Jack Frost Snowman Items

A set of consumable items which drop from locations in RIFTS Season 4: On Thin Ice that returned for Oryxmas 2020.

(For the items which appear in the winter Nexus, see: Snowman Accessories.)

These items are used to construct Jack Frost at a spawn site in the realm which is indicated by a light blue dot on the minimap.

The first item which must be used is a Snowman Body, followed by a Hat, Carrot (nose), and Coal (eyes) for decoration, which can be used in any order. Using a decorative item causes it to appear and begin slowly circling the Snowman. Only one of each item type can be used and attempting to use a second item when one of that type is already present will consume your item with no effect.

The Snowman Body is dropped by the Snowman Gods, and the decorative items drop from dungeon bosses during RIFTS Season 4 and from Snowman Gods during Oryxmas 2020.

Once a complete Snowman is assembled, it transforms into Jack Frost who can be fought. Upon defeating Jack Frost, three destructible items are thrown out, matching whichever three decorative items were used in the construction.

The difficulty of the Jack Frost fight is governed by the difficulty of where the Hat, Carrot and Coal were found (RIFTS Season 4) or from the Snowman God that it was obtained from (Oryxmas 2020), so using items from harder dungeons leads to a more difficult fight.



(all Snowman Gods)