Syndicate Gear

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Syndicate Gear are Untiered Items released during 2022 Month of the Mad God as part of the first battle pass Vidication Campaign.
All items are soulbound Soulbound


The weapons are all sub-type weapons showcasing the new weapon types released during the Exalt Version (Aug 2022) update.

Ability Items

Item Name Projectile Stats Reskin of
Huntsman's Volley Huntsman’s Volley Wanderer Arrow + 5 SPD
Rusted Barrel Rusted Barrel Rusted Barrel Bomb +4 ATT
+4 WIS
Plague Poison
Storm Caller Storm Caller Storm Caller Blast +2 ATT
+2 WIS
Scepter of Fulmination


The armors all have an effect that Reduces the Magic casting cost of your ability by 15% and a 6% XP Bonus.

Item Name Stats
Light Syndicate Attire Light Syndicate Attire +17 DEF
+6 DEX
+6 WIS
Mystic Syndicate Attire Mystic Syndicate Attire +12 DEF
+6 ATT
+6 WIS
Heavy Syndicate Attire Heavy Syndicate Attire +23 DEF
+6 SPD
+6 VIT


The rings classified as Untiered Items and do not provide a set bonus, but all have the effect Increases the power of Syndicate weaponry if worn in conjunction which each individual ring provides a secondary projectile when equip with a Syndicate weapon. All rings provide a 6% XP Bonus and have 750 Feedpower.

Item Name On Equip Projectile
Sunken Fire Opal Ring Sunken Fire Opal Ring +60 HP
+5 DEF
+5 SPD
Faded Heart Scarab Faded Heart Scarab +60 HP
+25% DEX equal to DEX
-15% ATT Equal to DEX
Fractured Hannya Fractured Hannya +60 HP
+25% ATT equal to ATT
-15% DEX Equal to ATT