Mistake Gear

Last updated: Exalt Version (Dec 2021)

Untiered items associated with The Machine are classified as Mistake Gear.

These items, being associated with April Fool’s Day, generally have poor stats and humorous descriptions. Equipping the Omni-Impotence Ring and at least one other Mistake item will initiate the stat modifications of The Mistake set, described below.


See also: The Machine April Fool’s Weapons

The vast majority of Mistake weapons drop from Null, the boss of The Machine. The Useless Katana drops from The Glitch. With the exception of the Useless Katana, each weapon is an in-joke about something connected to Deca’s User-Generated Content or members of the UGC team.

Weapon Tier Name Type Damage (Average) Shots (Arc Gap) Range XP Bonus Feed Power Projectile
Mister Mango UT Mister Mango Dagger 250-300 (275)
Rate of Fire: 45%
1 6 4% 833 Mango
Butter Bow UT Butter Bow Bow 15–50 (32.5)
Rate of Fire: 120%
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
4% 777 Toast
K.I.D.D. Force UT K.I.D.D. Force Staff 80-130 (105)
Projectile Speed: 5
Amplitude: 1.5
Frequency: 1.75
Rate of Fire: 80%
2 10 4% 20 K.I.D.D. Force Energy 1.0
Caduceus of Current Craziness UT Caduceus of Current Craziness Wand 65-90 (77.5)
Piercing Shots hit multiple targets
8.5 4% 35 Indecisive Missile
MMace MMurderer UT MMace MMurderer Sword 222-333 (277.5)
Projectile Speed: 4
Rate of Fire: 40%
4% 1313 MMissile
Blade of Ages UT Blade of Ages Katana 1000
Projectile Speed: 10
Rate of Fire: 1%
Wavy Wavy shots
1 0.5 4% 202 Slowpoke Slash
Useless Katana UT (Limited) Useless Katana Katana 10-30 (20)
Shots do not pierce
1 3.5 0% 300 Katana Slash


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The Mistake abilities can drop from any of The Servers. More detail about each item can be found on their individual pages.


See also: Cheater Armors

The Mistake (Cheater) armors can drop from the final three Servers that can be encountered: AsiaEast, AsiaSouthEast, and Australia.

Armor Tier Name Stat “Bonuses” XP Bonus Feed Power
Cheater Light Armor UT Cheater Light Armor -100 HP 0% 300
Cheater Robe UT Cheater Robe -100 HP 0% 300
Cheater Heavy Armor UT Cheater Heavy Armor -100 HP 0% 300

Ring and Set

The Omni-Impotence Ring, which drops from Null, is a required item in order to gain the set stat penalties. Without this item, no stat decreases are given for wearing multiple Mistake items. The ring is the only Mistake item that is classified as ST.

Ring Tier Name Stat “Bonuses” XP Bonus Feed Power
Omni-Impotence Ring ST Omni-Impotence Ring -80 HP
-80 MP
-4 ATT
-4 DEF
-4 SPD
-4 DEX
-4 VIT
-4 WIS
5% 500

Similar to ST sets, equipping a full set will result in altered stats and transforming the player to another skin. However, The Mistake Set causes massive stat penalties across the board, rendering the player completely useless in combat. Unmaxed players with the set will likely have 0 HP - in that case, getting hit with any attack (even those which do 0 damage, ex. from Quest Chests), will cause death.

The square ‘ART’ skin the player turns into upon equipping a full Mistake set replicates the error sprite that appears when an item has been incorrectly coded in the game, or when an item has been deleted from the server.

The skin will take on the dyes that a player has used on the character. An undyed character will display the default black and white ART sprite.

The Mistake
Class All
Themed on April Fool’s Day
2nd Piece Bonus -15 SPD, -15 DEX, -15 VIT, -15 WIS
3rd Piece Bonus -20 ATT, -25 DEF
4th Piece Bonus -500 HP, -100 MP
Subtotal of Bonuses -500 HP, -100 MP, -20 ATT, -25 DEF, -15 SPD, -15 DEX, -15 VIT, -15 WIS
Overall Stat Bonus -680 HP, -180 MP, -24 ATT, -29 DEF, -19 SPD, -19 DEX, -19 VIT, -19 WIS
Total XP Bonus 9 to 13%
Released Release X33.0.0