White Demon

Last updated: 34.0.0
White Demon

White Demons can be found within the Godlands and are most likely the first enemy you encounter that can use Armor-Piercing attacks. It has a decent chance to drop an entrance to the Abyss of Demons.

There is also another version (White Demon of the Abyss) that accompanies Archdemon Malphas in the Abyss of Demons which has the same stats, attacks and behavior as its Godland counterpart.



HP: 1000
DEF: 12
EXP: 100
Location: Mountains, Abyss of Demons

Levitates off ground
Counts towards God Kills

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
White Demon Shot
Armor Piercing Ignores defense of target
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets


Chases at a medium distance and shoots three bullets at once.


  • The Mini White Demon Pet Skin is only available during certain events and is not a regular drop.
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    Tips and Strategies

  • The White Demon fires three white spherical bullets in a wide cone at the closest player. The space between the bullets and their relatively slow speed makes this a slightly less lethal encounter than many other gods alone.
  • Don’t take them too lightly: their bullets have the armor-piercing property and will always do 45 damage regardless of the gear you’re wearing or your Defense stat. When playing sword classes, be sure to dodge their attacks, as they predict your movement and due to their wide spread, you will most likely get hit by at least one.
  • This is really the only true godland danger to a maxed melee, but be careful when they group together with other gods; most commonly the medusa. Just tank the hits and get your damage in.
  • White demons are easy to aggro and will follow you pretty persistently. This makes them easy to drag back to a safer area you have cleared out beforehand.
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