Cosmetics are consumables that change the appearance of the player’s character or pet. These items include dyes and cloths, character skins, and pet skins.

Dyes and Cloths

Dyes and Cloths apply solid colors and patterned textures, respectively, to certain regions of the character skin. These items are temporary, meaning that applied dyes/cloths are lost on death of the character.

Clothing DyesAccessory DyesLarge ClothsSmall Cloths

Dye Removers

These items remove any dye/cloth applied to the original skin color.

Clothing Dye RemoverAccessory Dye Remover

Character Skins

When used, these items permanently unlock a new skin which the player can select in the Wardrobe, or on the character creation screen for new characters. Most, but not all skins in the game can be unlocked by using its associated skin item. Skins implemented before Release 16 must be bought directly with gold from the wardrobe or character creation screen, and do not have a skin item.

Character Skins

Pet Skins

These items are used to change the appearance of your pet. The process is not reversible and the skin item is consumed with use. Unlike Character Skins, players cannot freely choose between unlocked Pet Skins. You can change the skin of your pet to a different one that you have unlocked for fame or gold.

Pet Skins

Animation Items

These items can be used on specific untiered (UT) ability items and will create a modified UT that provides a unique animation when used. Modified UTs cannot be reverted into the regular version and are still permanently lost on death.
Golden ShardChaos Shard