Mark of SthenoMark of the Fountain SpiritMark of LimonMark of SkuldMark of SeptaviusMark of MalphasMark of RuthvenMark of the Puppet MasterMark of GulpordMark of the ArchivistMark of Dr Terrible

Mark of Parasitic HorrorsMark of Davy JonesMark of DaichiMark of the WyvernMark of BilgewaterMark of the MegamothMark of the Son of ArachnaMark of ThessalMark of EsbenMark of GebMark of the Crystal EntityMark of the Killer Bee QueenMark of the Forgotten KingMark of OryxMark of Janus

Mark of (Boss name): A medallion infused with the essence of (Boss name)

Type: Quest Item
Drop Location: Obtained by defeating (Boss name) in (Boss dungeon)

Feed Power: 50

Loot Bag Assigned to Golden Bag
Drops From Most Dungeon Bosses

Marks are unique items that drop from almost all mid to high level dungeon bosses. A single mark of the respective boss is guaranteed to drop for everyone that dealt Soulbound damage to said boss.

Marks have only one purpose aside from confirming that a player did do damage to the boss: to be traded in to The Tinkerer in exchange for Quest Chests and other items. Depending on the quest, players will need either 4-8 of one type of Mark (eg. 8 Marks of Limon) or a smaller amount of several types of Mark (eg. 3 Marks of Bilgewater and 2 Marks of Davy Jones).

These items do not stack, so careful inventory management must be employed if one intends to complete several different Mark Quests simultaneously.

Marks are separated into 2 pools, which determine what the quest for those marks will give. Normal Marks are used for standard Quests, while Epic Marks are used for Epic Quests. Normal Quests will only give loot from the dungeons in the pool, and likewise for Epic Quests. It is also notable to mention that normal quest marks are the easiest to get as the dungeons which contain them can all be found in the godlands, meanwhile the epic quest marks are dropped exclusively from event god dungeons, Oryx’s castle, and lucky gods, meaning they are harder to obtain over time.

Quest Pools

Normal Quests

Epic Quests


Confirmed by Deca, the current owners of the game, Lair of Shaitan, Lost Halls, and lower level dungeons will not be part of the pools for now, even though they have Mark sprites in the game files. Other rare or special event dungeons, such as Candyland Hunting Grounds, are also not part of the pools.