Restoratives and Boosters

Restoratives are consumables that heal either HP or MP, or both. Boosters apply a temporary stat boost or a beneficial status effect to the player. Some restoratives/boosters affect only the user, while others also affect players within a certain radius from the user. Many of these items are both restoratives and boosters and may have additional effects as well.


These items are strictly restorative (replenish hp or mp)

Health PotionMagic PotionElixir of HealthElixir of MagicHealing IchorPollen PowderSnake OilCoral JuiceFire WaterCabernetChardonnayCream SpiritMelon LiqueurMuscatRice WineSauvignon BlancShirazVintage PortCervezaWhite Drake Egg


These items are strictly (stat/exp/luck) boosters.

Red GumballYellow GumballGreen GumballBlue GumballPurple GumballTincture of DefenseEffusion of DefenseTincture of DexterityEffusion of DexterityTincture of LifeEffusion of LifeTincture of ManaEffusion of ManaSpeed SproutBottled HoneyRoyal JellyFairy DustSuspicious Milk Bottle20-Minute XP Booster1-Hour XP BoosterXP BoosterPotion of Max LevelLoot Tier PotionLoot Drop PotionLucky CloverGolden Lucky Clover

Christmas Stat Boosters

These items still exist, and were released in Patch X.20.0 in December 2017. These consumables are only obtainable during Winter events.
Santa's SleighEgg NogFruitcakeCandy CaneFiggy PuddingMistletoeFrost CakeBlue Ice Candy


These items are both restoratives and boosters, or have extra effects in addition to their role as a restorative/booster.

Holy WaterOryx StoutMad God AleRealm-Wheat HefeweizenBahama SunriseBlue ParadisePink Passion BreezeLime Jungle BayCranberry PunchGluhweinGrog

Limited edition

These items still exist, but can no longer be obtained as drops or as purchases from the Nexus store. Most of these items were released for special holiday events.

Minor Health PotionMinor Magic PotionSand PailIce PailCandy CornSaint Patty's BrewCandy of Ominous Spells