Warrior Bee

Last updated: X.32.7.0

The Warrior Bee is a mid level Quest Monster that is found in the Midlands plains and is a somewhat stronger version of the Wasp Queen. This enemy has a guaranteed chance to drop a portal to The Hive.

It is one of the few Quest Monsters that will show up to level 20 players when a realm is closed.



HP: 900
DEF: 2
EXP: 207
Location: Mid Plains

Level 8 Quest
Levitates off of Ground

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Orange Missile 20 7.5 9


The Warrior Bee will wander while firing single orange missiles at players. His minions surround him to act as meatshields.



Scout Bee Scout Bee

  • Max alive: 5

Fighter Bee Fighter Bee

  • Max alive: 2

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Tips and Strategies

Warrior Bees are easy monsters to dispatch. They don’t hit very hard, but their minions can rack up alot of shots quickly.

Simply kill its minions and then attack the bee, piercing attacks are very effective here.

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