Music Note

Music Note A special token that drops from Dungeon and Event Bosses. Use this item to progress in the Bard Campaign.

Sprite Credits: Zquidx

Stack Limit: 10
Event: Bard Campaign

Soulbound Soulbound
Consumed with use

Loot Bag Assigned to Golden Bag
Drops From Event Chests
Court of Oryx Dungeon Bosses
Realm Bosses
Shatters Bosses
Fungal and Crystal Cavern Bosses
The Nest Bosses
All Lost Halls Bosses
Oryx 1 and Oryx 2
Obtained Through Free Little Notes Pack in the Shop

Each token is worth 7 points.

These tokens were used during the Little Notes to Heaven Campaign. The campaign ran from the 25th of June until the 9th of July with a grace period until the 11th of July.