Last updated: Exalt Version (Dec 2020)

The Leviathan is an enemy that can be found in the Mountains. It has a chance to drop a portal to the Puppet Master’s Theatre.



HP: 2,000
DEF: 20
EXP: 195
Location: Mountains

Counts toward God Kills
Counts towards Beast Kills

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Leviathan Spray
Leviathan Bolt


Leviathans alternate between moving erratically around players while firing rapid 3-way shotguns of teal bullets in various directions, and chasing players while firing pairs of blue bolts.
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  • The Mini Leviathan Pet Skin is only available during certain events and is not a regular drop.
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    Tips and Strategies

    • The Leviathan has complex and erratic behavior. This one takes a lot of practice; keep a finger on the nexus key.
    • It is a melee class’s worst nightmare, possessing a wide shotgun that fires a wave of numerous, tiny, fast-moving bullets. The leviathan runs in different directions, so all melee classes run after it with caution or you will die.
    • To fight the Leviathan without taking damage, you need plenty of space, and surrounded by the unforgiving godlands, that is something that you might not have. Do the smart, patient thing, and clear out the surrounding monsters before taking one down.
    • The Leviathan might seem erratic, but it has definite patterns. With time, you can tell when it will change its firing rate, and where it will shoot. There’s a distinct ‘slot’ between its bullets that is the narrow safe zone you need to slip into. Learning to lead your shots when playing a wand-wielding class is also helpful.
    • Unless you have the damage rate to kill them extremely quickly, do not fight more than one at once. The small safe zone between its bullets will disappear in a massive, criss-crossing wave of death.
      -Though important for fighting all gods, it’s especially vital to keep moving when fighting the Leviathan. It can kill any leather or robe class in a matter of seconds
    • As a trickster, teleporting near a Leviathan could be a quick death so be very careful when teleporting near one.
    • Standing on a Leviathan will lead to a rapid, probably instant death unless you are an 8/8 knight with 70+ overall defense.
    • Even if a Leviathan is at ridiculously low health, think twice before attacking it if you yourself are wounded. A slight lag spike, or a bad movement can spell death to low def classes.
    • Their movement pattern seems to lead them slightly more into the south-east than into the other directions, which causes the Leviathans to occasionally leave the mountains to the south, (allowing other gods to spawn) and gather in the highlands in groups of more than 5. This is where unmaxed players learn what a bullet hell is.

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    • Released in November 28 of 2011.
    • Before Exalt Version, the Leviathan’s sprite was as shown below:
      Old Leviathan
    • Before release X.16.0 the leviathan sprite looked like this:
      Really Old Leviathan

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