Dungeon Keys

Dungeon Keys open entrances to their respective dungeons when used.


Note: Oryx’s Castle Key and Rainbow Road Key were added for testing purposes and is normally unobtainable.

Mystery Keys

Mystery Keys are special keys that open a random dungeon upon use. These keys are currently obtainable only in Mystery Boxes, the Alchemist, and in the Nexus shop.

Wine Cellar Incantation

Wine Cellar Incantation
The Wine Cellar Incantation is a special key which unlocks the portal to the Wine Cellar. It can only be used on the locked Wine Cellar Portal. If used anywhere else, it will disappear and be wasted. Unlike other keys, it has 500 feed power. The item drops from most dungeon bosses, the Kage Kami, and the Phoenix Reborn.


The Ruby Mystery Key and the Diamond Mystery Key have not yet been released into the game. It is thought that Ruby and Diamond keys will open more valuable dungeons.

Key Name Possible Dungeons
Emerald Mystery Key Emerald Mystery Key Abyss of Demons Mad Lab Candyland Hunting Grounds
Ruby Mystery Key Ruby Mystery Key Unreleased
Diamond Mystery Key Diamond Mystery Key Unreleased