 150 gold.
  • Added The Third Dimension Key to the Epic Mystery Key (we’re aware that the tooltip currently does not show it – but be sure it drops!)
  • New Cosmetics

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