Totally a White Bag

Totally a White Bag Because what kind of monster would trick their fellows with a fake one?

Consumed with use
Effect on use: Spawns a fake white bag in current position
Feed Power: 100
Soulbound Soulbound

Loot Bag Assigned to Purple Bag
Drops From Ocean Trench Event Chest
Puppet Master’s Encore Event Chest
Obtained Through MotMG 2017 Moss Bag
April 2020 Fooled Ya Fame Box for 99 Fame

A gag item that spawns a fake white bag, visible to all players, which explodes 4.5 seconds after spawning. Useable for the purpose of trolling others.

This item used to drop from November 11 to November 13, 2016 in the Ocean Trench Event Chests and during Halloween 2016 in the Puppet Master’s Encore Event Chests.

The item was also obtainable from the April 2020 Fooled Ya Fame Box along with its counterpart Totally an Orange Bag consumable.