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Green Satellite

Last updated: 15.0.0

The Green Satellite is an enemy that is found in the Midlands plains & desert. It is a minion of the Earth Golem & Darkness Golem



HP: 1000
DEF: 5
EXP: 10
Location: Mid Plains | Mid Sand

Counts towards Construct kills

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Does not attack


Green Satellites orbit around the Darkness Golem and the Earth Golem. When the golem they are orbiting around is defeated, it moves to orbit around nearby Darkness and Earth Golems. If there are none of those golems nearby, the Green Satellite becomes stationary. It will dissappear on its own if it is not killed within a few seconds of becoming stationary.


Spawns From:
Darkness GolemDarkness Golem
Earth GolemEarth Golem

Gray SatelliteGray Satellite

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Tips and Strategies

Green Satellites are completely harmless, they serve to simply orbit their assigned golems and in turn, spawn the Gray Satellites which are ACTUALLY harmful.

Destroying them is completely optional, as they will simply disappear shortly after their golem is destroyed if they cannot find a new one.

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