Dreadstump the Pirate King

Last updated: X.32.5.0

Dreadstump the Pirate King is the boss of the Pirate Cave. He is found in a large, circular room and will be surrounded by minions.

The Realm Eye says:
Once the most dreaded pirate that has ever put a sail to the wind, Dreadstump has become quite complacent wasting away in his hideout.
He was responsible for extorting liquor as Oryx’s tax, but was found drinking it.
Oryx created the Hermit God to protect his endangered supply of booze from him.



HP: 800 (+20% [160 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 3
EXP: 100
Location: Pirate Cave

Stasis Immune
Level 1 Quest

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Black Ball


Initially, Dreadstump is completely passive and will not attack until he takes damage.

Upon being damaged, he will taunt “I will drink my rum out of your skull!” before wandering around in an approximate 7x7 tile area, firing blade attacks at the nearest player. Periodically, he’ll fire a black ball at the player as well.

After a few seconds, he will stop for about one second and taunt “Eat Cannonballs!” before moving slowly towards the player and rapidly firing black balls. Afterwards he will resume previous behavior.

Periodically, he may taunt “Arrr…


Spawns with:
Pirate Admiral Pirate Admiral
Pirate Captain Pirate Captain
Pirate Commander Pirate Commander
Pirate Lieutenant Pirate Lieutenant

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Tips and Strategies

Dreadstump is an easy boss, but he plays an important part for teaching newer players about how dungeons work. Specifically, he teaches the new player two things: The boss has a more elaborate design than the standard enemies, and it provides a significantly greater challenge.

Because Dreadstump is initially passive, you can safely slaughter his minions without him ever attacking you. This gives you time to ready yourself if necessary, and once you’re prepared you can simply fire a shot at him.

Wandering Phase
His first phase is to wander semi-erratically while firing blade attacks about 3 times per second. Additionally, he’ll periodically launch a black ball. He doesn’t track movement, but he can deal quite a bit of damage if you stand still with 0 DEF.

Cannon Phase
After about ten seconds of attacking you with his sword and the occasional black ball, he will pause and make a taunt. Afterwards, he starts firing fast cannonballs that actually deal quite a bit of damage for his tier, but do not track movement. If there was ever a worse time to stand still if you have 0 DEF, this is that time, as the damage can rack up and kill a low level character in seconds.

Once he’s fired approximately four to five cannonballs, he will revert to his wandering phase and progress through his phases as before.

Dreadstump can drop very good equipment for his tier, up to T4 Weapons and Armors! If you’re lucky, a quick stop to the dungeon may get you set for the midlands.

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