Last updated: Exalt Version (Dec 2020)

The Djinn is a god which can be found in the Mountains. It has a very low chance to drop a portal to the Cave of a Thousand Treasures.

Summoned into the Realm by Shaitan, these Djinn serve as part of the attack force in the Mountains of the Realm. (Steam Trading Card: Djinn)



HP: 1,000
DEF: 12
EXP: 100
Location: Mountains

Counts toward Humanoid Kills
Counts toward God Kills

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Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Djinn Orb 60 6 9 Piercing Shots hit multiple targets


Djinns have several phases, detailed below:

  • Chase Phase
    • During this phase, a Djinn will move towards a nearby player while flashing green and becoming Mithril Shield Invulnerable.
  • Attack Phase
    • During this phase, a Djinn will stop moving, and attack with an omnidirectional oscillating barrage of white bullets for a few seconds. During this time, it will be vulnerable.
    • If it does not reach low enough health to self-destruct by the end of this phase, it will return to its chase phase and repeat.
    • If an invisible player is nearby, the djinn will immediately enter and switch extremely quickly between this and its chase phase (switches every 0.1s).
  • Self-destruct
    • When a Djinn takes a significant amount of damage (500), it will become Mithril Shield Invulnerable and flash red for a second before shooting out one last ring of White Bullets and dying.

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The Mini Djinn Pet Skin is only available during certain events and is not a regular drop.

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Tips and Strategies

Djinns are relatively easy to kill compared to some other gods – they do relatively little damage, and have low health. Because of the angle between the shots they fire, their attacks are fairly simple to dodge. However when encountering multiple Djinns, their shots would form a “wall of bullets” which is very hard to dodge. It is especially dangerous for characters with low defense. Fighting one Djinn is one thing; however, when paired with multiple other gods, unmaxed characters can be put at risk very easily.

Be warned that standing directly on top of a Djinn while it attacks (whether during its attack or self-destruct phases) will incur massive damage to most classes and usually instant or split-second death; regardless of stats, it should be avoided whenever possible (high defense characters are an exception because they take negligible damage from the Djinn’s projectiles).

It is, in fact, possible to kill a Djinn before it is triggered into its self-destruct state. That, however, requires dealing a large amount of damage at the exact same split second. An archer or huntress with max attack wielding a Doom Bow, a boosted Warrior/Paladin, shuriken-throwing Ninja, or spell bombing wizard is recommended for this. Cloaked Rogues may also do this without requiring a single strong attack, if they remain cloaked while they attack. If this is achieved, the Djinn will merely die off without exploding, triggering the rare death sound you can only hear from a Djinn.

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Prior to Exalt Version (Dec 2020), the Djinn’s sprite was as shown below:
Djinn (old)