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Mark of Shaitan

Mark of Shaitan A medallion infused with the essence of Shaitan the Advisor.

Type: Quest item
Drop location: Obtained by defeating Shaitan the Advisor in the Lair of Shaitan

Soulbound Soulbound

Feed Power: 50

Loot Bag Assigned to Purple Bag
Drops From Shaitan the Advisor (under specific circumstanaces)


This Mark was coded for Patch X.17.0 (Sep 2017), designed to drop from Shaitan the Advisor, however was not released. In an update to the patch notes, Deca commented: “Encore, Shaitan, Candy Land and lower level dungeons will not be part of the pools for now.”

In the Vying event preceding Month of the Mad God 2021, Shaitan temporarily started dropping his Mark for the duration of the event. The Mark was solely used to complete certain Tinkerer quests for the event.