St. Abraham's Wand

St. Abraham 's Wand Cross Bullet A wand made from a brilliant white cross designed to ward off evil.

Tier UT
Shots 1
Damage 90–120 (average: 105)
Projectile Speed 13 tiles/second
Lifetime 0.76 seconds
Range 10.01 tiles
On Equip +4 VIT, +4 WIS
Fame Bonus 3%
Soulbound Soulbound
Feed Power 700

Loot Bag Assigned to Cyan Bag
Drops From Lord Ruthven
Secret Coffin Room

After Release 25.0.0, which, besides introducing the Wisdom modifier for Priest, Paladin, and Mystic, also featured changes to the Wands category of weapons, included a shortening of range on all wands (other than the Spicy Wand of Spice). This, as a result, gave the St. Abraham’s Wand a special use: It remained a long-enough range to allow for the weapon to kill certain bosses without even “activating” them. Notable examples are Dr. Terrible in the Mad Lab, as well as Nikao the Azure Dragon/Nikao the Defiler and Feargus the Obsidian Dragon/Feargus the Demented from the Lair of Draconis.

This is an older video where the Conducting Wand also had 10 range and could be used to cleanly snipe Dr Terrible. This is an example of sniping the Dragons with Abraham.

Some may use this wand when stronger healing from one’s Tome may be preferred over damage, such as when crossing magma in the Shatters, or during the Marble Colossus’ final “survival” phase.