Dungeon Keys

Dungeon Keys open entrances to their respective dungeons when used.


Key Name Portal Regular Price Feed Power
Pirate Cave Key Pirate Cave Pirate Cave 51 40
Forest Maze Key Forest Maze Forest Maze N/A (Steam Booster Pack) 115
Spider Den Key Spider Den Spider Den 75 130
Snake Pit Key Snake Pit Snake Pit 100 165
Beachzone Key Beachzone Beachzone N/A 300
Totem Key Forbidden Jungle Forbidden Jungle 100 145
The Hive The Hive The Hive 100 145
Sprite World Key Sprite World Sprite World 51 135
Candy Key Candyland Hunting Grounds Candyland Hunting Grounds 240 240
Cemetery Key Haunted Cemetery Haunted Cemetery 100 230
Undead Lair Key Undead Lair Undead Lair 100 200
Abyss of Demons Key Abyss of Demons Abyss of Demons 100 260
Toxic Sewers Key Toxic Sewers Toxic Sewers 100 260
Davy's Key Davy Jones’s Locker Davy Jones's Locker 100
Beach Bum
Draconis Key Lair of Draconis Lair of Draconis 250 100
Manor Key Manor of the Immortals Manor of the Immortals 100 240
Theatre Key The Puppet Master’s Theatre Puppet Master's Theatre N/A 0
The Crawling Depths Key The Crawling Depths The Crawling Depths 100 270
Deadwater Docks Key Deadwater Docks Deadwater Docks 100 270
Ice Cave Key Ice Cave Ice Cave N/A 145
Lab Key Mad Lab Mad Lab 100 300
Ocean Trench Key Ocean Trench Ocean Trench 250 225
The Shatters Key The Shatters The Shatters 250 270
Tomb of the Ancients Key Tomb of the Ancients Tomb of the Ancients 250 350
Woodland Labyrinth Key Woodland Labyrinth Woodland Labyrinth 100 270
Wine Cellar Incantation Wine Cellar Wine Cellar Wine Cellar N/A (Ninja Pack) 500
Treasure Map Cave of a Thousand Treasures Cave of a Thousand Treasures N/A (Level a Ninja to 20 on Kongregate) 250
Battle Nexus Key Battle for the Nexus Battle for the Nexus N/A 0
Bella's Key Belladonna’s Garden Belladonna's Garden N/A 0
Halloween Cemetery Key Halloween Haunted Cemetery Haunted Cemetery 250 (no longer sold) 230
Ice Tomb Key Ice Tomb Haunted Cemetery 250 (no longer sold) 260
Rainbow Road Key Rainbow Road Rainbow Road N/A (unobtainable) 0
Shaitan's Key Lair of Shaitan Lair of Shaitan 100 0
Puppet Master's Encore Key Puppet Master’s Encore Puppet Master's Encore 250 350
Oryx's Castle Key Oryx’s Castle Oryx's Castle N/A (admin only) 260

Note: Oryx’s Castle Key was added for testing purposes and is normally unobtainable.

Mystery Keys

Mystery Keys are special keys that open a random dungeon upon use. These keys are currently obtainable only in Mystery Boxes, the Alchemist, and in the Nexus shop.


The Ruby Mystery Key and the Diamond Mystery Key have not yet been released into the game. It is thought that Ruby and Diamond keys will open more valuable dungeons.

Key Name Possible Dungeons Feed Power
Emerald Mystery Key Emerald Mystery Key Abyss of Demons Mad Lab Candyland Hunting Grounds 225
Ruby Mystery Key Ruby Mystery Key Unreleased Unreleased
Diamond Mystery Key Diamond Mystery Key Unreleased Unreleased