Santa's Workshop

Last updated: X.20.1
Santa's Workshop
Difficulty: 1
Limit of 1 player(s)

Santa’s Workshop is an event dungeon was released for Oryxmas 2017. It is a solo dungeon and cannot be opened anywhere besides the owner’s vault.

This dungeon has no hazards and is a race against time to destroy as many loot-containing presents within 120 seconds. When one section of the dungeon is cleared, the next one will open up. The farther you get, the better the possible loot becomes. Once the timer is up, a Nexus Portal will appear in the middle of the dungeon and all remaining presents become invulnerable.

The dungeon does not drop from anything, but Keys to the dungeon are dropped by the Grinch and obtainable through Daily Quests.


Santa's Workshop Key The Santa’s Workshop Key is not sold by itself in the Nexus. It can be obtained from The Tinkerer in exchange for 20 Ice Shards, from certain Christmas Event Chests, or from Santa’s Ample Pack (7000 Realm Gold for 7 keys and other items).

The Realm Eye says:
‘Twas the night before Oryxmas, when all through the realm…
Not a loot bag was dropping, not even a helm.
For reasons the Mad God could not comprehend…
All the heroes went missing right at the year’s end.
It happened each season at this time…
None were around to plunder his wine.
”Perhaps they had more important things to do?”
”No, that’s ridiculous, it couldn’t be true!”
Craig saw firsthand the misery of his boss…
He sought to please him, but was left at a loss.
At last, the intern put together some plans.
”I’ll gather tributes from all of his fans!”
So Craig rushed around fetching gifts from each minion…
The presents piled up from those under his dominion.
Oryx woke up that day after a sorrowful night…
As expected, he found not a peasant in sight.
Craig grabbed him to show all the equipment he’d brought…
Oryx couldn’t use any of it, but he appreciated the thought.
The gesture briefly turned Oryx’s dark heart to light…
”Merry Oryxmas to all, and to all a good night!”



Santa's Workshop Layout

Maps showing present locations can be found here.
There is a secret island in the beginning part of the dungeon. With either a trickster or rogue with planewalker cloak, open the door to remove the silent effect, walk to the water and rotate your screen when you’re on the water to find the island. Teleport and you will find a miniature Waldo hiding in the center of the island. If you don’t want to do this yourself, watch this video:


Present Room 1 Present Room 2 Present Room 3

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A heck lot of presents
Each present gives 50-1** EXP (smaller/more common presents usually give 50 EXP, bigger/hidden ones give 100 or more???)

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Tips and Strategies

Use a ton of Christmas Consumables, preferably candy canes (boost att), Ice Blue Candies (boost mp), and Figgy Pudding (boost dex). Frost cake (boost wis) works too. (For increasing damage-based ability usage, especially for sorcerers, who can boost their ability att power with higher wis).

Huntress with a Coral Bow and Trap of the Vile Spirit can shred through those presents extremely fast. (Overall, piercing weapons are great for this dungeon). Ninjas with Doku no ken should also be effective.

Players are suggested to max att and dex to obtain highest damage output.
Drink whatever Christmas consumables you obtain from breaking presents.
Bring a backpack and happy looting!

Here’s a Guide: link
Here's a Guide

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Drops of Interest

-Christmas Stat Boosters Christmas Stat Boosters
-Ice Shard Ice Shard
-Primal Ice Primal Ice
-Bell Bell
-Ornament Ornament
-Christmas T6 Abilities Christmas T6 Abilities (last room only)
-Tier 6 Rings Tier 6 Rings (last room only)
-T7, T8 weapons/armor (first 2 rooms)
-T9-11 weapons (last room)
-T9-11 armors (last room)
-Overall Cyan and Red bag drops for items
-Stat Increase Potions Stat Increase Potions