Vault (Rev. 9)

Last updated: 18.0

The Vault is a Safe area located in the Nexus, very close to the spawn, you can go inside the Vault entering the gold door in the Nexus. The Vault does allow you to store items and equipment that you don’t currently need or want to save from loss. There are a total of 35 vault chests, each vault chest can fit a total of 8 items.
One chest is unlocked by the start of the game, however if you want more than one you have already got, you will need to purchase it for 500 Realm Gold each one.
Also In the top of the vault chests you will find a Priest’s statue between 2 fountains, you can also find 5 Gift chests, a Vault portal, a Guild Hall portal, a Pet Yard portal and the Wardrobe where you choose your Character Skins.

In the Vault you can find the Oryx Statue’s Easter Egg, which can only reached by a trickster or a rogue with a planewalker.

There is a video tutorial on how to do the Easter Egg:
Video Tutorial Made by Pixl