Dodging Bullets

This guide is written for players that can’t dodge bullets very well.

If you’re running around fighting some gods and a ‘god wall’ suddenly appears behind you, what should you do?

You have pretty much these 3 options:

1. Nexus:

Just Nexus in time and you will be safe.

2. Tank it:

if you are using a melee class with a high Defense stat.

3. Dodge it:

Dodge if you’re ok with potentially missing out on some loot or if you just don’t want to exit the Realm.

Dodging Rules & Tips:

First rule: If there are only one or two gods, run in circles around them (you don’t even need max Speed for this).

Second rule: Don’t get cocky and try to dodge too many bullets. If there is a god wall and you go in too deep with your character, you most likely won’t be able to dodge all the bullets. If you still want to go deep, you should at least have maxed Defense and Speed to avoid taking too much damage.

Third rule: Be aware of your surroundings. When backing away and shooting simultaneously, never give an inch more than what is necessary to survive, or else you may end up suddenly surrounded by more enemies. If you have no choice, hide behind the godland rocks. However, these rocks can also be dangerous if you get wedged between 3 of them, as you will be unable to back up without having to go towards the enemies to get around them.

Tip #1: Never run away directly backwards or sideways from shots; do both simultaneously. Running backwards will make it easier to dodge the bullets because they are now further apart, and running sideways will get you around those bullets. Following this tip will help prevent you from getting pushed back into other gods and enemies.

Tip #2: Learn your enemies’ phases. That’s what the wiki is for! Try to search up what are the enemies and their bullets and how to deal with them. The wiki is full of information. It’ll help you on your journey upon the harsh realms and dungeons, know what are the bullets that will cut your characters’ lives short, and help you work with those sweet loots you want to earn.