Other Consumables

These consumables have miscellaneous effects on players or enemies.

Pirate RumGhost RumMagic MushroomTransformation PotionRock CandyWooden BoxGravelServer HeartWhite Drake EggBlue Drake EggOrange Drake EggGreen Drake EggYellow Drake EggPurple Drake EggVixenCupidCometRudolphDasherDancerDonnerPrancerBackpackSanta’s BagVault Chest UnlockerlChar Slot Unlocker

Limited edition

Most of these items still exist, but can no longer be obtained as drops or as purchases from the Nexus store. Most of these items were released for special holiday events. Historically limited edition items can be found here: link.
Small FirecrackerLarge FirecrackerOld FirecrackerTotally a White BagHearticlesSnowballSnowflakeVeteran of 2017Rainbow CloverPaddy's Flying Hat


Tokens are stackable, limited edition items that were only available during certain holiday events. Players can double-click on a full stack of tokens to exchange it for another item.

Certain tokens need a different amount for exchanging it for another item. Once the event is over, the respective tokens disappear from the player’s inventory.

Halloween Candy TokenCandy Cane TokenSnowflake TokenMoss TokenStone TokenOryx TokenMagic PumpkinPumpkin Seed TokenBone TokenIce ShardPrimal IceBellOrnamentPlatinum Dungeon ShardObsidian Dungeon ShardRuby Dungeon ShardGold Dungeon ShardHeartLove Letters

Mystery Bags

Mystery Bags turn into a random item when used, which depends on the type of bag.

Moss BagStone BagOryx BagReindeer Summoning Stone