Dungeon Guides

Dungeons in Realm are perhaps the most reliable sources for stat potions and loot. These guides contain strategies on how to find individual stat potions, depending on the dungeon. At the end of the page are portals to guides that will help you in completing the dungeons. These dungeons drop more than just stat potions, if you’re wondering what equipment they do drop, head over to Dungeons and find the dungeon you’re looking for!

Dungeon Farming

By running dungeons, it is possible to max your stats to 6/8 relatively easily. Use the guides below as advice to run certain dungeons for certain pots. Note that it is sorted easiest to hardest, from top to bottom. That being said, you shouldn’t run The Shatters to get defense when you’re 0/8.

Pirate CaveForest MazeSpider DenForbidden JungleThe HiveTutorial

These can help level up, provide gear, and refill your stacks of regeneration potions (HP and MP). Use these to help you reach level 20.

Pots Dungeon(s)
Potion of SpeedPotion of DexterityPotion of DefensePotion of AttackPotion of Wisdom Snake PitSprite WorldUndead LairToxic Sewers Portal

These are mostly essential stats that help make you offensively and defensively ready. Snake Pits drop speed, while Sprite Worlds drop Dexterity, Defense, and Attack, Undead Lairs drop Wisdom, and the Toxic Sewers also drops Defense.

Pots Dungeon(s)
Potion of SpeedPotion of WisdomPotion of AttackPotion of VitalityPotion of Defense Haunted CemeteryAbyss of DemonsDavy Jones' LockerMad LabPuppet Master's Theatre

Harder and often rarer dungeons, with generally greater rewards and better item and potion drops. Haunted Cemeteries drop Speed, Wisdom, and Vitality, Abysses of Demons drop Defense, and Vitality, Davy Jones’s Locker drops Attack, and Wisdom. Mad Labs drop Wisdom, and Defense (which drops from the 2nd boss). The Puppet Master’s Theatre drops Attack.

Pots Dungeon(s)
Potion of SpeedPotion of DexterityPotion of WisdomPotion of VitalityPotion of DefensePotion of AttackPotion of ManaPotion of Life Lair of DraconisOcean TrenchParasite ChambersTomb of the AncientsIce CaveThe Crawling DepthsThe ShattersThe NestLost Halls

The only sources of life and mana potions, and among the most difficult areas in the game. More likely to be run for the Items and not just for potions. Not recommended until you’re experienced and comfortable in your own skin.

Lair of Draconis drops all of the above potions. Ocean Trench and The Crawling Depths drop exclusively Mana. Parasite Chambers drops Mana and Attack, while Ice Cave drops Mana and Dexterity. Tomb of the Ancients drop exclusively Life, and various other potions in its Treasure Sarcophagus. The Nest drops primarily Life and Greater Dexterity, with a chance of Defense from the Treasure Room boss.The Shatters drops most notably Mana, and Life, but also Defense, and Attack. Lost Halls is the hardest of the lot but drops Life, Mana, Attack and Defense at high rates, along with a chance at any other normal pots.

Keep in mind that although these potions can be collected through completion of these dungeons, there are many alternative sources of stat potions.

Dungeon Guides

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Pirate CaveForest MazeSpider DenSnake PitBeachzoneForbidden JungleThe HiveSprite WorldCandyland Hunting GroundsCave of a Thousand TreasuresHaunted CemeteryUndead LairToxic Sewers PortalAbyss of DemonsDavy Jones' LockerLair of DraconisManor of the ImmortalsPuppet Master's TheatreThe Crawling DepthsDeadwater DocksIce Cave PortalMad LabOcean TrenchParasite ChambersThe ShattersTomb of the AncientsWoodland LabyrinthThe NestLost HallsWine CellarOryx’s Castle

Event Dungeon Guides

Events Dungeons are dungeons that are only available for the course of an event.

Battle for the NexusBelladonna's Garden

Mini Dungeon Guides

Mini dungeons are dungeons that contain no enemies other than the boss of the dungeon and the minions it spawns, generally one room in total.

Lair of ShaitanPuppet Master's Encore

Other Dungeon Guides

These dungeons are neither dropped by enemies nor opened by keys.

TutorialOryx's KitchenThe Arena