Fame Farming Guide

Fame farming is the act of getting a lot of Fame on your characters quickly, through various means. The current fastest way of doing this involves completing certain dungeons on your character to get both large amounts of Base Fame and Fame Bonuses for after death.

Dungeons of Interest

When Fame farming, there are a number of dungeons that grant large amounts of fame. These dungeons provide the additional benefit of sometimes dropping powerful loot. (remember that above ≈20 fame, 2000 XP = 1 fame):

  • Ice Caves. Clearing the dungeon is enforced, so it’s unlikely that you will miss a lot of enemies. With each small enemy giving 160 XP and each large one giving 780, clearing the dungeon can grant you large amounts of fame. The boss is even better, with each of his shades giving 390-585 XP and Esben himself giving 30,000.
  • Parasite Chambers. Taking down the enemies in the dungeon makes things easier and actually weakens the boss, but they give a lot of XP as well. Even the weakest of enemies give about 100 XP, and some of the larger ones can grant 400-800 upon kill. Taking down the colonies gives 2,000 XP each, and the boss itself gives a whopping 40,000 XP - translating to about 20 fame. If you go for the treasure room, the Infested Chest can give you a nice 12,000 XP as well.
  • Oryx’s Castle and its other parts, Oryx’s Chamber and the Wine Cellar. While the smaller enemies in the dungeon may not seem to give much, they can result in a decent ≈5 fame per clear. The main fame comes from the bosses. The Stone Guardians give 10,000 XP each, Oryx in his Chamber gives 25,000 XP, and Oryx in his Wine Cellar gives a massive 50,000 XP per kill. This results in 47.5 base fame per completion, which is easily taken over 50 by the minions. The dungeon additionally gives four strong Fame Bonuses for after death, those being the completions for Oryx’s Castle, Chamber, and Wine Cellar, along with Oryx Kills themselves.
  • Lost Halls. This dungeon, while being arguably the most dangerous in the game, also boasts what is arguably the highest XP rate of any dungeon in the game. Even the weakest of the enemies give at least 195 XP (and the ones from the Cultist Hideout give 500-750), and the group leaders give a whopping 4000 XP each. That’s not even getting into the bosses - even the Marble Defender gives 1000 XP, and all of the other bosses grant XP in the tens of thousands, especially the Void Entity which grants a staggering 100,000 XP upon death.

Recommended Method

  1. Create a new character that you won’t care much about losing. A powerful ranged class such as a Wizard or Necromancer is recommended.
  2. Bring the character to level 20, and drink enough potions to max out Speed.
  3. Simply run around the Mountains killing gods, teleporting to other players when they’re near an Event God so you can help kill it. If the Ice Cave, Parasite Chambers, or Mountain Temple are called out by a player in chat, teleport to them and complete the dungeon with the group. Some players may also consider the Woodland Labyrinth and The Machine worth their time.
    • If you are very confident in your skills, you may also want to try the Lost Halls. Clearing all the enemies through it and the Cultist Hideout will grant a massive amount of fame, but is very risky.
  4. Always fight Oryx the Mad God in his Chamber (and hopefully, his Wine Cellar) when possible.
  5. Allow your character to die naturally. This does not mean throw it into danger recklessly, but in a dangerous situation you should not worry about escaping to the Nexus. Use only gear you’re okay with losing.
  6. When your character dies, simply create a new one. If you plan to farm for a lot of fame (for example, the Divine Pet Yard’s massive upgrade cost) it’s recommended to keep at least one set of disposable gear in your vault, so you can come back even more quickly after dying.