The Nest

Last updated: Exalt Version (Feb 2024)
The NestAdvanced Nest Portal
Difficulty: 7Difficulty: 7Difficulty: 7Difficulty: 7Difficulty: 7Difficulty: 7Difficulty: 7
Teleportation Disabled
Dust Drops
Green Dust
Red Dust
Purple Dust

The Nest is an extremely dangerous dungeon that is meant to be a much more difficult version of The Hive, and is the fourth “epic” dungeon released, after Deadwater Docks, Woodland Labyrinth, and The Crawling Depths, which were released in 2013. This dungeon is one of the Exaltation dungeons, boosting Dexterity.

The dungeon can drop Potions of Defense and Dexterity from the larger enemies, and the boss is a source of Potions of Life and is also the first to drop Greater Potions of Dexterity. In addition, it also drops the ST Swarming Huntress Set, three varieties of the Beehemoth Armor, the UT Queen’s Stinger Dagger, the UT Hivemaster Helm, the UT Beekeeper’s Flamethrower, the UT Hivemind Mace, the ST Fallen One’s Blade, and the ST Flame Guard. The Advanced version of the dungeon is additionally a rare source of green beehemoth quiver, dust and engravings.

The dungeon is a guaranteed drop from the Killer Bee Nest, an event boss.

This dungeon must be completed to earn ‘Travel of the Decade‘, ‘Conqueror of the Realm‘, ‘Epic Battles‘, ‘Hero of the Nexus’ and ‘Realm of the Mad Godfame bonuses.

The Realm Eye says:
Oryx’s frustrations with adventurers destroying his precious sources of honey lead to him subjecting a hive to the arcane experiments of Dr Terrible.
The foolish doctor had poured a misguided concoction of Pure Evil and Ambrosia into the hives, turning the captive bees savage.
Even as they grew more feral, his meddling never ceased. Soon, they grew too powerful for him to contain and he turned from the prison warden to a prisoner.


Nest Key The Nest Key is available in the Nexus for 200 Realm Gold.
Advanced Nest Key The Advanced Nest Key is available in the Nexus for 200 Realm Gold.


See The Nest Guide for a walk-through on the dungeon.



The dungeon has a significantly different layout compared to The Hive. Each room is a randomly chosen premade setpiece, but the layout is procedurally generated. Rooms consist of orange honeycomb tiles and pools of Killer Honey scattered throughout. Killer Honey deals 60 armor piercing damage to players in it and slows them down more the longer they stand in the honey. Broken yellow tiles form pathways on top of the Killer Honey. The walls consist of waxy yellow blocks, occasionally with cracks in which Killer Honey can be seen flowing downwards. The boss room walls are darker than the rest of the dungeon. The “treasure room” has similar aesthetics to the Mad Lab and consists mostly of navy blue floor and wall tiles. Six chambers, each containing a Soldier Bee, are at the top of the room, along with a large monitor. The edges of the room contain artificial beehives.

There are always 5 rooms between the starting room and dungeon boss room. One “treasure room” is a guaranteed spawn, and its entrance is past breakable blocks in the northern part of a random dead-end room. The entrance to the treasure room can only be found in one of two rooms:

The Nest Layout (clover-shaped, large column in middle)

The Nest Layout (multiple honeycomb)

Example Layout

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Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

The Beekeeper Killer Bee Queen

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Enemies and Environmental Hazards


Environmental Hazards

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Treasure Room Boss

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Advanced Nest

The Advanced Nest is a substantially harder version of The Nest that can be accessed via a different portal, and has a base difficulty of 10. The Advanced version of the dungeon has the following changes compared to the original:

  • All enemies deal +25% damage and gain +15% HP.
  • All enemies grant +90% XP and BXP when slain, and have 30% increased drop rates.
  • A new Green family of bees is added, consisting of Green Killer Bees, Enraged Green Killer Bees, Green Larvae, (Experimental) Green Soldier Bees, and Adolescent Green Beehemoths. Green bees are slower and bulkier than the main three colors, and specialize in inflicting Skull Sick and Unstable Arrow Unstable.
  • Any enemy that spawns assorted enemy colors can now also summon Green variants.
  • Mini Killer Bee Nests gain new attacks to incorporate the new Green shot types.
  • The Killer Bee Queen has most of her phases changed to incorporate the new Green bees and their shot types. Several of her phases are additionally modified to be more difficult.
  • The Beekeeper will summon Green bees during his fight, and will always spawn Experimental Green Soldier Bees in his last phase.
  • The Killer Bee Queen drops 2 extra Greater Potions, Dust, Green Beehemoth Quiver, Engraving Chests, and a special Mark.

Note that the Advanced Nest can still get Dungeon Modifiers.

Drops of Interest

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Daily Quests

The Nest is part of the Epic Quest pool from the Tinkerer and has three associated quests.

Name Description Items Needed Reward
Exterminate! Get rid of those overgrown insects! Mark of the Son of ArachnaMark of the Son of ArachnaMark of the MegamothMark of the Megamoth
Mark of the Killer Bee Queen
Mighty Quest Chest
The Killer Queen Defeat the Killer Bee Queen in the Nest. Mark of the Killer Bee QueenMark of the Killer Bee QueenMark of the Killer Bee Queen Honeyed Epic Quest ChestLucky Clover
Advanced Nest Defeat the Killer Bee Queen in the Advanced Nest. Mark of the Advanced Killer Bee QueenMark of the Advanced Killer Bee QueenMark of the Advanced Killer Bee QueenMark of the Advanced Killer Bee Queen Honeyed Epic Quest ChestHoneyed Epic Quest Chest
Lucky Clover

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Tips and Strategies

  • The most helpful classes in this dungeon can slow or stun, it’s recommended to bring at least one of each.
  • Understanding confuse controls is necessary but dodging is even more necessary.
  • Be aware of the group size: Too much hp scaling will lead to additional deadly phases during the killer bee queen fight. A small group of players means you’re likely to be targeted by enemies so be extra alert.
  • Due to the difficulty of the dungeon, organised runs via Discord are a good way to consistently complete the dungeon. A list of Discord servers that may run Nests can be found in the ‘RotMG Discord List’ server.

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  • The Nest project started in early January 2017 (early screenshots: 1, 2).
  • It was announced on Reddit to be in production in the March patchnotes.
  • This dungeon has a trailer (released on July 11). Click here if you want to see.
  • The Nest was released on July 18, 2017 (X15.1.0). It was the first “endgame” dungeon to be released since The Shatters was released in 2013.
  • When it was released, the dungeon had the largest (in size) XML document for any dungeon created so far (>17,000 lines, 833 KB). This status was later taken by the Lost Halls, which was released just a few weeks after The Nest was released.
  • When it was released, the dungeon had the longest production time for any dungeon (6 months, 14 days), surpassing the Shatters which had two months of development. This short-lived status was again taken by the Lost Halls.
  • This dungeon was designed by MrUnibro, a former member of the “User-Generated Content” group who is now an official DECA developer.


  • During chest events: After killing the Killer Bee Queen, blue pads can be found in the previous rooms that teleport you back to the bossroom.
  • The password asked for in the treasure room upon defeating The Beekeeper is “Dr. Terrible”
  • The current world record run is 1m 17s (prior to the ic/ooc update)

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