This page contains a list of cloths in the game. For more information on Dye and Cloth usage, see this page.


These cloths are always available in the Cloth Bazaar in at least one server. Both Large and Small Cloths are sold for 100 Realm Gold or 600 Fame. The exceptions are the Candy Cane, Snowflake, Snowy Night, Holiday Lights, Peppermint, and Mixed Lights Cloths, which are only available for gold.

Cloth Additional drop(s) Cloth Additional drop(s)
Large Bee Stripe ClothSmall Bee Stripe ClothBee Stripe
Large Big-Stripe Blue ClothSmall Big-Stripe Blue ClothBig-Stripe Blue
Large Big-Stripe Red ClothSmall Big-Stripe Red ClothBig-Stripe Red
Large Black Striped ClothSmall Black Striped ClothBlack Striped
Large Blue Fireworks ClothSmall Blue Fireworks ClothBlue Fireworks
Large Blue Point ClothSmall Blue Point ClothBlue Point
Large Blue Striped ClothSmall Blue Striped ClothBlue Striped
Large Blue USA Star ClothSmall Blue USA Star ClothBlue USA Star
Large Blue Wave ClothSmall Blue Wave ClothBlue Wave
Large Bright Floral ClothSmall Bright Floral ClothBright Floral
Large Bright Stripes ClothSmall Bright Stripes ClothBright Stripes
Large Brown Lined ClothSmall Brown Lined ClothBrown Lined
Large Brown Stitch ClothSmall Brown Stitch ClothBrown Stitch
Large Cactus Zag ClothSmall Cactus Zag ClothCactus Zag
Large Chainmail ClothSmall Chainmail ClothChainmail
Large Cloud ClothSmall Cloud ClothCloud
Large Cow Print ClothSmall Cow Print ClothCow Print
Large Crisscross ClothSmall Crisscross ClothCrisscross
Large Crossbox ClothSmall Crossbox ClothCrossbox
Large Dark Blue Stripe ClothSmall Dark Blue Stripe ClothDark Blue Stripe
Large Dark Camo ClothSmall Dark Camo ClothDark Camo
Large Dark Eyes ClothSmall Dark Eyes ClothDark Eyes
Large Diamond ClothSmall Diamond ClothDiamond
Large Digital Arctic Camo ClothSmall Digital Arctic Camo ClothDigital Arctic Camo
Large Digital Fall Camo ClothSmall Digital Fall Camo ClothDigital Fall Camo
Large Digital Navy Camo ClothSmall Digital Navy Camo ClothDigital Navy Camo
Large Digital Woods Camo ClothSmall Digital Woods Camo ClothDigital Woods Camo
Large Egyptian ClothSmall Egyptian ClothEgyptian
Large Flannel ClothSmall Flannel ClothFlannel
Large Floral ClothSmall Floral ClothFloral
Large Futuristic ClothSmall Futuristic ClothFuturistic
Large Glowthread ClothSmall Glowthread ClothGlowthread
Large Grey Scaly ClothSmall Grey Scaly ClothGrey Scaly
Large Green Weave ClothSmall Green Weave ClothGreen Weave
Large Heart ClothSmall Heart ClothHeart
Large Jester ClothSmall Jester ClothJester
Large Lemon-Lime ClothSmall Lemon-Lime ClothLemon-Lime
Large Lush Camo ClothSmall Lush Camo ClothLush Camo
Large Nautical ClothSmall Nautical ClothNautical
Large Party ClothSmall Party ClothParty
Large Pink Dot ClothSmall Pink Dot ClothPink Dot
Large Pink Maze ClothSmall Pink Maze ClothPink Maze
Large Pink Sparkly ClothSmall Pink Sparkly ClothPink Sparkly
Large Plaid ClothSmall Plaid ClothPlaid
Large Purple Bones ClothSmall Purple Bones ClothPurple Bones
Large Purple Pinstripe ClothSmall Purple Pinstripe ClothPurple Pinstripe
Large Purple Stripes ClothSmall Purple Stripes ClothPurple Stripes
Large Rainbow ClothSmall Rainbow ClothRainbow
Large Red Diamond ClothSmall Red Diamond ClothRed Diamond
Large Red Lace ClothSmall Red Lace ClothRed Lace
Large Red Spotted ClothSmall Red Spotted ClothRed Spotted
Large Red USA Star ClothSmall Red USA Star ClothRed USA Star
Large Robber ClothSmall Robber ClothRobber
Large Shamrock ClothSmall Shamrock ClothShamrock
Dungeon Leprechaun
Large Skull ClothSmall Skull ClothSkull
Large Smiley ClothSmall Smiley ClothSmiley
Large Starry Night ClothSmall Starry Night ClothStarry Night
Large Starry ClothSmall Starry ClothStarry
Large Stony ClothSmall Stony ClothStony
Large Sweater ClothSmall Sweater ClothSweater
Large Tan Diamond ClothSmall Tan Diamond ClothTan Diamond
Large Teal Crystal ClothSmall Teal Crystal ClothTeal Crystal
Large USA Flag ClothSmall USA Flag ClothUSA Flag
Large USA Star ClothSmall USA Star ClothUSA Star
Large Vine ClothSmall Vine ClothVine
Large Viva ClothSmall Viva ClothViva
Large Western Stripe ClothSmall Western Stripe ClothWestern Stripe
Large White Diamond ClothSmall White Diamond ClothWhite Diamond
Large Wind ClothSmall Wind ClothWind
Large Yellow Dot ClothSmall Yellow Dot ClothYellow Dot
Large Yellow Wire ClothSmall Yellow Wire ClothYellow Wire
Large Mixed Lights ClothSmall Mixed Lights ClothMixed Lights
Snowy the Frost God
Large Peppermint ClothSmall Peppermint ClothPeppermint
Snowy the Frost God
Large Holiday Lights ClothSmall Holiday Lights ClothHoliday Lights
Snowy the Frost God
Large Snowflake ClothSmall Snowflake ClothSnowflake
Snowy the Frost God
Large Snowy Night ClothSmall Snowy Night ClothSnowy Night
Snowy the Frost God
Large Candy Cane ClothSmall Candy Cane ClothCandy Cane
Snowy the Frost God


These cloths can be obtained as drops from certain monsters and are not sold in the Cloth Bazaar. Some of them may have been available from limited-time Mystery Boxes or Packages.

Cloth Dropped Cloth Dropped
Large Blue Bee ClothSmall Blue Bee ClothBlue Bee
Blue Soldier Bee
Large Blue Dragon Scale ClothSmall Blue Dragon Scale ClothBlue Dragon Scale
Nikao the Azure Dragon
Large Flame ClothSmall Flame ClothFlame
Shaitan the Advisor
Large Foraxian ClothSmall Foraxian ClothForaxian
Large Green Dragon Scale ClothSmall Green Dragon Scale ClothGreen Dragon Scale
Limoz the Veridian Dragon
Large Heavy Chainmail ClothSmall Heavy Chainmail ClothHeavy Chainmail
Shaitan the Advisor
Large Ivory Dragon Scale ClothSmall Ivory Dragon Scale ClothIvory Dragon Scale
Ivory Wyvern
Large Jester Argyle ClothSmall Jester Argyle ClothJester Argyle
The Puppet Master
Large Katalonian ClothSmall Katalonian ClothKatalonian
Golden Sphinx
Large Malogian ClothSmall Malogian ClothMalogian
Large Midnight Dragon Scale ClothSmall Midnight Dragon Scale ClothMidnight Dragon Scale
Feargus the Obsidian Dragon
Large Red Bee ClothSmall Red Bee ClothRed Bee
Red Soldier Bee
Large Red Dragon Scale ClothSmall Red Dragon Scale ClothRed Dragon Scale
Pyyr the Crimson Dragon
Large UFO ClothSmall UFO ClothUFO
Alien UFO
Large Untarian ClothSmall Untarian ClothUntarian
Large Yellow Bee ClothSmall Yellow Bee ClothYellow Bee
Yellow Soldier Bee
Large Gemsbok ClothSmall Gemsbok ClothGemsbok
Treasurer Gemsbok
Large Dammah ClothSmall Dammah ClothDammah
Chancellor Dammah
Large Leucoryx ClothSmall Leucoryx ClothLeucoryx
Archbishop Leucoryx
Large Beisa ClothSmall Beisa ClothBeisa
Chief Beisa
Large Exalted Oryx ClothSmall Exalted Oryx ClothExalted Oryx
Oryx the Mad God 3
Large Beisa Symbol ClothSmall Beisa Symbol ClothBeisa Symbol
Chief Beisa
Large Dammah Symbol ClothSmall Dammah Symbol ClothDammah Symbol
Chancellor Dammah
Large Leucoryx Symbol ClothSmall Leucoryx Symbol ClothLeucoryx Symbol
Archbishop Leucoryx
Large Gemsbok Symbol ClothSmall Gemsbok Symbol ClothGemsbok Symbol
Treasurer Gemsbok
Large Oryx Symbol ClothSmall Oryx Symbol ClothOryx Symbol
Oryx the Mad God 3
Large Sanctuary ClothSmall Sanctuary ClothSanctuary
Oryx’s Sanctuary minions
Large Steel ClothSmall Steel ClothSteel
Oryx’s Sanctuary minions
Large Plate ClothSmall Plate ClothPlate
Oryx’s Sanctuary minions
Large Cronus Square ClothSmall Cronus Square ClothCronus Square
Cuboid Trickster
Large Pink Cube ClothSmall Pink Cube ClothPink Cube
Cuboid Rogue
Large Hollow Square ClothSmall Hollow Square ClothHollow Square
Cuboid Paladin

Limited edition

These cloths were released for special game events and are currently unobtainable.

Cloth Dropped Cloth Dropped
Large Alchemist ClothSmall Alchemist ClothAlchemist
The Alchemist
Large American Flag ClothSmall American Flag ClothAmerican Flag
Hurricane Sandy Relief Event (2012)
Large Blue Camo ClothSmall Blue Camo ClothBlue Camo
Large Celtic Knot ClothSmall Celtic Knot ClothCeltic Knot
Large Colored Egg ClothSmall Colored Egg ClothColored Egg
Biff the Buffed Bunny
Large Hibiscus Beach Wrap ClothSmall Hibiscus Beach Wrap ClothHibiscus Beach Wrap
Large Intense Clovers ClothSmall Intense Clovers ClothIntense Clovers
Dungeon Leprechaun
Large Leopard Print ClothSmall Leopard Print ClothLeopard Print
Large Magma ClothSmall Magma ClothMagma
Large Mosaic ClothSmall Mosaic ClothMosaic
The Alchemist
Large Relief ClothSmall Relief ClothRelief
Hurricane Sandy Relief Event (2012)
Large Spooky ClothSmall Spooky ClothSpooky
The Alchemist
Large Spring ClothSmall Spring ClothSpring
Large Sunburst ClothSmall Sunburst ClothSunburst
Large Zebra Print ClothSmall Zebra Print ClothZebra Print


These cloths exist in the game files but have never been obtainable by normal means.

Cloth Cloth
Large Clanranald ClothSmall Clanranald ClothClanranald
Large Musical ClothSmall Musical ClothMusical
Large Stormy ClothSmall Stormy ClothStormy