Potion of Attack

Potion of Attack A potion that permanently increases attack power by 1.

Effect on use: +1 maximum ATT

Consumed with use

Feed Power: 150

Loot Bag Assigned to Blue Bag
Drops From Acidus
Agonized Titan
Alien Biff
Alien Leprechaun
Alien UFO
Avatar of the Forgotten King
Beer God
Biff the Buffed Bunny
Blob Colony
Blue Beehemoth
Brute of Oryx
Commander of Oryx
Corruption Phantom
Crystal Prisoner
Amethyst Tower
Crystal Worm Father
Cube God
Daichi the Fallen
Davy Jones
Desire Troll
Dungeon Leprechaun
Feargus the Obsidian Dragon
Flying Brain
Giant Oryx Chicken
Golden Oryx Effigy
Golden Sphinx
Grave Caretaker
Greater Nature Sprite
Jack Frost
Jade and Garnet Statues
Janus the Doorwarden
Katalund Satellite Core
Lord of the Lost Lands
Lord Ruthven
Lost Sentry
Lucky Flying Brain
Lucky Sprite God
Lucky White Demon
Malogia Satellite Core
Marble Colossus
Marble Defender
Native Sprite God
Neo Hunger
Neo Iron Titan
Neo Larveye
Neo Ptorgian
Neo Shred
Neo Silver Walker
Neo Waltan
Neo Znorgian
Old Chest
Oryx Puppet
Oryx the Mad God
Oryx the Mad God 2
Permafrost Lord
Pterasite Colony
Red Beehemoth
Rock Construct
Rock Dragon
Royal Cnidarian
Shaitan the Advisor
Skull Shrine
Snowy the Frost God
Spoiled Creampuff
Sprite God
Steel Construct
Succubus (Realm)
Sunken Treasure
Swarm Colony
Tesseract Goddess
Tezcacoatl the Great Basilisk
The Pumpkin Master
The Puppet Master
The Puppet Master (Encore)
Totalia the Malevolent
Treasure Mimic
Treasure Pot (Lost Halls)
Treasure Sarcophagus
Treasure Thief
Untaris Satellite Core
White Demon
White Demon of the Abyss
Wood Construct
Yellow Beehemoth
Yellow Leprechaun
Crystallized Epic Quest Chest
Cultish Epic Quest Chest
Honeyed Epic Quest Chest
Marble Epic Quest Chest
Royal Epic Quest Chest
Voided Epic Quest Chest
Mighty Quest Chest
Standard Quest Chest
Beginner Quest Chest
Obtained Through Current offers on RealmEye’s trading pages
“Scout the Theatre” Tinkerer Quest

The Potion of Attack has roughly equal value in trade as the Potion of Defense, which is considered as one of the “base” values of trading, though as with all items, this is subject to some variance. Its most common source is the Puppet Master’s Theatre, a somewhat uncommon dungeon in the Mountains.