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Last updated: Release X.31.8.0
Vault Portal

The Vault is a safe area accessible through the gold door in the Nexus, close to the spawn. The Vault allows you to store items and equipment that you don’t currently need, to save from loss.

There are a total of 140 Vault Chests in the north, west and east of the Vault, each of which can fit a total of 8 items. One chest is unlocked at the start of the game. More can be purchased for 500 Realm Gold each, or as part of special packages offered periodically on the in-game News menu. New vaults can also be unlocked (for free) by consuming the Vault Chest Unlocker item. The order that Vault Chests unlock is fixed, no matter which you attempt to buy, and is determined by distance from the spawn point.

To the north of the Vault Chests you will find 14 statues between two fountains. Centrally located are a Daily Quest portal, a Pet Yard portal, a Guild Hall portal, a Nexus portal, and the Wardrobe where you choose your Character Skin.

To the south of the Vault are the blue and yellow “Gift Chests,” where items bought from Mystery Boxes and from Item Packages, or obtained through the Tinkerer and the Login Seer are placed.

Outside the vault walls you can find the mysterious Oryx Statue, which can be reached by a Trickster, or a Rogue with a Cloak of the Planewalker.

Current Layout

The Vault (140 vault chests)


Previous Layouts

Traditional Layout
Short-lived Deca “X” Layout
60-vault Layout
80-vault Layout
80-vault (winter version)
100-vault Layout