Fame Farming Guide

Fame farming is a method of getting fame involving fame trains. EUN2 has a default one and the “pros” have a clandestine one sometimes.
1. A high base fame character to brag about (the clandestine “PTrains” are for these, mostly composed of 8/8 ranged characters)
2. Accumulating fame for pets
3. Obtaining stars

The latter two rely on suiciding a 0/8 character at a certain amount of fame and abusing fame bonuses from gear and gameplay that can make your base fame go almost three times farther.

Reccomended Method

  1. Make a character. Wizard because it can help kill gods.
  2. Toss your ability. By not using it on that character, you get mundane, which is a nice bonus.
  3. Don’t kill a cube. Not even one.
  4. Don’t use consumables such as pots from inventory. Thirsty bonus is also good. However, the default stack doesn’t ruin thirsty.
  5. Teleport to the train. If you die try again.
  6. Level to 20.
  7. Equip throwaway gear w/o ability. Even crappy para vits give fame bonuses.
  8. Sit in the train.
  9. Only kill gods. Turn off autofire if you can. If the train is a very good one you can just get a few targeted kills in and not worry about killing things otherwise to save time accuracy farming. However in most EUN2 trains they need your help and killing things gives more fame.

Do this until you have a predetermined amount of base fame (the number in the orange bar).

To accumulate fame for feeds, fame plateaus at 225 so suicide then. Also handily nets you 3 stars. For 4 stars 300 + some gear will do

To get 5 stars you often need about 700 fame and maybe more if you don’t have good fame bonus gear. However if you are newer and have never gotten beyond 600 base fame you may be able to scrape by with lower because of First Born.

Anticosmic’s or Pfiffel’s fame calculators can save you time and Muledump will let you see hidden stats such as accuracy before dying so if it’s a character you have spent a couple hours on, it is better to be safe.

Completing an accuracy farm:

This is the surefire method. If you are just making 225 base fame throwaways don’t bother going AFK but if it takes only a minute or two go ahead. However if you are going for something serious like 5 stars, you should do this.

  1. Type /tutorial to go to the tutorial
  2. Find out how many shots you need to achieve Sniper. Assign this to a variable x. Muledump will show you your current accuracy. If you really don’t want to go AFK for too long and your accuracy is terrible, you can aim for sharpshooter or whatever and do the fame bonus math, it’s a judgement call.
  3. Look at your dexterity and plug it into the formula Accuracy Farming Formula.
    Piercing and Multiple projectiles
    Keep in mind that staffs have 2 shots so that may be halved. A piercing shot weapon can be used to hit 2 turrets if you shoot at a certain angle, doubling your accuracy gained per projectile. With a triple-shot bow, you can get in around ~2400 hits per minute, depending on if you’re using the right angle.
  4. In the tutorial, rotate your camera so that you are facing a gun that shoots green circles.
  5. Turn on auto-fire so that you are firing with your weapon
  6. If you have at least 5 def, you won’t take any damage (or you can just outheal with a pet). Now turn off your monitor and walk away from your computer and do something else. Come back at least n minutes later as you figured out from the formula above. Make sure your computer doesn’t have any settings to go into some kind of power saver mode if it’s left idle for too long.
  7. You should have Accurate, Sharpshooter, and Sniper now. You can go commit suicide.

Sample Fame earning:

Base fame: 677
Total fame: ~2129 (Five stars!)
Bonuses: Accurate (+127), Friend of Cubes (+169), Enemy of Gods (+105), Slayer of Gods (+116), Mundane (+211), Sharpshooter (+140), Sniper (+154), Thirsty (+169)
Gear: Astral (3%), MNova (3%), Elder (4%), Exalt. Def(4%)

If you are willing to earn more fame and this is your account’s first character, you can go uncover 4 million tiles and level 100 people up. Then your fame earnings will look like this. Note that you only need to get 480 base fame rather than 750. Note that this is not as easy as just getting 750 fame and doing the stuff above.
You can also get the fame bonus “Boots on the ground,” which is no teleporting. You may need a friend to help you get to lvl 20, and then to help you to the godlands the first time, but this is an easy way to uncover 1 million tiles as well earning the “explorer” fame bonus. You will only need about 477 with 16% fame items here. However getting the extra fame for a conventional 5 star character only takes an hour and a half at most.
Base fame: 480
Total fame: ~2027 (Five stars!)

You can try to do this on every character and you’ll get white star.