Oryx Statue

Oryx Statue

The Oryx Statue is an Easter egg that can only be reached with the use of a Trickster or a Rogue with the Cloak of the Planewalker. To find the statue, go into your vault with a Trickster/Rogue. Teleport outside the wall and you’ll see a floating island on your minimap. Uncenter your view and rotate your screen until you see the island in the very corner of the display. Use your ability and hop on.

There are four intermediate floating islands; just repeat what you did above for each one. The fifth jump is the hardest to make - the width of the available space is just one or two pixels. In the middle of the fifth island is the Oryx Statue. A video tutorial to reach it can be followed here.

The Oryx Statue counts as a wall and you can’t walk through it like with enemies. The Statue also does not attack. It’s just there to admire.

Interestingly, the statue is on an empty, grassy island when found in the Nexus’s Vault, but when traveling to the same island in the Nexus Tutorial’s Vault, you’ll find the same statue on the same island, except that it will be amidst a number of trees. (additionally, the tiles will not be blended and will have sharp edges)

Oryx Statue as found in the Nexus Vault Oryx Statue as found in the Nexus Tutorial's Vault

If a Magic Mushroom is eaten next to the statue, there will be 8 sprites surrounding the statue in a box shape which are otherwise invisible, revealing why the statue can not be walked into.

Hallucinating Oryx Statue


In the patch Patch X.15.1.0, The Oryx Statue disappeared from the secret location in the vault. It turned out that it was the first boss of the Oryx Horde event.