The Shatters

Last updated: X15.0.0
The Shatters
Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5
Teleportation Disabled

The Shatters is an extremely dangerous dungeon, the concept for which was originally drafted by a player named LordShon in the old Wildshadow forums. The original design was heavily modified by the developers and released into the game in December 2013. The dungeon is one of the only sources of Tier 6 (Unbound) rings and has three very powerful untiered rings.

The dungeon portal has a guaranteed chance of dropping from the Avatar of the Forgotten King.


Shatters Key The Shatters Key is available in the Nexus for 200 Realm Gold and can occasionally be found in certain Mystery Boxes.


See the Shatters Guide for a complete walk-through on the dungeon and all its enemies.

  • This dungeon was added in Release 18.0, initially pre-released in Mystery Boxes.
  • This dungeon was the first to introduce Loot Chests in order for support classes to have a better chance at loot. As of Release X32.4.1, the chests have been removed, and loot now drops directly from the bosses.
  • This dungeon does not have to be completed to earn the ‘Tunnel Rat’ fame bonus.
  • As of Release X.15, enemies and bosses in the dungeon give significant amounts of experience, making this one of the highest-yield dungeons for fame.
  • The dungeon portal originally stayed open for 70 seconds, but this was changed to 30 seconds (like most other dungeon portals) in a Release X.15 hotfix to combat a notification exploit.
The Realm Eye says:
The shattered kingdom was a city-state on an island separate from the realm’s main continent. Like many small kingdoms at the time, it was a monarchy.
Although isolated from the mainland, they were known as one of the most powerful kingdoms of their time, simultaneously raising formidable gladiators and making strides in magic research.
In truth, even Oryx himself was formerly a champion of this kingdom before his ambitions of conquest consumed him.



Shatters Layout

Unlike many other dungeons in the game, the dungeon is not procedurally generated (it has a preset layout).


Part One The Forgotten Sentinel Part Two

The Twilight Archmage Part Three The Forgotten King

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AbandonedAbandoned Switch

Abandoned switches must be destroyed to remove barriers in the dungeon.

Stone Minions


Stone Knight,
Stone Mage (spawns Spike)

Paladin Obelisk

Stone Paladin


Fire Mage

Fire Adept (Spawns: Fire Portal)

Archmage of Flame (Spawns: Fire Bomb)

Forgotten Ice Mage (Spawns: Ice Sphere)

Ice Adept (Spawns: Ice Portal)

Glacier Archmage

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Boss 1

The Forgotten Sentinel
The Forgotten Sentinel


Other enemies:
Paladin Obelisk Titanum

Boss 2

Twilight Archmage
Twilight Archmage

Spawns: InfernoInferno, BlizzardBlizzard

Other enemies: Magi-GeneratorMagi-Generator

Boss 3

The Forgotten King
The Forgotten King

Spawns: Red CrystalRed Crystal, Blue CrystalBlue Crystal, Yellow CrystalYellow Crystal, Green CrystalGreen Crystal, Helpless SoulsHelpless Souls, Royal Guardian JRoyal Guardian J

Other enemies: Royal Guardian LRoyal Guardian L

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Drops of Interest