Epic Quest Chests

Epic Quest Chest A grand looking chest from the Tinkerer’s vault. It contains extraordinary items.

Unlike the other types of Quest Chest, every dungeon in the Epic Quest pool has a separate chest, each containing different items.

The Chests contain stat potions (including guaranteed Life and Mana potions), top-tiered items, and untiered/special items from their respective Dungeon, among other things.

Dungeons in the Epic Chest Pool are:

Upon activating the Epic Quest Chest item in the Vault, a destructible Epic Quest Chest for the respective dungeon is spawned, which drops the loot.

Note: All chests guarantee 1 Life Potion and 1 Mana Potion, but there is a very high chance to get several other Stat Potions.

There is sometimes a quest for 2 Cultist marks and 2 Marble Colossus marks, granting a Voided Epic Quest Chest.