Operator's Hard Hat

Operator's Hard Hat A sturdy hard hat worn by steadfast pioneers to bring the realm’s territories up to code. Wear it with pride!

Sprite Credits: Trensient

Tier ST (Limited)
Set Advanced Construction Worker Set
  • 2nd Piece Bonus: +40 HP, +40 MP, +4 VIT, +4 WIS, +4 ATT, +8 SPD
  • 3rd Piece Bonus: +40 HP, +40 MP, +4 VIT, +4 WIS, +4 ATT
  • Subtotal of Bonuses: +80 HP, +80 MP, +8 ATT, +8 SPD, +8 VIT, +8 WIS
  • On Equip +40 HP, +4 ATT
    Reactive Proc On Taking Damage: DEF↑ DEF boost (+10 DEF) for 5 seconds when In Combat
    Cooldown: 10 seconds

    On Shoot: Restore 150 mana when In Combat below 50% MP
    Cooldown: 30 seconds
    XP Bonus 7%
    Soulbound Soulbound
    Feed Power 700
    Dismantling Value 20 Mythical Material

    Loot Bag Assigned to White Bag
    Obtained Through Reconstruction Tinkerer Quests - Construction Task 9

    This is a Construction Gear item.

    Compared to the one-of-a-kind Foreman’s Hard Hat, it grants 40 less HP/MP and 4 less in each stat (6 to ATT), having also a weaker reactive proc. It still proves to be a very effective jack-of-all-trades ring similar to the Omnipotence Ring, best used on classes that rely on MP and that also need more survivability. It can also be amassed multiple times via The Tinkerer quests.

    Limited Rings
    Operator's Hard HatST. Operator’s Hard Hat