Last updated: Exalt Version (Oct 2020)
Music: Hadenfeer

The Vault is a safe area accessible through the gold door in the Nexus, close to the spawn. The Vault allows you to store items and equipment that you don’t currently need, to save them from loss when the character carrying them dies. In addition, centrally located are a Daily Quest portal, a Pet Yard portal, a Guild Hall portal, a Nexus portal, your Forge and Blacksmith, your Enchanter for enchanting, and the Wardrobe where you choose your Character Skin.

Current Layout


Vault Chest

On the west side of the central area, the brown Vault Chest is present. This is the main part of the Vault, being a storage unit that can store items without risk of loss. Within the chest, the vault can specify types of items (weapons, abilities, armors, rings, consumables, tokens, and pet food) and sort them (by alphabetical order, feed power, or type) by clicking on buttons in the vault UI. The vault also allows the player to manually search for items.

The Vault chest can initially store 8 items in it. More slots can be purchased for 500 Realm Gold per 8 slots, or as part of special packages offered periodically on the in-game News menu. 8 vault slots can also be unlocked (for free) by consuming the Vault Chest Unlocker item.

Gift Chest

On the south side of the central area is a special blue-and-yellow chest that does not allow players to place items in it. Instead, this chest is reserved for items bought from Mystery Boxes and from Item Packages, or obtained through the Tinkerer and the Login Seer. Unlike the Vault Chest, the Gift Chest does not have a practical limit to how many items it can store.

Premium Vault

On the east side of the central area is a larger rack that visually contains Stat Increase Potions, which allows players to specifically store Stat Potions in it for later retrieval. This special vault will not take any other types of items, and will accept both normal and Greater potions.

The Premium Vault initially stores up to 16 potions (Greater Stat Potions count as two), but up to four upgrades can be purchased for 500 Realm Gold apiece. These upgrades will increase its capacity to 64/128/192/256 respectively.

Class Statues

Encircling the vault are a number of stone statues, each depicting one of the playable classes in the game. If a player fully exalts a class, the respective statue will permanently turn golden as a sign of their achievement.

Oryx Statue

Outside the vault walls you can find the mysterious Oryx Statue, which can be reached via a spare series of floating platforms that only a teleporting class like Trickster, or Rogue with a Cloak of the Planewalker can access. Whenever the Oryx Horde is active, the statue will temporarily vanish. If you say “NO! This cannot be…” in the vault, you will be disconnected. Note that you need to have the ellipsis character rather than three periods, otherwise it will function normally. Who knows what this could mean…

Previous Layouts

Traditional Layout
Short-lived Deca “X” Layout
60-vault Layout
80-vault Layout
80-vault (winter version)
100-vault Layout