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Wine Cellar Incantation

Wine Cellar Incantation An incantation which unlocks the Wine Cellar.

Effect on use: Unlocks the Wine Cellar

Feed Power: 500

An incantation which unlocks the Wine Cellar. In Build 122 incantations were changed to drop via white soul bound bags, but as of Release 21.0.1 incantations have been changed to drop via cyan loot bags.

The incantation cannot be used anywhere besides Oryx’s Chamber.

If you have a Wine Cellar Incantation as the realm begins to close, a wise idea would be to “host” the Wine Cellar in the upcoming Oryx’s Castle. If you claim you are hosting the Wine Cellar, other players will often give (“donate”) medium value items or potions to you after you open the Locked Wine Cellar Door. However, these rules are not set in stone, so don’t expect to always strike the motherload if you get this item.