Warrior Bee

Last updated: Exalt Version (Mar 2022)

The Warrior Bee is a mid level Quest Monster that is found in the Midlands plains and is a somewhat stronger version of the Wasp Queen. This enemy has a guaranteed chance to drop a portal to The Hive.



HP: 900
DEF: 2
EXP: 206
Location: Mid Plains

Level 8 Quest
Levitates off of Ground
Counts toward Critter Kills

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Orange Missile 20 7.5 9


The Warrior Bee will wander while firing single orange missiles at players. His minions surround him to act as meatshields.



Scout Bee Scout Bee

  • Max alive: 5

Fighter Bee Fighter Bee

  • Max alive: 2

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Tips and Strategies

Warrior Bees are easy monsters to dispatch. They don’t hit very hard, but their minions can rack up a lot of shots quickly.

Simply kill its minions and then attack the bee; piercing attacks are very effective when encountering this enemy.

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