Fame Farming Guide

Fame farming is a method of getting fame that mainly takes advantage of the bonus system.

A large amount of fame can be earned by using the farming method:

  1. Make a new wizard
  2. Equip it with a horror, master, and sup hp/def
  3. Get rid of it’s spell
  4. Join a godlands train and try not to kill anything but gods.
  5. Complete an accuracy farm
  6. Once you have enough base fame, commit suicide

Rogues are a more popular class to fame farm at higher levels because in good trains, a 30 speed fresh wizard may struggle to keep up. Just get a dagger, kill a god, the higher accuracy the better and suicide at 225 fame. Some who have good aim or are just making 225 base fame rogues might skip turrets to save time but for efficiency, it is probably better.

Easy fame method:


  • Never drink a potion from your inventory
  • Never equip/use a spell
  • Don’t kill anything but gods (this may be hard to do, but try not to at least)
  • Be sure to never kill a cube

Do this until you have about 750 base fame (the number in the orange bar).

However, if this is your first character on the account, you only have to get about 600 base fame.

Completing an accuracy farm:

  1. Type /tutorial to go to the tutorial
  2. Find out how many shots you need to achieve Sniper. Assign this to a variable x. You can use third party programs to figure this out.
  3. Look at your dexterity and plug it into the formula Accuracy Farming Formula
  4. In the tutorial, rotate your camera so that you are facing a gun that shoots green circles.
  5. Turn on auto-fire so that you are firing with your weapon
  6. If you have at least 5 def, you won’t take any damage (or you can just outheal with a pet). Now turn off your monitor and walk away from your computer and do something else. Come back at least n minutes later as you figured out from the formula above. Make sure your computer doesn’t have any settings to go into some kind of power saver mode if it’s left idle for too long.
  7. You should have Accurate, Sharpshooter, and Sniper now. You can go commit suicide.

Note - If you are accurate enough (e.g. level to 20, find obsidian dagger and kill a beholder for the bonus) you can just eyeball it if the numbers are small enough.

Overall earnings:

Base fame: 750
Total fame: ~2071 (Five stars!)

If you are willing to earn more fame and this is your account’s first character, you can go uncover 4 million tiles and level 100 people up. Then your fame earnings will look like this. Note that you only need to get 480 base fame rather than 750. Note that this is not as easy as just getting 750 fame and doing the stuff above.
You can also get the fame bonus “Boots on the ground,” which is no teleporting. You may need a friend to help you get to lvl 20, and then to help you to the godlands the first time, but this is an easy way to uncover 1 million tiles as well earning the “explorer” fame bonus. You will only need about 477 with 16% fame items here.

Base fame: 480
Total fame: ~2027 (Five stars!)

You can try to do this on every character and you’ll get white star.

You can use Anticosmic’s fame calculator to determine how much total fame you’ll get upon death based on base fame and fame bonuses achieved.