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Magic Mushroom

Description: A strange looking mushroom.

Consumed with use.

Effect: Hallucinating for 30 Seconds.

Feed Power: 20

Drop Locations:
Gray Blob


The magic mushroom was added in build 96 (along with the Pirate Rum) as an Easter Egg. It’s a visual effect item lasting about 30 seconds that changes the sprites of players, enemies, and map items such as trees into random new sprites. For more information, visit the Status Effects page.

It was rare, and was generally considered a collector’s item, since it was practically useless. It also used to sell for a lot to collectors.

It is not rare, and won’t be bought by collectors anymore, as you can now purchase the Magic Mushroom in the Nexus for
10 Realm Gold.

Screenshot of the Magic Mushroom’s effect: