Other Consumables

These consumables have miscellaneous effects on players or enemies.

Pirate RumGhost RumMagic MushroomTransformation PotionRock CandyWooden BoxGravelServer HeartBlue Drake EggOrange Drake EggGreen Drake EggYellow Drake EggPurple Drake EggVixenCupidCometRudolphDasherDancerDonnerPrancerBackpackSanta's BagBackpack ExtenderAdventurer's BeltVault Chest UnlockerlChar Slot UnlockerSeasonal Potion Rack ExpansionSeasonal Vault ExpansionFisherman Title Unlocker

Limited edition

Most of these items still exist, but can no longer be obtained as drops or as purchases from the Nexus store. Most of these items were released for special holiday events. Historically limited edition items can be found here: link.
Small FirecrackerLarge FirecrackerOld FirecrackerTotally an Orange BagTotally a White BagHearticlesSnowballSnowflakeVeteran of 2017Rainbow CloverPaddy's Flying Hat

Mystery Bags

Mystery Bags turn into a random item when used, which depends on the type of bag.

Moss BagStone BagOryx BagReindeer Summoning Stone

Snowman Accessories

Snowman Accessories are used to decorate snowmen in the winter Nexus.

Tree BranchCoalSmall CarrotCarrotTop HatSanta HatGreen Striped ScarfRed Striped Scarf

Jack Frost Snowman Items

Jack Frost Snowman Items appeared in RIFTS Season 4: On Thin Ice.

Snowman BodyBuccaneer Top HatSerpentine Top HatDemonic Top HatSunken Top HatAquatic Top HatJungle CarrotSpriteful CarrotHoly CarrotFrosty CarrotSandy CarrotArachnid CoalPhantom CoalZombified CoalParasitic CoalMad God's Coal

Seasonal Character Rewards

Seasonal Character Rewards are earned by completing missions on a seasonal character. When consumed, they turn into a tiered item for the respective class/character the item is consumed on.

Beginner WeaponBeginner AbilityBeginner ArmorBeginner RingIntermediate WeaponIntermediate AbilityIntermediate ArmorIntermediate RingAdvanced WeaponAdvanced AbilityAdvanced ArmorAdvanced RingExpert WeaponExpert AbilityExpert ArmorExpert Ring

MotMG 2023 Aspirant Set Droppers

Item Droppers that are earned by completing seasonal missions during season 7 and as Tinkerer’s Quest rewards during MotMG 2023.

Aspirant's Sword DropperAspirant's Dagger DropperAspirant's Bow DropperAspirant's Blade DropperAspirant's Wand DropperAspirant's Staff DropperAspirant's Hide DropperAspirant's Plate DropperAspirant's Robes DropperRing of the Stalwart DropperRing of the Swiftblade DropperRing of the Magus DropperRing of the Sniper Dropper