Set Tier Items

Last updated: Exalt Version (Oct 2023)

Set Tier Items are equipment items with the designation ST and are part of a special themed set. ST sets confer additional stat bonuses to the wearer when at least two pieces of the same set are worn. When all items of the set are equipped together, the character will transform, adopting a set-specific skin and benefiting fully from the stat bonuses of the set. More recently released ST sets tend to include weapons or abilities that have additional effects when a specific other piece in the set is equipped.

There is at least one standard ST set for each of the 18 classes. Other ST sets include the vanity Golden Archer set (with intentionally poor, “joke” stats), 6 reskinned Halloween-themed sets, the Oryx Awesome Knight set & 3 legacy sets (which were once the standard sets, but have been replaced with soulbound, slightly modified versions). As Alien Cores and Reactors provide set bonuses based on the number of Alien Gear items equipped, they are also classified as ST.

It is possible to benefit from two different ST set bonuses at once by wearing two pairs of items from two different sets. Note that legacy sets do not confer stat bonuses.

The standard, legacy & halloween sets grant the character a 16x16 skin sprite when all pieces are worn. The Golden Archer set has an associated 8x8 skin.

Items from the first six ST sets, which were introduced during the Kabam era, are tradeable. Newer sets are soulbound. Four of these tradeable sets were converted into ‘Legacy’ sets, and new soulbound versions of these sets were released to replace them, usually with updated stats.

Some UT items are considered part of a Themed Set based on similar appearance and drop location, such as the Coral Huntress or Void Archer sets. These sets are not considered ST because they do not offer a skin transformation or provide additional stat bonuses. Like other UTs, these cannot be purchased for Realm Gold.


Unlike regular untiered (UT) items, “current generation” ST sets, which are the most recently released sets for each class, can be purchased for Realm Gold through Mystery Boxes, in addition to being obtainable from enemies as rare drops in orange bags. Current generation STs can also be obtained from Mystery ST Chests, which can be acquired through Mystery Boxes, packages, campaigns, and occasionally given out for free through the Login Seer.

As of Patch X.32.2.1 (Nov 2019), ST sets are released in a three-stage system, usually in groups of two to three sets.

  • Stage 1 (2-3 weeks): The ST set is available exclusively through a tiered spender campaign. Older sets for the class will have their drop rates increased. The campaign has multiple tiers of rewards, including class-specific Mystery ST Crates and Avarice Medallions. The Mystery ST Crates have an uncommon chance to reward a new ST item of the respective class when used, while an Avarice Medallion can be exchanged at the Tinkerer for a new ST item of choice. The top rewards for the campaign will include one full set for each class. Note that fully completing an ST campaign will require a significant financial investment (more than $500 to $650 USD, depending on the number of sets available).

  • Stage 2 (2-3 weeks): The items are obtainable as bonus rewards from opening enchanted keys, which turn into a generic Mystery ST Crate when used. Like the class-specific Mystery ST Crates, these have an uncommon chance to reward an ST item when used.

  • Stage 3: The items are introduced as normal drops.

Note that the “2-3 week” periods for Stages 1 and 2 indicate the total duration of the promotional events only, not the total length of time since Stage 1 initiated, so a given set may be exclusive for >2 months. There is usually a break between Stages 1 and 2.

“Previous generation” ST sets can only be obtained as drops from enemies and can no longer be purchased with Realm Gold or acquired through Mystery ST Chests. The Priest of Geb and Phylactery Mystic sets, along with all Legacy sets, can also be obtained from trading with other players. All other ST items are soulbound.

List of ST sets

Class 3rd Generation 2nd Generation 1st Generation Reskin Legacy Vanity
Rogue Vampire Rogue Skuld 2 The ReGhostening Legacy Skuld 2 The ReGhostening
Archer Kogbold Turretsmith Archer Treasure Hunter Archer Phantom Archer Reanimated ArcherValentine's Day Archer Golden Archer
Wizard Kogbold Pyrotechnician Wizard Slurp Scion Wizard Twilight Archmage Paranormal Wizard Legacy Twilight Archmage
Priest Plague Doctor Priest Mad God's Messenger Priest of Geb Archexorcist Priest
Warrior Killbilly Warrior Pirate King Warrior Dragon Tamer Lycan Warrior
Knight Mad Minotaur Nordic Knight Oryx's Battle Attires Easter Knight Oryx Awesome
Paladin Corrupted Paladin Swoll Paladin Unholy Paladin Legacy Swoll Paladin
Assassin Alchemist Assassin Acidified Assassin Flesh Collector
Necromancer Shaman Necromancer Cuboid Necromancer Hollow King Necromancer Reaper Necromancer
Huntress Resurrected Huntress Horticultural Huntress Swarming Huntress Cursed Cursebreaker Huntress
Mystic Magmatic Mystic Phylactery Mystic Totalia Mystic
Trickster Daeva Trickster Lost Golem Scarecrow Trickster
Sorcerer Storm Shaman Court Magician Sorcerer Horrific Sorcerer Incubus Sorcerer
Ninja Onmyoji Ninja Crystal Kunoichi Raijin Disciple
Samurai Daring Discoverer Samurai Akuma Slayer
Bard Storm Caller Bard Angelic Bard
Summoner Earthen Bulwark Summoner Scientific Summoner Ghostly Banshee Summoner